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I find it rather amusing to find out I received a DD the other day, amused for receiving it, amused even more because I didn't find out until perhaps a week later.

The first time I got a DD, I was informed the same day by a fellow photographer. I guess these days, most people don't really use DA anymore or just don't pay as much attention to it.

What I find even more amusing is the fact that people are furious about my recipient of it with angry comments filling all over the photo. I suppose I've reached a new height in being an internet superhero (edit: troll) now that even a photo I uploaded two and a half years ago is capable of generating such fury on the internet.

That said, I am very grateful for receiving the DD by bradleysays. I just wish this site was as fun to use as many years ago, when I would have had much greater appreciation of having such honor.

I just started a personal blog, and it is where I will be posting new photos everyday. I encourage you to follow it if you wish to be updated of my newest works~

My other public internet presence include twitterfacebook, weibo, and plurk. Those are the places I will be hovering around more~
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Wait, no! The mean comments part? Not cool! But the DD part? Way cool! Don't worry about those guys, srsly. It's a great picture and it deserved what it got! Hataz gon' hate!
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Congrats, that's so cool!
I knowwww! There are so many angry people on DA. Its like they have nothing better to do but leave terrible comments. @___@ Regardless, its a hilarious photo.
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I totally understand you. I used to be happy to check around twice a day to see new content and check and reply posts. But these days, I kinda just upload a few photos and reply a few comments. Too bad DA isn't such a good place as it used to be.