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Poly-Peptide Custom

SR Annie custom for Poly-peptide  ♥♥♥♥

decorator crab
mysterious starling 
quaking aspen 
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periifuu's avatar

Ooo, his colors gives off steampunk like at first and he is sooo rich and classy looking. Quite handsome too and I really like him having long hair, eheh. I am amazed how you drew the details for him like omg the many gold details~ sparkle emote

Elsiikun's avatar

He looks just absolutely badass and dapper! The abundance of gold accessories and details, the chains and gems on the wings, the pants and shoes, the cane, and holy shiz those gloves, really gives him this higher class swagger and brovado~ He'd kick ass and be suave doing it Owo

Tachibana-Mizuko's avatar

I am loving this fancy lookin' lad, he screams wealth and haughtiness with all the jewellery and gold accents on his over the top clothing! I don't think he could fly with all that gold on his wings, but I'm sure it gets him a lot of admirers~

Also wanted to say that I love his shoes! That heel design is awesome~

AJRoanoke's avatar

Well.. Isn't he attractive 0//0. You always do such an amazing job with confident handsome men. I adore the gold inner details on the coat