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My first human CPU pic by Shirogatsu My first human CPU pic :iconshirogatsu:Shirogatsu 5 16
The water swirled all around me.
My breaths were few and my choking was constant.
My head was pulled under the water and my panic grew.
The universe seemed to consist of only water.
This seemed to be the world I was confined to.
The waves lessened long enough for my head to reach the surface.
I coughed and tried to take in a breath.
But before my lungs could be filled, the water took me again.
I kicked furiously until I was above water.
I got one gulp of air and one glimpse of the lifeguard.
He saw me struggling and he only stared with uncaring eyes.
I was pulled under again.
When I awoke I was on shore.
I only had vague memories of swimming there.
And I filled my lungs with air.
How precious air was.
How wonderful.
More gentle than the churning waters of black.
:iconshirogatsu:Shirogatsu 1 11
Hybrid chapter 1
I looked at the snow drifting from the sky. Everything felt wrong. The beautiful snow, the crystalline icicles hanging from the trees. Everything. I sighed and kept on walking. I should probably go home soon. The Four were probably waiting for me.
"Hey!" The voice came from behind me. I jumped and yelled in surprise. Then I turned to see a girl standing behind me. She looked familiar but I didn't know her name. I think she was in one of my classes. Or maybe she sat next to me at lunch sometimes... I smiled politely. She was laughing at my reaction.
"You're Kiery right?" She asked after she had stopped laughing. "I'm Sylvin. Hey, a few of us are going to the ice rink do you want to come?"
"Umm, yeah, but I need to go home now." I glanced away nervously. If the Four realized I had almost given them away then they'd freak out.
"Hey, maybe we could go to your house! We really were only going to the ice rink just out of boredom."
"No!" I think I could have peed my pants at the thought. If t
:iconshirogatsu:Shirogatsu 0 0

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Web of Light by mynameishalo Web of Light :iconmynameishalo:mynameishalo 12 2 Red is For Love by Shadoweddancer Red is For Love :iconshadoweddancer:Shadoweddancer 42 9 Pink is For Friendship by Shadoweddancer Pink is For Friendship :iconshadoweddancer:Shadoweddancer 23 4 Unfolding Emotion by Shadoweddancer Unfolding Emotion :iconshadoweddancer:Shadoweddancer 25 3 Be Mine by Shadoweddancer Be Mine :iconshadoweddancer:Shadoweddancer 28 6 Navigating The Data Stream by mynameishalo Navigating The Data Stream :iconmynameishalo:mynameishalo 54 15 Pastel Arrangement by Shadoweddancer Pastel Arrangement :iconshadoweddancer:Shadoweddancer 43 16 It's A Trap by mynameishalo It's A Trap :iconmynameishalo:mynameishalo 73 6 That's No Moon by mynameishalo That's No Moon :iconmynameishalo:mynameishalo 38 10 Valentine by RavenxCorpse Valentine :iconravenxcorpse:RavenxCorpse 165 17 Dear Twilighters by jadefyres-freedom Dear Twilighters :iconjadefyres-freedom:jadefyres-freedom 52 103 If You Bash Me... by jadefyres-freedom If You Bash Me... :iconjadefyres-freedom:jadefyres-freedom 31 41 telling tales by HippieVan57 telling tales :iconhippievan57:HippieVan57 99 108
Love is Hiding in the Shadows
One morning I sat up
Dreams still turning in my head
When I felt this odd sensation
And looked under the bed
A little box of chocolates
And a note that said:
Love is waiting in the shadows
You must always look ahead

I wondered who did this,
Who snuck into my room
"Someone who's been watching me,"
Was all I could assume
I'll be the first to admit
That I was a little scared
Until I saw a second box
And realized someone cared
Inside the second box
There was another note
I picked it up and read it
This is what was wrote:
Love is hiding around a corner
Look for it everywhere
And once the time has come for you
It's your obligation to share
Love is not just friendship or romance
It's everything in between
You'll feel it in the air
Because it remains unseen

At this point I was confused
What were they telling me?
I went outside and spread the love
And then I felt oh-so-free
Love is hidden in the shadows
It arrives when least expected
Wrap it around your heart and you
Will always f
:iconjadefyres-freedom:jadefyres-freedom 4 6
gongreen by HippieVan57 gongreen :iconhippievan57:HippieVan57 61 61 ravens flock by HippieVan57 ravens flock :iconhippievan57:HippieVan57 54 68



United States
Current Residence: none of your bisiness
Favourite genre of music: rock, lullabys (not little kid ones)
Favourite style of art: manga/anime
Favourite cartoon character: too many to state
Personal Quote: "What do I get out of it?"
By the way, I just lost the Game! If you don't know what it is then let me fill you in. It's a game where the whole point is to lose. You can only lose once every half an hour. But when you lose you have to announce it. Everytime you think of the game you lose but you cant lose if you lost less than half an hour ago. Once as you know of the game, you are playing it. And once as you are playing it then you can't quit. Unless you are voted out.

Now that that's out of the way, I finally submitted my story. This one that was on my journal. And I might add part two soon.

I had a bottle of Mountain Dew. I added a cup of sugar and some blue rasberry jolly ranchers ice cream syrup to it. It tastes awesome. And I'm going to have a sugar rush soon. I need the energy though. I stayed up all night watching Invader Zim. I finally finnished all the episodes. Too bad it was canceled. I would totaly watch it if it was on TV now. Everyone who I've talked to who knows about it has liked it. So that says someting.

I live in Michigan now. Yay. It's because my parents had to watch some kid. He's the son of my dad's friend.
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  • Playing: "The Game"
  • Eating: Saltless pretzels
  • Drinking: I added sugar and koolaid to a mountain dew


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