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Fire Dancer Commission

This is a commission that I promised a few months to :iconyoco-chan: for being such a wonderful watcher and artist. I did my own take on her beautiful fire dancing princess. [link]

I really have a new appreciation for this character she made. There's a lot of really nice details like the bells in there, I never put that stuff in my art.
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Aquasakura's avatar
Neat picture of her. She looks good. ^_^
shiroboi's avatar
Thank you very much. I just had to draw something for Yoco-chan, she's just so sweet.
Aquasakura's avatar
Yeah. I know what you mean. ^_^
litchi-chan's avatar
I forgot to say earlier; I love this!! It's so lifelike and full of depth. Not to mention the pretty details. :3

I would love to see it colored! *nudge nudge*
shiroboi's avatar
Hmm, if I get time I might. My in-laws are moving in with us from Thailand so I think I'll have a lot more art time since my mother-in-law can watch Bri. I do have some more commissions to do. I'm the official artist for a new con and I'm behind in getting them their art. Thanks for the comment, I do think this is one of my better pencils and would make a good color piece. Thanks!
Jazine's avatar
I definitely see progress in this picture. The anatomy and the folds of the clothes look great. The character looks like she is gliding through the air. I also love all the detail in her outfit.
shiroboi's avatar
Thanks Jazine, I've really been making some new discoveries lately. Drawing is fun!

My big challenges lately are poses, fabric and hair.
Dracuria's avatar
Wow! O.o its so beautifull!, you made her look really great! :heart:
I really love this, thank you so much!! :hug:
shiroboi's avatar
You're quite welcome Yoco! I'm very glad you liked it. I had fun drawing her. You deserve full credit for the fantastic character design.
Dracuria's avatar
Aw :hug: i'm glad you had fun, you were so busy lately, I didnt want you to get stressed over a free commision :(
But now I kinda feel guilty for neglecting this old character, I should have drawn her more, especialy after seeing your work on her i'm totaly into this character again :)
shiroboi's avatar
Hey, I'm totally up for seeing a new revision of her. The design is excellent but your art has improved from when you last drew her. I think she's the strongest character you came up with. Maybe she can be your marquee character. Does she have a name?
Dracuria's avatar
Cool :D yeah I agree :nod: thats why its a shame that I didnt let her go trough all that, it would have been cool to see her change and such :giggle:
I think you are right, even after all that time, this character has something special I geuss, I still have a print of this drawing on my school map :XD:
Yeah perhaps she can!, oh no she doesnt have a name yet >.< I need to think about one...
shiroboi's avatar
Let me know and I'll update my piece when you come up with a good name for her.
Dracuria's avatar
Cool! :D I shall tell you once she has a name! ^.^
Kimishima's avatar
Love this picture! The outfit, pose, and expression are complete perfection!(LOL I rhymed). I can actually see the improvement in the way you pose your drawings. Good job :)
shiroboi's avatar
Thanks, I've really been trying hard to "Level up" lately and have been seeing results as such.
Kamikaze-Kaito's avatar
Ohhhh, this looks really great! *O* The pose is very dynamic, just like what you'd expect from a dancer, and you are right - the costume is very very pretty with all these little details! Great job~ :la:
shiroboi's avatar
Thanks, This was supposed to be a lunch break quickie but it turned into an all evening drawing with all that detail. I wish I could say I planned the pose and the motion but it sort of all came together at the end.
Sunpikachu's avatar
Wow, that's really pretty.
I'd say something else but I just woke up and am not quite coherent, so... yeah. Pretty.
shiroboi's avatar
Thanks Lynn! Hows school?
Sunpikachu's avatar
It's been good so far, I'm not overloaded with work, though I've been getting up early because I have a lot of early classes.

How are lessons? I wasn't able to get any art classes this semester and have no other artists to talk to, so I've been missing them a lot.
shiroboi's avatar
Lessons are good but light with you gone. And Carla has a night class that night and Jen is still having car related woes so Just mainly the middle school girls are showing up.
Bappie's avatar
I love it! This could actually be in a fighting game. I would totally kick ass with her.
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