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"Events change men, but men do not change events. But these two men are extraordinary because they changed events."
~Shen, Infernal Affairs III

(Just finished watching the awesome trilogy recently, the closest a Chinese show can get to The Godfather trilogy.)

This is one insanely-sick weekend (literally), down with a fever on Friday night (what a great start for a weekend).
Go for a quicky option of eating some medicines couple of hours before Saturday's shoot, and the traditional method of wrap yourself with multiple shirt/blanket/etc... to sweat out.

Was still fine, until about the end of the shoot, and got very much worse after dinner at the food court, shivered (damn the air con from the mall and mrt) till I reach home, and spam the medicine and does the traditional method again.
I can really feel my whole head was hot (LOL), and the ears are not getting voices that clearly.

That was one hell long of a night, the last similar experience was when my teeth infection (7 activated at once) few years back, which I got a high fever.

Sunday was much better, other than being super hungry since Saturday night.
Spam medicine after brunch, and ready myself for the shoot.
Didn't shot well today though, I personally don't like what I've shot today, but the cosplayer do like a few of the photos, at least there are something she brought back, else it will be damn suck and paiseh from my side.

WIP List:


Probably 2 more cos-shoots for this month, 1 cos-event, 1 gig-shoot (no, none of the international acts, didn't get no reply from Junk magazine on the photographer slot)

I will always give my best for shoots, and if there's something that is needed or required for a shoot, and I can afford it (which I sold most of my portable audio equipments to fund for my current D700) and see it beneficial, I will get it too, in time!
What I hope in return is, just don't disappoint me.

By the way, if you think I'm crazy, I'm definitely not.
I wished I was crazy enough, sacrificial enough, gambled in chances enough, open-minded enough, but I guess I don't have that much guts to do all of them together for now.

But I'm definitely trying to be more open-minded, and take my chances.
As I have nothing much larger to lose, in compared to time.

My main influences in photography will still be :iconzemotion: & Todd Owyoung
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get well soon! =D