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Hello everyone!!

I am currently working on launching my Patreon page! This is something big for me that probably and hopefully will change my life as an artist. After all this time in art community and now with this new beginning, I wanted to write down and share a long version of "about me" with my experiences and how I got this far until today.


I've been passionate about drawing ever since I can remember. As little I used to draw simple figures such as Animals, Pokémon and Sonic characters. My favorite thing to draw was looking at the Pokémon Card's pirtures and redraw them!

I won my first drawing contest as I was 13 years old. This was also as the new Game "Sonic Colours" was released in 2010. The top 3 Winners were invited to the Sonic Game premiere Convention in Germany, but due the distance and costs, I couldn't afford it to go and participate... I never felt so disappointed in my life. ༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽ BUT I kept drawing passionately regardless, there never was times I wanted to give up because I love drawing!

In 2012 I discovered digital art and started to draw anime-styled characters. I watched a lot of animes and fell in love with the style and Japanese culture. Especially Video games have also been a huge influence on me, marking the focus of my drawings and the particular field of art I wish to pursue. I've always been inspired by the genuine creativity, character designs and emotions expressed and felt trough video games.

Art became like breathing.


I made my first digital drawings with my laptop trackpad! I didn't really care about the tool, I didn't know about drawing tablets back then. I just wanted to draw! Learning a new drawing program and bringing my ideas in a digital world was a blast. Later I found out about drawing graphic tablets wanted to try out how it feels drawing with one of these. My little sister was faster than me and gifted me my very first drawing tablet (Trust Slimline) for my birthday. It was in 2013. My world changed 180 degrees! I was super motivated to draw more detailed works with even backgrounds! I also took it with me in holydays to Italy and there I drew for whole days.

Sadly the quality of this brand wasn't long lasting. Therefore, I saved up for an Intuos manga pen and touch. I remember the day as I wanted to buy the tablet, I also needed a new hair straightener. On the cash register, I put the box with the hair straightener on top of the box with the tablet and the cashier scanned ONLY the hair straightener!! Well ...no. I didn't say anything, why should I? Got the graphic tablet for free, haha! I don't even felt bad because I could keep the money I saved up for so long, what a lucky strike! Like if this event happened to me as a compensation because I couldn't go to the convention in Germany back then.

With this new Tablet I began to practise human anatomy and focus on character concept and character design (and I worked with it until 2016)! Then I saved up for my first screen tablet, the Cintiq 13HD. Today I am using a Wacom Cintiq 24 Pro and that's the best tablet I could ever dream of. The final boss!


After elementary School, I already knew what I want: study art! However, it wasn’t easy for me to keep pursuing for my passion as I had to start living alone with 14 years. Therefore I had no choice but to start an apprenticeship which I didnt want- in a grocery. Next to the overwhelming work which I needed to manage at home, I hated my job, but I still managed to complete my apprenticeship with good grades!

Knowing I never want to work in a grocery ever again, never ever again, I re-started my search for art schools. Sadly there aren't any public art schools here in Switzerland where you can apply and join without any high costs. Trough a friend I discovered a "prerequisite art school", which most creative companies here in Switzerland recommend to visit before starting an apprenticeship or anything in a creative direction. People who visit this school, have a privilege and a higher chance to get in a creative apprenticeship/job. I thought "that's it!". Since the field I'd love to study still doesn't exist in this country (Digital Illustration, character design, digital art), at least I can try and search for fonds for this prerequisite art school and have a higher chance for a creative Job. I took all my strength together and started to request foundations for fonds to be able to pay this private prerequisite art school. The searching for founds was very, very tiring. I don't know how, but I actually made it to get the needed amount together and joined this school eventually!

It was the fist year of my life in which I went 99,99% of the days motivated and happy to school. After graduation, instead of a creative apprenticeship, I decided to try and apply for a "public" game design school. It was more than 1 1/2 hours away and STILL had basic costs for the following:

First, they wanted people to make an Homework which costs 200 Swiss francs!

AND if you pass the Homework exam, there is an additional acceptance exam which costs another 300 Swiss francs. Why do they even state that it is a public school if you need to pay so much for the exams only?

I passed the Homework exam and was invited for the acceptance exam in that labyrinth-like building.

After the acceptace exam they asked me: "Why don't you apply directly at game studios? What will you do after studying game design?"

I told them honestly: "I am really interested in other game design orientations and want to learn more about these directions, after gaining new importat knowledge as a game designer, I will to keep my focus and pursue to work as a character designer in the future. "

I didn't get accepted. (🝦言🝦; ) In the end I realized: they were right. If I want to keep making digital art, I need to focus on this and nothing else. But what can I do now? I saw no other possibilities- and was back at the beginning. I need to get a job to pay my bills.


I thought I would be just doing fine at first leaving my dream aside and continue the path I didn't enjoy. Trying to find and learn another job who can fulfil me and make me happy somehow, but at the end I always knew what I actually desire the most. I felt empty without art. In these times when I didn't have any possibilities to draw due to school, work and other circumstances, it became even clearer to me: I cannot keep going like this. Art is more than a hobby for me. I want to do art. I want to get better at it. I want to devote more of my life for it. This is why I decided to get over my fears and open a Patreon page! My dream is making a living of my Art only. Today it's still a dream, but thanks to YOUR support, I know this goal will come true! ♥ With your support, I will be able to have more time to do what I love and fulfil my desire to practice and grow as an anime artist, upgrade work space, and provide a sustainable income! PLUS Patreon allows me to give exclusive rewards for YOU! ♥


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