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welcome to my fanclub's night

By shiroin
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even though i am from taiwan, you almost never see me post photos from taiwanese convention. apart from me usually not being here, its because i often just go for the weekend, and take a bunch of crap that i dare not to show the world.

but year after year, there always seem to be one photo from those weekends that i really like.

just one... sometimes perhaps two.

the photo is usually very eccentric, to the degree that i wouldn't even categorize as a cosplay photo...

and almost always spontaneous... one shot completely without creation in mind... sometimes a test shot for exposure, and sometimes just a random shot to document the wall of people with cameras here.

this is one of them.

i am seriously at loss of words to describe how much i love this photograph.

she had such a great attitude in this photo. at first i thought it was just her natural presence, but that didn't seem to be the case when i saw other photographs of her in the same costume.

maybe it was just that split second.

that very second, she denied opportunities for dozen others, and entrusted me with just one shot.

i hope i delivered.


i've held onto this photograph for quite a few days now. and it was only until recently that i showed it to the cosplayer.

i've been rather hesitant, or should i say selfish, of posting this on public domain.

the reason is perhaps that i feel the world would much rather see mundane photographs of cosplayers as long as it is associated with a pretty face; my reservation comes from the doubt that viewer will not get the same satisfaction as me from this photograph.

maybe i am overthinking once again...

hope you enjoy this as much as i do.

as for the title.... i'm pretty damn bad at it.

but it kinda echoed the macross frontier song title 'welcome to my fan club's night' since you can depict the wall of people as fans and the photograph seem to be taken at night.

oh i am cheesy.

also i have 9.5hrs before i have to leave for the airport, and i havn't packed or slept.
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You were in same lenghtwave in that second ;)
Great shot. Thanks for sharing.

Sharing will inspire people.
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the title is from sheryl's song XD
love it!
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is that meiko from vocaloid?
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Just letting you know that I really do love this photograph. Great has a lot of feeling, I don't know what's up with it, but it's great. And like you said, there's definitely attitude. I hope the cosplayer liked it!
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Really, really nice picture.
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brilliant capture
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I love shots like this! Her eyes look so daring and captivating. *A* I think you did a great job capturing that.
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This is an amazing shot- I'm so glad you decided to share it with us! The crowd of photographers is perfect- great spontaneity :D
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I honestly loled when I saw this pic, it's awesome! A real once in a lifetime shot.
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You're absolutely right, this is not a cosplay photo.

It's a few million times better.
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haha, such a great shot! :D take that other photogs!
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This picture is gorgeous.
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is this a snap/candid shot?
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so niceeeeeeee ^^
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yes, you delivered. ;)
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This is an awesome shot. It's one of those pictures that seem to carry something with it. I'm sure you definately delivered.
I hope you packed and slept well for your trip btw! ouo
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its really like Meiko is having concert! =D
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I love this. <333 I agree with Mike, you definitely delivered!
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That's one great photo, you should post more like this one. I love how all those photogs are completely focused on her, while she ignores them and looks at the viewer. and the lighting is just right. the only drawback is the framing, her legs got cut of. Other than that, it's awesome. And the title is good too, you're just over-analyzing things. :love:
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This is a great shot! I'm sure you're overthinking things because it's fantastic!!
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