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the glory tat is our apartment

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im considering foregoing the alias of shiroin|白音 and change to 廢男3000, pronounced feinan3000, which terribly translates to shit-man3000.

so yesterday was american thanksgiving. you are supposed to eat turkey and stuff on this particular day and be thankful.

the day after thanksgiving is called 'black friday', when stores open extra early and offer crazy bargains for a true holiday shopping spree....

the house had different plans. we planned for ~blackout friday', which is a lot cheaper and worked perfectly.~

this is my blackout friday:

prelude: we had a big dinner and drinking party which started around 7~8ish and involved no turkey. we had 1 champagne, 1 white, 3 red, 1 sake, and 2 dessert wines....

by this time blackout friday officially started. around 1am, half of the guests passed out on beds and in toilets. we took a short break and the survivors (incl. me) went for a whiskey round. somewhere in between, i drunkdialed a few people i cherish who i believe were not working in their respective timezones...

got some deep and chill conversations, then slept between 4~5am after a short skype conversation and saying hi to some absolute stranger i never met irl.


WOKE UP DRUNK at 8... very rare...

tried to converse with some people to stay awake and sober up...

went to get breakfast at 9, and got back at 10. it was -6C outside.

even though i bought three portions for myself (such a pig), felt so full after eating the first....

did jack shit and chatted until 1, when a friend from taiwan wanted to buy the new MacBook Air on sale for him.

biked out to transfer money to my accounts for the MBA purchase... it was -2C out.

came back, ate the two other portions as lunch, read some articles from new york times.


roommate woke me up at 6 to help clean up the mess from yesterday: vaccumed the floor, arranged some dishes, etc.


roommate woke me up at 8 to cook dinner and eat. had glorious leftovers from the night before (drunken chicken, beef soup, baked porks and ducks, and fried rice)


roommate 2 and guest came back, the three of them started drinking while i had my laptop on the table....

now: they be drinking outside and tempting me with the gold medal sake i brought back from japan.... orz

BUT I STAND SOBER. (and instead spent the last hour or so making this XDDD)

Cheers all and happy thanksgiving~

critique requested as usual.

and please fave. for every fave on this deviation, i will donate a dollar to the ~buy more booze~ fund.
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finewonderland's avatar
That's sort of an incredible life.
at first when I clicked on it I thought "meh, just an apartment" but it illuminated an almost incredible sort of life that seems unreal...
that's all I can say
Fat-Birdy's avatar
Okay I don't mean to be a creep/ weirdo/loser, but who are you??? What do you do for a living? I want your life! Thank you. Please answer this question promptly.
shiroin's avatar
hachiyuki's avatar
so much alcohol bottles @A@~
it looks really nice to live with so many people >u< I wish I could do that *has to settle for one roommate*
blurscrib's avatar
Lol.. ~buy more booze~ it goes..
cabusi-photography's avatar
damn, thats a lot of roommates!
tachiik's avatar
LOL i'm speechless about he wine wall. kudos,! and double kudos to your new name....?
Yuuri-K's avatar
wow, that's a lot of bottles *.*
/me wonders how many there are
nailliggillian's avatar
i love that your fireplace houses a wine rack
kotanimomo's avatar
shiimapan's avatar
Hardwood floors! I'm so jealous. ;___;

dadadana's avatar
... Wine.

that is all
heulangel's avatar
kim-tram's avatar
you're living the life i dreamed off :D
Envying your collection of plum wine!! *___*

Do you wash the wine bottles before letting them sit on the floor like that?
AkiLamperouge's avatar
Collecting bottles is cool...especially if you get to drink its content ^^
Ryogatsu's avatar
thats a nice departament, i want to gift you one mexican tequila :D
really i want to contribute in that huge whine collection
sakusakus's avatar
one day my collection will rival yours~~~!!
kitsunesqueak's avatar
How many bottles ARE there? XD;;
wonderfish's avatar
Wow, that's a lot of booze. XD
hanyaanfaery's avatar
That is one awesome living setup. And so much booze.

I will totally favorite this for a dollar of booze for you. :D
KissingGiraffe's avatar
Simply awesome man~ And i did expect it to be a "build school for kids" fund instead >_>;
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