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DD + Kotaku + Costop + China Trip

Thu Jan 19, 2012, 5:19 AM

Was pretty busy for this month, gearing back be more efficient and productive, so really getting lesser time for leisure or so. :(
So will try to sum up as much as possible!

Daily Deviation

Magic Knight Rayearth - 01 by shiroang

This is my 3rd DD (but my 1st DD for cosplay photography though) sometime ago!
It was suggested by Ellamenopea and featured by pullingcandy, thanks to the good people!
This is one of my favorite cosplay photo I took in 2010, so I'm really happy that something I really like get selected for it! :D

My other 2 DD, which is of concert photography.
Caracal - 01 by shiroang Dualtone - 01 by shiroang

I got featured on Kotaku!!
Actually...I wasn't aware of this at all, until my friends posted on my Facebook, or contacted me through MSN.
(Was having a bad night doing PC troubleshooting, so yeah...)
I'm definitely no hero, but was suprised and honored to be featured on Kotaku!
Many thanks to Brian Ashcraft from Kotaku for featuring me.

Link to complete article here.

Costop Magazine

Some of my photos from Chobits photoshoot with shuichimeryl and an event mini-shoot with Drefan-cosplay's Guile, was featured in Costop #13.
Costop is a China based cosplay magazine, but they also do feature international cosplayers and photographers.
Do visit their official site here.

China Trip

Will be going to China in February!
Traveling to Chongqing, Lijiang, and Dali from 11th to 22nd of February!
More of a travel photography trip, meeting up with friends in Chongqing, and doing a couple of shoots while I'm there.
Really not enough time to travel and casual hike for 3 places! :(

Can't wait to meet up with friends like 35ryo, kirawinter, and a few others who doesn't have a DA.
...and of course to eat loads of good food!!! :heart:

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Wish everybody have an enjoyable weekend and happy holidays! :D
Have fun and crazy, but do stay safe!

2011 on the overall wasn't a good year to me, in terms of photography, work, health, and life in general.
Learned a couple of hard lessons in life, though unfair and uncount for, but such is life itself.
It's life experience, what don't kills you, makes you stronger!

Hopefully in this new year, I want to travel more, meet more friends, improve on photography (also widen and learn more on food, sports, and landscape photography),
- Travel more
Germany, France, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines are places I had in mind to travel to, as I have friends there and major conventions like Connichi/Japan Expo which I really want to attend!
But due to getting time off from work & the cost for the travel, asia countries will be easier on me, unless somehow I can find help in lodging or any other form for the Europe countries! :D
- Meetup more friends
- Improve on photography (also widen field and learn more on food, sports, and landscape photography)
- Learn on videography, from pre to real to post process
- Study well and get my relevant field certs
- To be a better person

Spent sometime playing Skyrim yesterday, FUCKING UNARMED BADASS VIKING style by Robbaz.
For those who played or don't, do watch this game commentary by Robbaz, super entertaining!…


Summary of the 2 trips I had last year!
Major one will be Sydney, minor one will be Kuala Lumpur.

Sydney, Australia
Both trips are regrettably, didn't spend much time with friends in events or shoots.
Main Animania wasn't very fun and this year security was quite anal on photography, went for 3 hours or so for both days, decided it will be a better use of time to go exploring Sydney streets, and raiding their good food places.

Had a splitting migrane at the end of the Sound Horizon shoot with pretty strawdoll + itakoaya, that didn't even had lunch with you guys TAT
Moe and hot sisters GundamFamiglia (Nad & Mad), trolling me with the identification game!
(It's ok, I still want the real alpaca/llama!)

Ate at awesome fine dining with good view at Quay, awesome Argentinian restaurant Porteno, delicous brunch at Baffi & Mo + Jeds Food Store, and authentic Naples, Italy pizzeria at Lucio Pizzeria (and many more food places!)

One thing I can say, I love the weather, scenery, FOOD, people, and culture in Sydney, Australia!
Really wish to be able to work there, if there is anyone can help/contacts in securing a job there! (Note me for it!)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Annual affair to Comic Fiesta convention, biggest scale ever for this is their 10th year anniversary.
Day 1 was quite a PITA for most attendees, due to KLCC management/security doing tight human traffic control, majority of the people can't enter, and have to queue for hours.
Day 2 was better on the whole.
But overall, I didn't enjoy quite as well as other years, I can't seem to find or meetup most of my friends, which is my objective of the trip! TAT

No shoots, due to unforseen circumstances, but very understandable reason.

Overall it was a trip to rest and relax from work, that's why chose to stay at Shangri-la Hotel, service and comfort was top notch!
But somehow we lack of time to really explore good food and shopping, even with 0 shoots confirm, there is like lack of time?!
Though some stupid and comical stuffs happen when I was with Naxhis and Val, of course the main culprit is Val lol!

Probably due to lack of strict planning and schedule for this trip, due to stress from day job, I just really want to let go and relax.
One of trip that I really didn't do anything, other than discussing hotel and transport to Kuala Lumpur. Which is very unlike me, but reason as above.
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Will be taking a coach departing at 8am, which is less than 6 hours time!
Main priority is to attend the 10th anniversary of Comic Fiesta, and catch up with all the wonderful people over there!
...and also visit all the good local eatery there!

This will be a 4d3n trip, and will be staying over at Shangri-la, anyone who is staying there do leave a message too! :D

On a side note, I bought an external mic for my 1D Mark IV, Rode Videomic Pro that is.
Cause I wanted to learn and play around with the video function (since my current camera has it), so will be attempting some very simple and basic video over the CF weekend, stay tune for it!

Rode Videomic Pro

Actually was leaning towards to get the Zoom H4N, but due to tight budget I got the Videomic Pro.
Will get the Zoom H4N in future when I have more cash flow and I'm really have interest in doing videos.

Zoom H4N
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Can't wait to go Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next week!
To attend the 10th anniversary of Comic Fiesta and to meet up with all the awesome people over the causeway! find out and go eat all the yummy local places in KL too!

It will be a very much needed break from work also, quite burned out mentally recently.


Took about a month of transistion (selling and buying) to change from a Nikon to Canon system.
Will be sharing equipment with my partner, so in the long run it will be more beneficial.
(Though the system change I made quite a loss at the moment)

Currently my own equipment will be:
- Canon 1D Mark IV
- 35mm f/1.4L
- 135mm f/2L

Anyways, looking to find a market rate priced used set of Canon 16-35mmL II and 70-200mmL II IS, but priority is on the wide angle lens.
Else quite lacking for travel, concerts, and portraits, OTL.
Not sure I can find a market price (not overpriced ones) 16-35mm (or even a 17-40mm) by the next few days before my Comic Fiesta trip.
Without the wide lens will be quite restricted on some stuffs, but I will just try shooting in other perspective! :D


I just start using Dropbox!
There the free and paid version, able to sync/iCloud ability between all your linked devices, for me it will be home workstation/laptop/iPhone/iPad.
Even for the free version there is 2gb usage!

Now come the part, would love if you could help me (and you) to get extra 250mb of usage space if you register your account through my referral!
No harm for free 2.25gb of free usage space for your file sharing and easy sync of all your linked devices right! :D
Referral link here
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A slow post-event random post of it!

I did manage to catch up with friends and met many new friends in real life!
Local, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and China friends!
Sad thing is, still didn't manage to catch up with many friends.
This year event (especially day 1), the crowd is really insane. It's totally a traffic jam, I have no idea how people doing those armor cosplay or big props gonna move (don't even mention taking photos).

Anyways, less talk more photos!


Day 0 - Dinner time!

viospace and lavena-lav




wildquaker and lavena-lav

z3LLLL and jaRoukaSama




wildquaker as SHERYL NOME + rest of the gang

shiroang and seseostara

shiroang and lazyeight

shiroang and z3LLLL

shiroang and darkdiety


Day 1 - Gurren Lagann (Behind The Scenes)

merkymerx: Do this!

behindinfinity: Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~

behindinfinity Like a boss!

Dom doing a headstand!

Dom: Care for some beer?

Dom: Straight from the tap!

behindinfinity: *pouts*

shiroang and behindinfinity

shiroang and Dom


Day 1 - AFA (Behind The Scenes)

mikiikun and yinami

shiroang and Mahou Shoujos akinohiaki + 车车 (CC-KIDS) + Kumoomoo + Mm-miyoko


Day 1 - Preparing to go for dinner

Just find it strangely amusing...

车车 (CC-KIDS)





akinohiaki and herotenka


Day 2 - AFA (Behind The Scenes)


shiroang and Amnesia guys akinohiaki + Kumoomoo + 车车 (CC-KIDS) + herotenka


shiroang + behindinfinity and merkymerx

shiroang and Rainer-T

shiroang and erioru

shiroang and Takui1896

shiroang and Koyuki


That's the end of the BTS and Random photos of the AFA weekend, considerably lesser (funny) photos compared to other events.
I'm pretty lethargic due to work and the event crowd itself.

Now you seen the BTS photos, you can anticipate what kind of cosplay photos I will be posting soon! :D
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Summary update.

Workload and stress increasing, lesser time to do photography and studies, and most importantly salary or benefits didn't increase.
That's about explains my current life situation, really don't like it, but have to stick with it for the moment.

Well, until I get some better qualifications, which I'm studying right now. To get a chance for a better position and job.

Anyways, can't wait for AFA this weekend!
I can expect Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and China friends coming over! (sorry if I do missed out some)

ps: I really envy those who live in the USA, getting lifetime status is as easy and cheap as ABC. Cheap MR and CPM flights!
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Oh dang, I don't think I can catch up and post day 8-10 within a day time, before premium membership is gone TAT.
Less talk to waste less time, straight to the photos of the 7th day of my trip!

On the way to Royal Botanic Garden, and saw this interesting lamppost!

Cropped image of the lamppost to view the words.

Side alley stairs

Government House in Royal Botanic Garden

Some touristy photos of the garden, and the garden shop.

Bats sleeping on the tree during the daytime!

Man O' War Steps

One of the top restaurant in Sydney, and ranked #26 under S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant's list, Quay!
Helm by chef Peter Gilmore, Quay has been awarded three hat status for ten years in a row. (Not as prestigious as Michelin Star, think of it as a lower scale/league.)
Was forturnate to be able to get a lunch booking during Thursday, though my preference will be a dinner reservation.
But it was fully booked for all nights till December for Monday-Thursday, and till next February for Friday-Sunday.

But pardon my crappy food photography skills, more like a casual snapshot, can't wait to smell and taste the food!
(Must resist temptation and take proper photos next time!)

Nevertheless, I chose a 4 course lunch!


Awesome seating area, and direct view of the Opera House!


Interval time with some freshly baked bread

Him: One - Salad of yellowfin tuna,
salsify, radish, jamon & juniper emulsion, ciabatta, smoked bonito oil, radish flowers

Her: One - Mud crab congee, fresh palm heart,
Hand shelled mud crab, Chinese inspired split rice porridge

Him: Two - Slow cooked coturnix quail breast, stone ground semolina enriched with Alba truffle butter,
buckwheat, farro, walnuts, pumpernickel, paratha, malt

Her: Two - Tasmanian blue throat wrasse,
Crystal Bay prawns, treviso, sea urchin custard, radishes

Him: Three - Confit of milk fed Suffolk lamb,
purple garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, sheeps milk curd, salt bush shoots,
fennel pollen, Pantelleria capers

Her: Three - Berkshire pig jowl,
maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream, perfumed with prune kernel oil

Him: Four - Jackfruit snow egg

Her: Four - Quay's
Eight texture chocolate cake

Coffee, Petits Fours

Posing with the Opera House

Opera House

Harbour Bridge

Circular Quay Wharf

Aboriginal people playing at Circular Quay

Another view of the Harbour Bridge

Ferry view of the surroundings, while on the way to Manly Beach!

Shuichi putting her legs in a dugout sandpit

Manly Beach


Surrounding view of Manly Beach area

Church stained glass

A Labrador dog at the Manly ferry wharf.

Eating our dinner at Chatswood's Sushi Train!
Chef preparing the flame grilled salmon.


Flying fish roe

Ebi tempura udon




Colo Tako!
They serve really awesome takoyaki, and very fresh produce!
I chose prawn takoyaki, really fresh and sweet prawn with a good biteness, and the right hardness of the takoyaki and sauce, very flavorful!

Taking the train home, end of day 7!
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Behind the scenes photos of :icongundamfamiglia: (Nadleeh and Madara), and a few LOL-inducing GIFs of them and me getting abused...

Getting ready

Siblings rivalry

Ready Steady Go


Nad's version of yawn and waking up!

Universal language


Not sure how to post GIF directly to the journal, so you guys just have to view it on an external site...
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Day 6 was a pretty chill and relax day of my trip, only went to Sydney Fish Market.
Of course to eat those fresh and yummy seafood! (And buy more back to cook!)

Some of the sights at Eastwood railway station

First time onboard the light rail going to Sydney Fish Market!

Reached the Fish Market station!

Crested Dog's-tail grass?

Sydney Fish Market!!!

Claudio's Seafood

Where we got all our fresh and good seafood, and at a good price!

All the yummy crustaceans and fishes!

Super huge Kingfish?

Awesome dude peeling off the fish scales at awesome speed!

Entering the main area of Sydney Fish Market

Cullen Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2009

Refreshing and refined white with citrus, lemon, and a hint of honey taste. Goes really well with sashimi, prawns, and oysters!
Goes down real smooth and great aftertaste, and balances well with the food.

Our yummy loots for brunch! Salmon and tuna sashimi, prawns, oysters, and of course that awesome white wine.

Sydney Fish Market wharf, and some of the sights there.

Harry's Cafe de Wheels

Tried their must-try Tiger pie, pretty neat!
Peas and mashed potato on top, with meat and brown sauce inside!
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So sorry to :iconitakoaya: and :iconstrawdoll:, normally I will have a meal + chat after the shoot.
But (albeit) embarassed to say, during the last 30 minutes or so of the shoot, I was feeling giddy and migraine-ish, quite sure was the heat and lack of water (drinking).
So didn't asked you guys for lunch, more like I think I konked out on the bus ride back to city LOL!

Central Railway Station

Ita and Straw checking out the bus(es) to reach shoot location, which is at Centennial Park

Bird feeder

I'm on video, she's on photo



Centennial Park

Black Swan

Juvenile Black Swan

Black Swan and it's cygnets


Loads of trees!

Purple Swamphen

Australian Magpie

Noisy Miner

Giant Poodle

Juvenile Black Swan

Black Swan

Rainbow Lorikeet

An outdoor fruit stall at Elizabeth St.

Having our lunch at Chat Thai, pretty neat Thai restaurant and reasonable price.
I ordered the Boat Noodle

Chat Thai - Chicken satay-ish

Haigh's Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Truffle & Raspberry Truffle

Bought 100g for both of them!
Both are great, but Raspberry Truffle is better!

Haigh's Chocolate - Mini chocolates

Haigh's Chocolate at Queen Victoria Building

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach - Where all the rich people stay

Silver Gull

Having a snack before dinner at La Piadina, very authentic and awesome place that do Piadina (Italian Flatbread).
Boss and staff there are friendly and helpful, awesome food and ambience, great place to chill, and yes to BYO.

La Piadina - Dried tomatoes

La Piadina - Preparing our salami piadina

La Piadina - Slicing and sending over our piadina

La Piadina - Salami Piadina

La Piadina - Homemade fruit jam pie

La Piadina Namecard

La Piadina - Wall Menu

La Piadina at Bondi Beach
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Recently have been feeling quite burned out, probably going to slow down or go on hiatus for shoots until AFA. (Even though last shoot was last week only = = )
Don't really feel like shooting nowadays, mentally drained, lack of inspiration, and just want to take a break.
Not because I have too much shoot, but mainly due to day job.
Just put it this way, I enjoyed my 2 years compulsory military service more than my current job.
And my military role for the most part of 2 years is a (layman term) tank and armored vehicle tech, hot/dirty/greasy/heavy/smelly/etc situation kind of job XD!

Onto the positive side of life.
I really enjoyed the 10 days Sydney trip, even though it was physically tiring, but it was equally enjoyment, especially on the mind and heart.
To be able to see and experience the beautiful places and weather.
Probably looking to go for another long trip next February.

In the meantime, I will try to process out the Sydney shoots' photos soon!

- Project Touhou with Nad and Mad from :icongundamfamiglia:
- Sound Horizon (Marchen) with :iconstrawdoll: and :iconitakoaya:

AFA scheduled morning shoots (still in planning phase)

- One shoot with :iconseseostara: and friend
- One shoot with :iconbehindinfinity: and friend

After AFA, I will be going for Malaysia's Comic Fiesta convention, which is an annual event (since 2008) for me to go catchup with friends and have fun there!
It will be a big event, since it's their 10 anniversary this year!

No planned shoot yet, but will start discussing with people that will be interested to collaborate! :D

I really like this Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs at Stanford University in 2005.…

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.

Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
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Pre-shoot behind the scenes photos with MadNad, from Circulay Quay wharf to ferry to Cremorne Point.

Sydney Harbour Bridge view from Cremorne Point

Some Noisy Miner photos

Post-shoot behind the scenes photos with MadNad and Shuichi, from the ferry to lunch.

Entree salad that comes with my bento set

Mixed bento set that consists of chirashi, beef, tempura, and miso soup

Photo with the lovely MadNad!

MadNad and Shuichi exchanging contacts

Eating at dessert shop Meet Fresh (鮮芋仙), after the lunch

Pub mascot all dressed up for the Rugby World Cup fever

St. Andrews Cathedral

Town Hall Square

Queen Victoria Statue

Queen Victoria Building's interiors

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Overseas Passenger Terminal

Some photos of Silver Gull taken near the Opera House

Dining at Aria, recommended by Ita!

Pretty Shuichi!

I ordered a 3 course, my entree will be;

cured New Zealand salmon with kombu and Earl Grey tea,
yuzu tapioca and avocado purée

My main;

braised beef cheek with red onion choucroute, roasted chestnuts and
puffed wild rice

Good, flavorful, tender, and juicy.
It will be great if it is not that salty, and this is coming from someone who loves salty food.

Her main;

roasted rump with ricotta gnocchi, pumpkin and mustard fruit purée and
a sage and balsamic sauce

This is great, tender, juicy, flavorful BUT not overwhelming.
The overall combo of the meat, veg, and sauce compliments each other.

My dessert;

mandarin panna cotta with sauternes, mandarin and a burnt butter ice cream

Pretty decent, but not awesome.

Some sweets for the post meal.

To sum up my Aria 3 course pre-theater experiernce will be decent, but doubt I will return for a second trip.
Unless I'm itching for the lamb and the souffle (didn't take the photo).
Because Quay beats Aria hands down even at a much higher cost. (wait for day 7 for my Quay experience!)

Aria pre-theater 3 course dinner - $89
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On my way to eat Baffi & Mo for the second day (brunch) in a row, and I saw this right across the street from Redfern railway station, LOL!

Street snaps while on route to Baffi & Mo!

One of the sheep looks...

Cycling society in Sydney

Lemon Tree!

QB likes Baffi & Mo too!

One of the customers at Baffi & Mo

Baffi & Mo - Big Breakfast

Pretty good but not very value worth at $22.
I very much prefer the signature avocado potato hash stack, unique and nice overall combo at $16!

Baffi & Mo - Ricotta hotcakes with passionfruit, lemon curd, and fresh strawberries

Coffee, Tea or Me - Campos Coffee cups

Coffee, Tea or Me - Tried latte today

I feel the barista makes better flat white.

On route to Animania Day 2 - Rubbish digger bird

On route to Animania Day 2 - Sunday church

On route to Animania Day 2 - A fruit market store on the street

On route to Animania Day 2 - Street snap

Building near Newtown railway station

Not-sure-what-is-it bicycle

Sticker-fied signboard

Black Star Pastry!
Another highly rated pâtisserie in Sydney!

Black Star Pastry - Their official sticker

Black Star Pastry - The barista of Black Star Pastry

Black Star Pastry - Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Cream

Black Star Pastry - Ginger Ninja

Black Star Pastry - Macarons

Shuichi at Black Star Pastry

One of the main road junction at Newtown

Filtered water cooler


The Waterfront Grill - Fire heater thingy to warm up the surrounding

Shuichi at The Waterfront Grill

The Waterfront Grill - 250g Tenderloin

The food is decent, but the price is on the high side just because they are located at Harbour Bridge.
It will cost up to 30-50AUD per pax, for that kind of price I will not hesistate to go to Porteño to eat anyday anytime, which is excellent in both food and value.

2 pax at Porteño will end up with 40+AUD per pax
4 pax at Porteño will end up with 30+AUD per pax

Trust me at Porteño you will eat till very full and still have awesome food, slight pity that there is no BYO.
No BYO at The Waterfront Grill either anyways.

The Waterfront Grill - Chips that comes with my tenderloin

Chat Thai - Chef grilling the squid


I'm definitely wasn't full at all after that 250g of Tenderloin + Chips, so went to Chat Thai for another round of curry + rice
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Quick post of some behind the scenes photos at Animania Main 2011!

Nad & Mad


Skye & Winnie

Ash & Min


Ita approves QB

Con-goer mini-poodle

Epic squirtle and I
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Not much photos for the midday part, as I was over at the Animania convention.
(Animania photos/behind the scenes will come as a separate journal entry, no worries XD!)

A graffiti on a street wall outside of Redfern railway station.

Baffi & Mo is an awesome place for brunch! Went there 2 consecutive days in a row!
Sitting outdoor during spring, enjoying the soft sunlight and light wind breeze, really relaxing compared to my hectic worklife in Singapore.
And of course the awesome food!

Baffi & Mo - Cakes

Baffi & Mo - Signature Avocado Ham and Potato Hash Stack!!!
Very unique crispy fried stacked hashbrown with ham, avocado, asaparus, tomato, and herbs.

Candid moment of the people at Baffi & Mo

Coffee, Tea or Me - One of the many stores that do Campos Coffee! Located at Crown St, nearest railway station will be Redfern.
The best out of the 3 stores I drank that do Campos Coffee, but I heard the original store at Newtown is still unbeatable, but never got the time to go down there to try it. A slight regret. :(

Coffee, Tea or Me - Shop outlook

Coffee, Tea or Me - Transaction going on

Coffee, Tea or Me - Doing my flat white? XD

Coffee, Tea or Me - They used bicycle seats as their seats!

Coffee, Tea or Me - With Shuichi

Best Campos Coffee (Flat White) I drank in Sydney

Reggae lover's car

Street nearby Redfern railway station

Very tall crane machine

Going back to Redfern railway station, after leaving Animania Day 1

A group of students at Redfern railway station

Museum railway station

One of the tunnel walkway in Museum railway station

Mark Foy's Building

Metropolitan Fire Brigade

Wedding photoshoot near St James at night

St James Church

Lucio Pizzeria - One of the highly rated Italian restaurant in Sydney, and number 1 rated pizza restaurant by Timeout Sydney.
Start off the dinner with antipasto for two.
(Antipasto means a traditional first course of a formal Italian meal)

Lucio Pizzeria - Their pizza is really authentic Naples, Italy type, not those you will get from chain fastfood pizza stores. Pizza is really to the purest form and minimalist, not too little or too much. The biteness of the dough, thin/thickness of the crust, all baked to the right timing, and of course the fragrant smell of the herbs and meat.

Rustica pizza - Provolone, potato, sausage and rosemary

Lucio Pizzeria - The Lucio. Their signature pizza. Half Margherita with blobs of buffalo mozzarella, tomato and teeny little basil leaves; and half ham and fluffy ricotta calzone. One bite of it oozes out the hot melting cheese! Yum!

This concludes photojournal of day 2 of my Sydney trip.
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Start of my photojournal of the recent Sydney trip (hopefully I have the time and the determination to finish posting all 10 days here).

View of the sky while onboard the Airbus A380 (Main deck)

Rockdale station, where I took my first train in Sydney (after getting there via Bus 400 from Kingsford Smith Airport T1).

Lovely Shuichi

Some street snaps at Town Hall station

One of my favorite canned herbal tea!

New fragrance!

Eastwood area, lots of Korean shops there.

Really really amused by this, those who know Hokkien will definitely feel it too XD!

Dan Murphy, awesome place to buy wine!

Awesome wines I bought at Dan Murphy.
L-R: Schild Estate's Shiraz Barossa 2008, Gramps Grenache Barossa 2009, Cullen Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2009, De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon 2007

犬犬 (Dog in Mandarin)

Porteño - One of the restaurant I really want to try in Sydney! And they did not disappoint me, especially the meat and the price/value is really high for this highly rated restaurant with quality.

People queueing outside Porteño as early as 5.30pm, restaurant officially opens at 6pm.

Went with a few friends, the couple in the shots are 豆豆 & Jing.

Porteño - Their signature and famous 8 hour woodfired pig and lamb!

Porteño - Skewing the meat

Porteño - Preparing the meat to serve

Porteño - MORCILLA (Blood Sausage with Red Peppers in Garlic)

Porteño - CHORIZO PORTEÑO (Housemade Pork Sausage)

Porteño - CHANCHITO A LA CRUZ (8 hour Woodfired Free Range Suckling Pig)

Porteño - CORDERO A LA CRUZ (8 hour Woodfired Free Range Lamb)

Porteño - POLLITO (Free Range Baby Chicken)

Porteño - REPOLLITOS DE BRUSELA FRITO (Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts with Lentils and Mint)

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

View of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the bottom

Luna Park

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Rough summary of trip, since I'm already 7 out of 10 days trip in already.

Ate lots of good or top/highly related restaurants or street eats, pretty satisfied with it, and felt my pre-trip food research was worth it.
(Spent almost few hours every night for 5 nights to research, before the trip)

(Good stuff that I remembered eating)

- Porteno
- Quay
- Aria
- Baffi & Mo
- Campos Coffee
- Black Star Pastry
- Lucio Pizzeria
- La Piadina
- Sydney Fish Market (Claudio's Seafood stall)
- Harry Cafe on Wheels
- Sushi Train
- Colo Tako

Basically did a lot of sightseeing and travel around for the good food, basically walk about 18-22km daily.
(Woolworths and Coles supermarket are my best friend, did lots of fruits and fruit juice shopping, and some ham/meat/snack eating at night.)
So when I reached back lodging (average 10pm-12mn), I just transfer photos to hard disk, bath, recharge of camera batteries, went to sleep. Too damn tired to do any editing or go online.

I felt I diversify my time/trip too much, so I can't really specialize in any, especially on travel/landscape photography.
But the good food is really worth it, and those scenery I've seen with my eyes is good enough.
(Though I don't really like the strong sunlight, even the temperature is cooling, always felt dehydrated/headache.)

Will probably do a massive photojournal when I'm back in Singapore, hopefully my premium membership is still on back then.

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Will be taking a midnignt flight in Singapore later, at 0035 hours, first time on the Airbus A380 too! XD!

Also got my new namecards all done!

If anyone wants it, find me at Animania this weekend!
Can't wait to see everyone, and making new friends! :D

Quite happy to get a reservation at Aria (pre-theater timeslot), and Quay (lunch timeslot).
But slight disappointment that can't get a dinner timeslot instead for Quay.
Was informed by their management dinner timeslot (everyday) was booked till November to February next year.
So I guess I'm pretty forturnate (in a way) to get a lunch timeslot prior 1 week booking.

Will be camping for Porteño tomorrow evening, can't wait to try the Argentinian cuisine, and of course their 8 hour woodfired free range suckling pig!!!
Well, this are the 3 restaurants I'm quite looking forward to, but there are MANY others I want to eat, but didn't list out here. (Else it will be a food list rather than a journal post LOL!)

Going for a short rest, before I do one last check on the luggage, before I head off to the airport!
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Sonic FUCKING Boom! (or Hurricane)

Cos by the epic :icondrefan-cosplay:!!!
TGX 2011 - 01 by shiroang
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Was without a workstation for 1 FULL WEEK!!!
Due to my PSU kaboom, it was quite a nightmare without a workstation for a week.

- Can't do any work at all (post-processing, writing, updating sites with photos, etc...)
- Can't play any games
- No entertainment at all (videos and music), as my workstation is a HTPC (Home Theater PC).
PC GFX card HDMI out to my 42" 1080p TV HDMI in
PC sound card Digital out to my AV Receiver Digital in -> 5.0 home theater

All my 1080p/720p videos and FLAC music!!! ARGH!

I can't even do anything much for the past 1 week, no data on hand to do anything also.
Glad they finally had stock for the 1 for 1 exchange, as my PSU is still under warranty.

Will try to catchup for now! :)
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