Akumajou Dracula: Kabuchi no Tsuisoukyoku (part3)

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[Demon Castle Top Floor]

“For some reason or another, everything came from your wit, Olrox.”
Matching his question, Death shot his red scythe in the air.
Olrox thought that he avoided this single shot but-----the point of the scythe grazed his cheek.
However, the vampire did not move even a single eyebrow and in a calm tone opposed his words.
“I just merely gave an advice. I lost hope of eternity together with the master and I cannot stand mourning people.”
Olrox sensed that the dolls that were imitating the monsters inside the castle were acting weird. He silently continued on speaking.
“Those who killed themselves believed that afterwards, as part of the newborn world, they would become a pillar of divinity. They are not just asking for eternal life since they are asking for a seat as a god of that new world. Human desires are terrible.”
The fact was that the believers seriously believed in [our convenient eternity] as truth.
This is a world where religion falls as civilizations grow. And that was why Graham’s miracles were not a trick and when his eyes were hit with the true monstrosity that was Olrox, the shock he received was immeasurable.
Strangely, the believer’s hearts are split in two, with that, he guided them to the same goal of building a castle.
“Those believers who worshipped Graham as a god, directed their blades towards themselves seeking a new paradise…… Those believers who knew that guy’s nature, had brought guns in their hands asking for eternal life by swearing loyalty to me. That’s that.”
Those countless scythes that were overhanging in the perimeter disposed a group of bats. Olrox made an effort to entertain by continuing the story.
“The peace after death and an immortal body, while equally asking for eternity, the difference was their disposal. Humans are really interesting things.”
While the ghosts are rising in the perimeter, the vampire bearing the attitude of a long time friend, asked Death.
“What about you? Lurking in the body of a human and assimilating his soul. Did you understand anything from humans? What did you see inside that human?”
Death with emotionless words, answered.
“We were born out of the chaos in humans. There is no use in understanding each and every individual human being.”
“I have not thought of hearing those words coming from someone who has continued to taste pain from that [individual] named Belmont.”
Olrox prayed, and instantly a large miasmatic vortex welled up from the ground and an image of a giant skull appeared in the air.
Death avoided a close call while Olrox started happily talking from somewhere.
“I am different from Dracula. I like humans, the emotions of forgotten humans. They are interesting and there is one more desire I wish to understand.”
“If I could control the even heart that is the root of humans……Would the chaos that is born from them no longer exist? I have no interest in tranquility but it could be fun to challenge that.”
“That jest……!”
The magic on Death’s hand seemed to swell and took aim at Olrox who created the giant skull.
Like the momentum of a cannon ball flying through the giant skull, the vampire did not even avoid it. The vampire concentrated magic in one hand, and the magic struck without hesitation.
The colliding magic briefly made the space between them warp and the entire castle howled with distorted vibrations.
Then after the warp faded, Olrox did not change his countenance even if his right arm was torn.
“What’s the matter? Was that your full power?”
Those words certainly did not seem like a bluff, however, Death was silently planning his next attack, then-----
Suddenly, he felt something behind him and he looked back.
There was----- Michelle standing at the bottom of the staircase.
Death concealed his eyes from Olrox and spoke with emotion towards the sudden intruder.
“There is nothing to gain……I must have told you that.”
“Ho, you are the human with Death?”
Before responding, Michelle grasped her bowgun and slowly opened her mouth.
“……Where are……the children?”
“They are in a room at the illusionary shrine and it seems that your companion had contacted them earlier.”
Michelle’s eyes widened with those words. The word companion would probably mean Julius and Yoko.
However, was it alright to trust those words?
It seems that the children had been rescued and Olrox was not fazed.
Olrox must have felt Michelle’s suspicion. He kept a watchful eye on Death and spoke.
“I took those savages as a failsafe and only waited in case of an emergency; it would have been troublesome if the castle is hit with tactical weapons before it is filled with magic.”
“! …… You were saying that missiles or bombs can be used on Dracula’s castle?”
“You need not know that.”
Michelle’s whole body tensed up while hearing his answer----- She turned to the consciousness of the spectacled youth.
That form is truly Curtis’ and Michelle’s heart intensely shook.
But she dared to shake off her throbbing heart and prepared to ask one question.
“Is Curtis……dead?”
“……Have you not notice it from the start? From the time you saw him in a pool of blood at the garden.”
“……Even so, I would not admit it.”
“His soul’s wish was no less than your peace. Go back.”
From the manner of Death dragging those words, Michelle silently shook his head.
“On top of abandoning Curtis on his own, leaving and escaping alone, there is no peace that you have mentioned.”

Fixing his eyes filled with power on the woman, Olrox spoke words of admiration.
“I see, you are then prepared to die.”
“Well, you were rude to my tolerance.”
Olrox wielded his magical blade on his right hand towards Michelle with momentum.
With the blade threatening to hit her, Michelle prepared to take a little damage, but----- the blade did not reach her.
Turning faster than a split second, the youth that held Death’s soul used his own body to take the attack.

Even if she knew he is different inside, Michelle unconsciously shouted that name then, Death who is in that body said in a low voice.
“Stand back……that man, is my enemy.”
With blood flowing from his arm, Death one more produced countless scythes in the air and Olrox gave an expression of surprise.
“That is surprising, you are protecting humans. Had I heard of a human controlling 2 souls earlier……like an Alura Une?”
Even hearing those words filled with scorn, Death did not show negligence in his eyes. Rather, with those words, he felt some sort of pity on his enemy.
“I am just part of the magic of this [castle]. For chaos to spin my body with it, my spirit exists to obey the lord of this castle.”
“All the more so, why are you now holding the shoulders of humans?”
A just question. For Michelle behind him, it had a mysterious point.
“I am not holding the shoulders of humans. I only made this body’s duty be a shield against you.”
“Duty, huh? You are saying strange things as ever. You who should have been most distant from human, sometimes you have this dreadful similarity to them. Why, what drives you to be that way?”
However, Death expressed not a single fragment of regret towards his actions, and he spoke in a natural way.
“……Now the [castle] does not have a master. Inside this false castle, there is nothing that can bind my soul.”
The number of scythes that flew in the air, all too soon exceeded a hundred, a thousand, and a deep green magic tinted the castle lord’s room.
“This [castle] existed far back in the past. The master of the castle had changed but……neither the body nor the heart.”
Then----- death flowed in.
“My soul will only fulfill its duty as a loyal servant of the master.”

Drawn swords are dancing
   Drawn swords are dancing.

Those sharp blades slashed even the air and that twinkling created another world inside the castle.
“That master refers to Dracula? Or the swirling chaos underneath thin ice?”
“The same……Dracula’s name has no [individual].”
Those blades swept of death in order to give death.
“A person that can shoulder the call of chaos is appropriate to continue Dracula’s name----- The one that inherits his name and power as the lord of this entire castle, will forever be my master.”
Those scythes constructed by magic did not turn towards Olrox or Michelle, every scythe then gathered near the youth’s body.
Then, those numerous blades made from magic overlapped with each other and with a powerful atrocious magic constructed a Death scythe in Death’s arm.
“This false castle……You shall fall into chaos as a thing that denies the existence of the [lord]……[death] shall pass judgment on your sins!”
Sensing the overwhelming existence of [death], Olrox again realized that the youth in front of him is [Death]------laughed out loud.
“interesting…… So, death really exists! Thus I’ll use all my power…… to shatter that thing called [death].”

At the next moment-----something unusual happened to the entire castle.
The castle’s interiors which were ought to maintain their current magnificent form, gradually showed their true form.
Starting with the gorgeous paintings and furniture, the marble and stone patterns disappeared.
A hard layer of numerous corpses formed from the bottom created a building that is a symbol of chaos and madness.
The [castle’s] true form was hidden by Olrox’s magic-----
Those summoned monster corpses deprived of magic, together with the human corpses of Graham Jones’ followers, created that structure-----
The castle became one very large Legion.

“This is …… the castle’s true form…… !?”
Noticing herself standing on top of millions of corpses, Michelle unconsciously knitted her brows.
All of the magic that Olrox used returned to him and that incomparable magic entered his body.
A thick vortex of magic surrounded his body. A portion of the corpses detached from the floor and one after the other integrated in front of Olrox.
Those corpses became a monstrous lump, the scent of death mixed with magic enveloped the entire castle lord’s room.
The numerous bodies of monsters which were deprived of magic swelled. Then in front of Michelle there was a giant corpse doll mixed with human souls. And her heart was on the verge of entering madness and despair.
“This is…… the vampire’s magic……?”
Olrox floated above the head of the corpse king and with a joyful expression looked down on Michelle and Death.
“No more conversations? Fine.”
“! …… Foolish”
The next moment ----- Death made his way through by reaping the magic that controlled those [dolls] giving them liberty-----
The 2 types of magic collided and if an ordinary human was standing there, his life would be taken by the atrocious magical vortex that was created.
“Ho…… to take part in this……!”
Earlier, the sparsely emotional Olrox seemed to enjoy the situation where his life was on the line. He gave life to the corpse’s head, laughing, laughing, laughing.
“Gwaha……Gwahahahahaha! I’m pleased, Death! It has been a long time since I realized that I existed in this world! I have experienced pleasure once more since the time I crossed blades with Alucard!”
“Said by you who forgot about death, have you remembered any type of respect for our master……”
The perimeter where Death drew his giant scythe projected a giant shadow made by thick magic.
That giant monster was made from numerous bones.
Using every characteristic of each living thing that lived on earth, it did not resemble any living thing----- the monster’s body is wrapped in shadow, and Death paid his respect towards the creature’s pure power.
Olrox also did the same thing giving admiration to the pure power that swelled up from the center of the creature.
Respect and hostility. With those 2 conflicting feelings inside them, these two diabolic beings understood the situation at the same time.
If their guard is dropped even for a split second, everything will be over.
Death remembered the wave like movement of an eternal soul sleeping in a land distant from human beings-----
At once, he poured words in his mouth and paid respect towards his master.

“For my master…… I will eat his soul!”

Then----- the curtain was opened on the supreme battle of evil and infinite death.
The 2 types of darkness moved intricately, as if trying test each other’s chaos.


[Demon Castle’s Top Floor]

The giant corpse doll was minced by the countless scythes. And from the corpse’s wound flew groups of purple bats on their way to attack Death.
In an instant, 2 swinging red blades appeared in front of Death, instantly mowing down those bats.
However in an unguarded moment, the corpse doll’s mouth spat a fireball that headed towards Death, burying through the numerous bodies constructing the [castle].
In the next moment, a giant scythe appeared on the youth’s hand, slashing both the surrounding air and the flame.

Michelle saw the scenery that was way beyond human intelligence and she was still petrified.
-----I…… what should I do?
This was not the type of battle where she should meddle. The only human she knew who had stepped into this dimension is probably only Julius.
-----I……what was my purpose in this castle?
She grasped her bowgun and took a deep breath.
The rotten scented air filled with deep magic filled her lungs and petrified her body.
But, Michelle concealed her displeasure and fear of the impossible and took a step forward.
Curtis wished for her own happiness.
The monster residing inside him told her so.
However, what is happiness for her?
Does it mean turning her back on the [castle] and escaping alone to enjoy her life?
Since she chose this path-----from the time the demon castle emerged out of the chaos in human beings, she ought to have prepared for this.
The castle is a symbol of the chaos of humans and there are those who chose to face it----- turning her back and being happy is not an option.
-----Now……the thing I should do is……
-----To destroy this castle and fight evil.
Even if I have to team up with the monster that robbed Curtis’ body


The exchange of magic seemed endless.
Death is able to peek through Olrox’s guard but, with his enemy dancing in the sky and the giant corpse doll standing between them, the opportunity can’t be seized.
However, this waiting game put himself at a disadvantage because he is using a human body.
-----Must bait.
Strongly clasping the giant scythe in hand, Death once more released his magic and Death’s scythes appeared all over the room.
Acting in agreement, Olrox raised his hand and made thousands, millions of bats.

For moment, the view that entered those human eyes, Death saw-----
One human being who seemed to have stood there petrified.

A few seconds after-----
Continuing the strong magic exchange with Death, Olrox did not notice.
Just concentrating on fighting back his opponent’s magic-----Olrox discovered that there was a shadow threatening him a little too late.
That was a human and----- that attack originated from an impossible angle.

Something came.
The moment he noticed, it was already too late-----
Driving out a group of bats,
Slashing through the vortex of magic,
One silver arrow flew towards Olrox’s heart.
He opened his eyes wide with astonishment. The arrow pierced through the center of his nobleman’s clothes.
He was able to quickly evade thus he did not sustain major damage to his vital organs but----- he did not know what just happened and traced the origin of the arrow.
Then, there is-----one female human.
-----No way.
That height is impossible for a human to reach just by jumping. There is also no trace of flight magic.
There is no sign of any use of magic nor secret religious art, that woman should have been every inch a human being.
However-----that woman had one thing that differs from other humans.
Inheriting her ancestor’s natural ability, she caught those numerous [scaffoldings] dancing in the air, and pushed herself close to the ceiling.
Those [scaffoldings] that were dancing in the air were extremely dangerous and brittle, but they were numerous.
-----She, used Death’s scythe as a springboard!
Olrox understood.
When he waivered for 0.1 of a second, that is the case of his defeat.
When he let down his guard, he knew that his opponent below him is not a fool.
Then-----cutting through the air, the youth grasping the giant scythe in hand appeared in front of him-----silencing Olrox in one hit.
Humans are still good.
The vampire boldly smiled and brought down his high speed blades-----
The giant skeleton created by magic bit his body.
The scythe did not stop in its momentum and cut the corpse doll in two-----
Even slashing the false castle and the castle lord’s room, ceiling and walls came crashing down.


[Ruined Castle Corridor]

“It’s ok here, I’ll soon be able to accompany the children in escaping.”
Conversing through their communication device, Julius who was behind had his voice sound with worry.
“Hmm……There ought to be some monsters a little bit in front of you, are you sure you’re going to be ok?”
“If I were alone, it would have been difficult but……I was able to bump into Hammer earlier and he is willing to help me.”
“Oh, yo! Well, Yoko-san can leave everything to me. Please slowly go about your business!”
“……That’s a reassuring conversation.”
“Anyway, since everyone’s safety is assured, I will now dispose of Legion. This is exactly the right rehabilitation for my aching bones.”


[Demon Castle Top Floor]

The wind flowed from the cracks in the collapsed walls. Due to it, the stagnated magic and the stench of death vanished from the castle lord’s room.
A collapsed Olrox was on the floor with a straight cut from his shoulder to his waist and his entire body was crunched by the magic skeleton. In front of him was Death who lowered his blade and Michelle.
“Our powers were equal.”
Olrox silently laughed.
“Death, it was not by you…… I was defeated……by a human.”
Olrox showed a satisfied expression. Death silently answered.
“…..So it was.”
Once he recalled those numerous unfolding battles-----with a bitter smile exchanged words.
“Humans are…… strong. But, it is a fact that Dracula’s castle can be summoned from the chaos that are within them.”
“Indeed……surely……that power……might be suitable for Dracula……”
Olrox’s body had collapsed but he answered Death with a fearless smile.
“The inheritor of Dracula’s name might emerge…… or might not……You however will…… forever roam as the servant of the night……no matter how many times humans strike you down. As long as humans exist, you being unable to perish……would you still continue to roam this world?”
Olrox seemed to laugh and took pity on the existence that is a contradiction. Death did not despise the loser and he just replied.
“When all the reasons for my existence and when my loyalty comes to an end, dying out or living forever, those for me are all trivial matters.”
“I see…… that is the root of your soul……”
Olrox gave a short laugh towards Death’s unwavering voice.
“Cough cough……I would still……not go out of existence……”
With his body cut into two, half of the vampire’s body was slowing turning into ash. Even so, he still spat out words.
“I am not begging for chaos or any other thing…… I will by my own power would once more return to this world. Gwahaha……gwahahaha.”
Without regretting his previous actions, Olrox loudly laughed.
“Sooner or later somewhere, after a break…… I would show myself one more…… Gwahahaha……Gwahahahaha! Gwahahahahaha!”
That loud laughter permeated and resonated deeply into the center of the castle, and Olrox’s body turned into ash and vanished into the darkness.

And----- one last monster is standing next to Michelle.

“……My lady, what do you plan to do?”
With Death’s words coming out of Curtis’ mouth, Michelle pointed her bowgun without hesitation.
“……Release Curtis’ body…… Even if it’s a corpse…..I would not allow you to have his body at your disposal.”
“Hu……Your temper is stronger than I thought. However…… be at ease since the true castle did not appear……my job as a guard is truly over.”
In the recently concluded battle, he seemed to have lost his strength. It can be felt that Death is quickly losing his hold on the youth’s body.
“Also…… It seems that one Belmont is coming. I don’t know if he would understand the reason behind this. Anyway, it seems that I no longer have the power to manipulate this body.”
Somehow, his voice gradually became weaker. Michelle is concerned about one thing, even if it is impossible to think of but she dared to ask.
“……Is there no way……Curtis can be saved.”
“What have you misunderstood? I am Death. Human death only comprises a part of chaos. They can come back again as zombies or skeletons, but without a soul, dead bodies cannot be revived. And ----- there is no reason to perform that.”
While Michelle refrained herself from breaking into tears, she gave words of offering to him.
“When you used Curtis’ body, I was not completely convinced, but……to my dearest who is a member of the Church, I would like to express my gratitude. Thank you.”
“I had just told you not to misunderstand. As the castle’s guard, I am not to be condemned as a traitor……You guys are still my enemy.”
Death who still was in the form of the youth gave a simmering laugh-----
Just before he returned to the darkness, he spat out his last words.
“When the castle is summoned once more by the chaos in human beings…… When that time comes, I would show myself.”

“Do not give……any allowances……”


A few minutes later, Yoko who was able to let the children escape from the castle, saw in the castle lord’s room.
“Michelle, you were safe!”
Yoko came rushing when she saw both Michelle and Curtis.
 What she saw was a downcast Michelle with a grim expression and Curtis was lying in front of her.
After seeing that, Yoko’s happy expression clouded over and she faced Michelle.
“Curtis is……already……”
Michelle continued on repressing her emotions and there for the first time, tears dropped from her eyes. She wanted to explain the whole story even though she felt tense, but-----


She heard a voice.
Not knowing that it meant, she turned around in a panic.
Michelle saw Curtis slowly standing up in front of her.
“What happened…… to me…… here……?”
She did not know what happened.
She realized that corpses could not be revived.
If this was permitted, the past battle with Dracula or perhaps the existence of the demon castle itself would be meaningless.
However, for Michelle now, there was no time to think about those things.
-----Are you not……dead?
After popping several questions, Michelle’s heart wafted briefly into the void.
But by looking at the light behind the youth’s eyes, it proved that he still is the same old Curtis.

The young woman with flowing tears, threw her arms around the youth’s body. while the youth just opened his eyes wide with shock.


[Wallachian Valley]

At the same time Michelle and the others escaped, they were able to receive word that Julius has defeated Legion.
With the light of the morning sun, those monster and human bodies which were used by the power of the vampire----- turned to ash just like him.
High above the gorge looking down on the number of corpses flowing down the river-----Michelle thought that they were finally summoned by [death].
What were the wishes of Graham’s followers, what bound them----- she did not know. However, at the very least, with this [death], Michelle hoped that they were free from the spell.
And with their death, she found out that the god wearing the crown of death arrived here----- For the first time, she has respect for the monsters that were ought to be her enemies.

When Yoko arrived at the top floor, she heard [Death’s] words behind-----

[Did it seem that Death is…… good in deceiving humans with his use of words?]

Those were her words about [Death] that she remembered from the library.
That voice rang with feelings from behind her and now she did not know what to make of it.
She was over thinking things and that made her laugh a bit.
She silently thought while looking at Curtis standing behind her.

Corpses can’t be revived.
That is an absolute unwritten rule.
It cannot be gained neither by the amount of magic one has, nor by holy magic.
That meant----- when Curtis was possessed by Death, was he not yet dead?
And----- she remembered a legend passed down from her ancestors.
Once, there was a man whose body was changed into a monster by Dracula’s hand. He was only able to recover his human body with the help of one from the Belmont family.
Perhaps, Curtis’ body was on the verge of death, when Death made him a monster. Was it that his body was stubbornly clinging to life?
Using his own body as a [shield], living as a human and combining his strength as a monster
Then, when the magic had completely left, would he have recovered his human body?
That was Michelle’s guess, but the person who can answer that question is no longer around.
Still, is it possible that Death’s soul was still left in his body? Or is it that his soul had completely cut off and disappeared into the darkness?
The questions flowed but there are no answers.
Even until now she does not know how far human hearts can be shaped from the mind? How far souls can be commanded? 
Maybe the answer can be found when the true Dracula’s castle appears; including the soul that resides inside Curtis if it is truly his.
And when the answer comes, even if Death is met as the enemy----- she swore in her heart to fight without hesitation as a human being.
With that she thought that noble monster is honest to a fault and is most polite up until the end.

The sun lit up the forest as if nothing had happened and the entire nightmare faded into the clear stream.
Wallachia’s falling melt water beautifully sparkled with the play of sunlight through the trees.

The flow that chases both life and death must be understood-----in order to play a new canon of reincarnation.

The End
Translator’s notes:
Thank you so much for reading! 
I hope this light novel answered some questions regarding Castlevania. However, I do believe that it raises far more questions than it answers. Hehehe. 
This was a fun translation although it took me 70 hours over one and a half months just to do the first translated draft. Then several hours more were given to typing it out and editing. I know translating these things puts a heavy burden on the shoulders of the translator. I just hope that I am able to deliver. 
Now, I demand tribute! lol

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