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Halloween with the Animates

XD A somewhat early Halloween pic, but when the idea hit me I had to run with it. I tried out a slightly different coloring method than usual, and it doesn't seem to have turned out too badly.

My attempts at backgrounds continue to fail. D: (but at least the jack-o-lantern looks good!)

Just who are those characters, you may be wondering? They're Sailor Titanium Kerokko, Sailor Pewter Fox, and Sailor Chibimoon (of course). The first two are Sailor Animates who only appear in the Sera Myu musicals. I have to say, I really like Kerokko's design.

WACOM + OpenCanvas
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adorable and so funny, great work!!!
animates? is animamates
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What's a Kerokko? Is that Japanese for frog?
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It's more a corruption of the Japanese equivalent of "Ribbet".
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That's brilliant. :P
That's both really cute and hilarious. Nice job.
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Kerokko's the best ever. ;>
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Yay! Myu Animates!
My friend was going to cosplay as Kerroko, but she had to go on a trip. We were sad.
This picture is great. XD
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I saw this on the boards earlier.

+ 10 win points to Shiro-chan :D
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