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reminisce of summer

here i am... in the bloody DA bandwagon of apparently cute animals.

this along and a few dozen other photos of cats appeared in my storage as part of the treasure hunt for past photos.

there were all from the summer of 2007.

normally i am much more interested in photographing human subjects than animals. but that particular summer was very different.
that summer, i met a girl who left perhaps too strong of an impression on me. i can easily say it was a love on first sight.
there is a certain unworldly look in her eyes... but after spending few hours together, her intricate curiosity and ornate thoughts began to surface.

reminded me of a cat.

that was in taiwan.

soon after i flew off to thailand for a service project. although i was dedicated to the project, my mind was entangled by thoughts of this girl...

so i took a lot of pictures of cats. since there happened to be a lot at the middle school we were working at.
funny that a team member actually asked me why i keep photographing cats during the project... and i recounted this rather lovely tale.

a tale of the past anyways......

enjoy a photo of this lazy cat.
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Sep 4, 2007, 10:33:46 AM
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Sounds like some interesting tale. :) Also I can hear the purr of that cat totally enjoying the laziness.
Internet-Cancer's avatar
Your cat appears to have been deflated.
Crush-Zombie's avatar
Man, you take fantastic pictures of animals.
Kanasaiii's avatar
Your photo makes me want to touch her the bokeh.
And also, Im actually more interested in what you wrote about this certain girl XD
shiroin's avatar
at last... someone who read the text!!! (握拳淚

i can tell you more. but i much prefer doing it in person over a drink. (or msn since that is a much more practical venue)

if i were a good writer, i want to, at one point, publish a collection of my foolish endeavors =p
swordfreakx's avatar
-kitty thoughts- watchew lookin at?
Gwendolinh's avatar
flat cat is flaaat. I know someone said that already, but I couldn't resist. She's so cute :3 how can anyone hate cats, their tiny little paws, and little snakey faces :3
lavena-lav's avatar
just can't resist cats!!
IronHardRebellion's avatar
cats are lazy. proof above
Meerin's avatar
flat cat is flat
lunaverse's avatar
i love how cats just kind of melt into surfaces, very cute, and pretty tale
Love that this is shot at kitty-level!
Witchiko's avatar
OHHHHH so cuteeeee *O* I love cats *O*
Miss-Tea-chan's avatar
great photo! love cats sooo cute ;)
KirdyBirdy's avatar
He just chilln :)
Lellean's avatar
Wow. What a gorgeous cat :noes: :heart:
pookiefx's avatar
X3 we have 2 cats that look like this. Come lets mingle in their wanting to lay around!
watermelon-kaiye's avatar
She's giving you the "what are you looking at" lazy stare ;D
waselreins's avatar
Aww, how sweet~ Kitty <3.
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