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It used to be that I can name almost every cosplayer at a Singaporean event, but this is no longer the case and it feels quite surreal.

The event feels a bit more distanced to me, perhaps it is the size and venue. I ended up spending most of my time hanging out with the Taiwanese guests and friends visiting from China.

Just felt very different. Perhaps I will post a more in-depth post when I finish some photos.

Also, I keep mentioning about retirement, but overall, this trip made me feel much better about cosplay photography, so I just might continue and up my game to levels comparable to me few years ago.

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new faces cannot recognise liao :noes: I also dunno many of them ;w;
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Eh I keep thinking I'm going to stop cosplaying but I keep going to conventions and it reignites the desire.
I think I decided to compromise and work at my own pace now.