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Published: November 16, 2007
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Well, I knew this was coming. Got a little lazy to put the details in.

Anywho, pics, here's the thing, get looking in the net. I recommend [link] , it's a FF7 compilation site BUT you're not going to find it in the site links, search the forums, no membership required, but you gotta look there, I think it's related to an event, I think it's the launching of Crisis Core me thinks.

Songs? IT'S EVERYWHERE. but the best of Utada's hits are from the Best Singles CD I bought years ago. Latest ones are from the net, from random websites to KaZaa or Limewire, watever, get looking.

But again, I said this, Rufus is HAWT.


Urrghh, boredom.

Got the image somewhere edited to wallpaper size.
So, yeah, my latest desktop, also the wallpaper in my PSP.

Damn, Rufus is HAWT.
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Angel-ofJustice|Student General Artist
aah! Reno <3

^^ sorry. I really like him. Rufus is good looking too. :3
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Aku-seru's avatar
wow, amazing
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Hatsurai's avatar
haha my playlist looks same XD
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He is not hawt...he is UBER hawt.
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Kuroud0soturifu's avatar
Kuroud0soturifu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
you sure love utada hikaru. o.o me too, but oh my ...
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xDarkSpineSonicx's avatar
xDarkSpineSonicx|Hobbyist General Artist
Thats awesome!
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Brutes158's avatar
Is there is anyway that I can get this as my actual Desktop?
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Xev-the-fox's avatar
Song at very top:

Addicted To You.

Seems like your addicted to her lol.
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Jasper12|Hobbyist Writer
Rufus is like awesome Reno and Rude are funni as!! Advent children is awesome!
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Zholt's avatar
nice wallpaper ^__^ never seen thiz pic before

wow that'z a lot of Utada Hikaru there 0__0
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VendettaPom's avatar
Do you think, perhaps you could post the actual image without your desktop?
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Celes87's avatar
:wow: We have the same wallpaper. X3 :hug: :heart:
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Drega001|Student General Artist
your Hikaru fandom is only second to my best friend.
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ScarletSpring's avatar
Rufus is hot.<3 How does he wear so many layers without sweating like whoa?

Awesome background

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Aduah|Professional General Artist
Wow! I want that background!
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NarutoXxXLisa's avatar
lol I can see your an Utada Hikaru fan xD
She's amazing, love her songs <3

and nice wallpaper <3
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Shinrangel| Interface Designer
For anyone who is concerned:

Here's a link to the scan that the person used:

Here's a better quality version of the scan:

Rufus' face in this scan looks a lot different than in the AC movie. :/ I thought he was over 9000 times hotter in the movie.

Though I must say, I love his expression in the scan. Seriousness = hawt. :3
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kurokage13|Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks muchly for the links :D, plus to the OP XD, great wallpaper ^^
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I've noticed that every picture I find of that wallpaper always has the "Final Fantasy: Advent Children" printing on it. However, I do see that your's does not have it.

If it's not too much trouble to you, could you either send me a link to the picture you used to your wallpaper, or possibly email the file to me?

I would be very grateful, for I would really like to have that image. ^.^

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awesome wallpaper!!!
for those still looking for it, the pic can be found in the final fantasy VII 10th anniversary gallery, so search the forums :)
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StormOwlArt|Professional Writer
I have been searching forever on the link you gave including all other sites I could think of as well as google and I still can't find that picture anywhere :(

Do you remember exactly where you found it or maybe even words I could put in for searching...cause so far "turks" and "Rufus Rude Reno" doesn't seem to work...

thanks :)
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Heehee... Rufus is hot. *0*
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MysticalMilkshake's avatar
OooOoh one more thing, could you PLEEEAAASEEE gimme a link to this picture or something? Anything! i cant find it anywhere on the net D:
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