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WIP Coastal View Cross Stitch

Here's just a little update for all of you. I'm still not yet done with this big piece. It's halfway done I think. The last quarter of 2016 was hectic with work and then FFXV came along.... (Noctis~♪ ♥) thus I wasn't able to progress at all during that period.

This was sleeping on its plastic tube container.
Until now....

But I'm still playing FFXV, so... I'm hoping to finish this in time for the deadline of a "Finish the WIP Contest" hosted by stitchingpirates 
The timing of that contest is impeccable! Haha.
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One of the reasons we decided to do such a contest was because we wanted to encourage people to finish projects like this ;)

Lord knows I still have plenty of WIPs in my closet that I need to get back to.
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I'm really glad that this contest was made or else, I would have delayed finishing this for an unknown amount of time.

Yeah. We stitchers procrastinate a lot. hahaha.
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I just like to think we all have stitching ADD ;) We tend to go "ooohhh I want to start THIS new one" and put the old one off saying "I'll get back to it once I'm done with this project" *multiple projects later old WIP is still off in the corner*
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Yeah. It is hard to control the urge to start a new one when something is not yet done. Then there's the problem of forgotten/misplaced projects... "where on earth is that one again?"
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I also have the same problem with bought paper patterns and really old cross stitch magazine. I don't know where they are.
It's a good thing that most of my own stuff is made digitally. At least I can print things whenever I need them.
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It is like a pixelated game coming out!
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This is the finished piece.
Coastal View Cross Stitch by ShiroiKoumori
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The finished piece is beautiful, I have a soft spot for works in progress. I feel they show all the work that goes into a piece.  The thin outlines are a nice touch. Every stitch looks perfect.

I just searched for cross stitch generators. Here is a good one that converts images into patterns. :D… Don't know if you have seen that.
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Oh I see. Thanks!

I already have a PC program that converts pictures into cross stitch or allow me to make my own pattern freely.
But still, thanks for sharing the link.
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Ahh, I love technology. :D 
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Don't we all? hehehehe.
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it's beautiful already! looking forward to see more progress!Love 
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Thanks. The next time I'll post a photo of this, it will be the final product. Just wait for several months for it.
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Clap Gorgeous work!! I'm so looking forward to see the finished picture! Heart bum 
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Thanks! I am also looking forward to the finished piece so that I can move on to other stuff.
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