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Coastal View Cross Stitch

YES! Finally! After more than a year! Cheerleader 

I fell in love with this pattern from Dimensions Gold. 
I made some changes from the original - using DMC threads and beads instead of french knots for the flowers in the bushes. 
Size is 21 x 17 inches.

I don't think I'll tackle huge project like this in the near future. hahaha.
This is for the "Finish the WIP Contest" hosted by stitchingpirates 

WIP photo:…

Bonus photo:…
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May 31, 2017, 12:47:24 PM
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Is the "Palazzo" on the little "Hotel Palazzo" sign from Kefka Palazzo's name ? I know you said this wasn't video game related but the I knew I recognized that name from somewhere and your picture with the Lunafreya and Noctis dolls seemed like maybe Final Fantasy. This is a fantastic piece, by the way, it must be a wonderful to look at now that you have it completed knowing all the work that went in.

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I think the "Palazzo" here is just the Italian word for Palace. This was based on a painting of an Italian coastal town which was converted by Dimension's Gold into a cross stitch pattern. I just added the Luna and Noct dolls because this background resembles the town of Altissia (FFXV) which was based on Venice.

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This is sensational, well done, must have taken hours.
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Thanks! It took more than a year to finish. 
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Incredible details like always! I love it ^^
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This is intensely beautiful, you're so good!
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Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! :hug:
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Beautiful embroidery, this must have taken so much patience. I'm curious how you did the thinnest lines since they don't seem to be part of the stitching pattern.
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The thin lines are made from back stitches and straight stitches. They are actually part of the pattern. They are placed to overlap the xs and emphasize corners, details, etc.
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Oh I see, thanks for explaining. Don't the stand out too much over the surface?
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It doesn't since backstitching just uses one strand of thread.
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Oh I see, makes sense. Thanks so much for clarifying <3
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You're welcome. If you have more questions regarding cross stitch or embroidery, I'm happy to help.
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Thanks! Have you been doing it long?
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Yes. I started to learn the craft since I was 6 years old, but it is only within these few years that I started to make big pieces.
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Woaw, so beautiful :)
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Wow! This is very impressive! :wow:
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Thank you! I can't believe I was able to finish it too. :)
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Wow that's incredible! I thought it was a painting at first
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Thanks! It really looks like a painting since it was based on one.
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