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Important Notice

Fri Mar 7, 2014, 10:38 AM

Due to my day job and photography workload, I find it really hard to find time to update DA regularly.
Nowadays I post latest updates on a daily basis on my Facebook Page (click the banner below), and Flickr… for complete photosets!

Please do follow me over there if you guys are still interested at my works! :D

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Tokyo Otaku Mode

Will be traveling to both HCM and Hanoi, Vietnam, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this upcoming December!

Traveling dates are:
HCM - 5-9 Dec
Hanoi - 9-17 Dec
Kuala Lumpur - 20-24 Dec

I will attend Hanoi's Touchfes cosplay convention on 15 Dec, and might attend HCM's cosplay fashion show convention (not sure 7 or 8 Dec).

Can't wait to meet all my online Vietnam friends, and also really hoping to know more Vietnam friends.
Currently most of them I know are from HCM, would definitely want to know more Hanoi.

Vietnam people please give me a shoutout here, would love to identify you guys! XD!

For Kuala Lumpur wise, I will definitely be attending Comic Fiesta on 21-22 Dec! :D

Cam on / Thank you


AFA (SG) 2013 [88 photos]

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Tokyo Otaku Mode

Vacation destinations

Mon Nov 4, 2013, 11:43 AM

Other than the confirmed trips to Malaysia for both JCos (16-17 Nov) in JB, and Comic Fiesta (21-22 Dec) in KL.
I have no confirm vacation destinations yet, and I have roughly 14 days of annual leave to use, as I have not official taken any of it yet since started working at my this company in April this year.

But I do have many cities/countries I would love to visit, but at the moment I don't really do well with too cold of a country + might not be that much sightseeing/landscape shots during winter season.

1) Paris, France - One of my most wanted to visit cities in my list, art, romance, light! Would definitely want to visit Paris during Spring or Summer for best photo chances!
2) Moscow, Russia - Seems very cold at about -5C to -10C during Winter season, and sights might not be that good to justify the spending to travel + lodging there?
3) Seoul, Korea - As above, temperature and sights considerations.
4) Tokyo, Japan - Budget wise abit over what I am willing to spend at the moment.
5) Basically many other EU/US cities, since it's pretty easy to access travel when you are in any of the EU/US cities!

Probable destinations

1) Bangkok, Thailand - Fits the bill, but I heard there will be a company trip to BKK during Jan 2014, so I might as well make use of the company trip next year.
2) Taipei, Taiwan - Another decent choice, but not the best season to go for landscape/nature phototaking I believe. *sigh*
3) Hanoi & HCMC, Vietnam - Interested, but totally did not do any research at all.

I do have friends in cities like Moscow and Bangkok, and a further extent a few in Taipei and Seoul.
As other than landscape and travel photos + culture experience, I definitely would like to meet friends/make new friends in the city and also have the chance to collaborate with them on cosplay/portrait work.

Feel free to give me suggestions, or convince me where should I try out for vacation destinations! (if budget allows, and probably not that cold)

ps: At times I have the impulse urge to just book a ticket to say Paris (since it's ranks top my list to go), but I probably have to be abit more realistic in budget.
As in why spend the same to go for a compromised (photo chances & season) trip, when I can do it in better seasons like Spring or Summer.
But there is any special case or help from here that would make the trip easier, I'm all for it LOL!

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2x HQ full photosets + Pokemon X/Y!

Wed Oct 23, 2013, 11:10 AM

I recently uploaded 2x HQ complete series of photos over at my Flickr!
Flickr will be my main site to upload FULL series of photos, as I prefer to upload selected ones on DA.
So for those who are interested for complete set, do catch my works over there too!

Dreamer [13 photos]

STGCC 2013 [36 photos]

On a not so serious note, I gave in to the temptation and bought a 3DSXL + Pokemon Y to play (when I seriously have lack of time already)!
If only someone would give me perfect IVs pokemon like Snorlax, Tyranitar, Aegislash, Alakazam, and more lol~~~~~~~!

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Tokyo Otaku Mode

Complete set of photos on my Flickr!

Fri Oct 11, 2013, 10:11 PM

As you might know, most of the time I don't post all the photos on DA (lack of time/time consuming, etc.).
But you can know see those up on my Flickr, to start the ball rolling, here are a few complete set in HQ.

Durarara!! [21 Photos]

DRRR - 06 by shiroang DRRR - 05 by shiroang DRRR - 09 by shiroang

Atelier Meruru [19 Photos]

Atelier Meruru - 07 by shiroang Atelier Meruru - 09 by shiroang Atelier Meruru - 10 by shiroang

Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo [29 Photos]

Evangelion: 3.0 - 10 by shiroang Evangelion: 3.0 - 11 by shiroang

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Tokyo Otaku Mode

Guilty Crown [Full set 20 photos]

Sun Sep 29, 2013, 11:31 AM

Full HQ [20 photos] of the Guilty Crown photoshoot with VampBeauty and Aza Miyuko over at my Flickr!

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Tokyo Otaku Mode

Animangaki 2013 [56 Photos]

Tue Sep 24, 2013, 10:30 AM

Full series [56 photos] of the cosplay convention in KL, Malaysia over at my Flickr!…

Several of the photos taken at the convention.

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Tokyo Otaku Mode


Tue Aug 20, 2013, 11:50 AM

AMG in KL, Malaysia - 23-27 Aug 2013

Will be attending AMG over in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this weekend, can't wait to go with friends and also catch up with Malaysia friends! :D
Tentatively will be doing shoots with angie0-0 and yingtze. (Haven't got a proper time to do proper discussions yet though XD)
Though if there is extra time, will be interested to do 1 extra shoot and collaborate with another coser that I have not work with before!

STGCC in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - 31-1 Sep 2013

After that will be back for the STGCC weekend in Singapore, very hyped up for the event, and at one of the latest and major shopping mall/hotel/casino in Singapore!
There's quite a few very interesting event highlights that I would love to see, and music too! Yuyoyuppe!!!
(and also some very interesting stuffs might be in the agenda, do stay tune for it I promise! :D)

Daily Life

Slow, but steady, getting the momentum back to plan and schedule more shoots (as day job took quite alot of time & unpredictability during weekends).
Definitely would love to shoot more, practice more, and learn more!

But recently did quite some gaming too, completed Saints Row 3 and Sleeping Dogs!
Both are crazy fun, but SR3 is really insane and over the top! ROFL!

Below are a couple of completed photoshoots in full over at my blog!
(click the link to view over at my blog for full series):

Zone-00 - 01 by shiroang Zone-00 - 02 by shiroang Zone-00 - 05 by shiroang

Please folllow me at the following site for more quick updates:

Tokyo Otaku Mode

[Update] 7 August 2013

Tue Aug 6, 2013, 10:53 AM

Being busy again from day job (work), but I been starting much more planning on photoshoots!
And a major scale shoot (to me) is coming right up, with cosplayers I really like and always wanted to collaborate with too! :D

Completed series (click the link to view over at my blog for full series):

Leathers - 01 by shiroang Leathers - 10 by shiroang Leathers - 12 by shiroang

2) Atelier Meruru
Atelier Meruru - 01 by shiroang Atelier Meruru - 03 by shiroang Atelier Meruru - 10 by shiroang

3) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 03 by shiroang Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 05 by shiroang Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 08 by shiroang

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Cosfest 2013

Mon Jul 1, 2013, 11:16 AM

Quite down and disappointed at not being able to attend Cosfest over this weekend.
(More on that below)

For info, I have never missed any of the Cosfest since 2004, and it was also Cosfest that get me interested in photography.
The friends I made at Cosfest over the years, and it was the event (in Singapore) that I have most fun in terms of photography and meeting people.
(Good outdoor places to shoot though hot, and easily able to spot friends.)
In short, Cosfest is definitely my favorite cos-event in Singapore without a doubt, and to miss catching up with all the friends (both local and overseas) is really disappointing for me, as this is something like an annual affair of a big meetup with friends.
Overall, just feeling very sentimental on this.

But due to job constraint I will be working on Saturday, most likely on Sunday too, due to medical machine moving in to project site.
As the schedule work for this weekend is critical, and I'm pretty new into this job plus I have not seen/observe this process yet, furthermore the need to be there to learn/observe.
The best thing I can expect is to hope that it will end early in the afternoon, so I could at least go to the event for the last couple of hours, since both my place and current project site is near to the event location.

If it was my younger me, I will probably will try to take leave for it.
But I'm not really at a young age (going to be 27 this coming October), I have to be more serious in my career path, advancement, and improving and gaining more skillset (which will be important for future migration).
And I'm new in this job (2+ months in) and have not learn/observe this current process, personally I believe I really can't do that (taking leave for attending the event).
As in the end, the day job is the one bringing in the money for me. With higher pay and position, comes more responsibilities I guess? Haha!

Furthermore, I do really need to earn more and save more money in general (other than spending on living expenditure and some weekend entertainment/outings, I only buy stuffs that is needed, or stuffs that is spoil. Even for photo equipment, most likely only 70-200VR2 is on my agenda for this year).
As I do need to save up for marriage, and migration to either Australia or Canada (hopefully in 5 years time?).
There are 2 cities I'm looking at (or even other cities in the same country if able to get over first under work visa/PR/etc.)
1) Sydney, Australia
2) Toronto, Canada

ps: I do know I am owning a couple of interviews/articles, but do let me get pass my busy work schedule first.
pps: Shoots' photos wise;

1) *Vera-Chimera's Leathers series
2) Kiara's Atelier Meruru series
3) GundamFamiglia's Madoka Magica series (was shot back in March 2013, but only recently both side finalized the photos)

In Process:
1) Kiara's portrait series
2) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Shoots Postponed:
1) Zone-00
2) Chuunibyou


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[Update] 25 June 2013

Tue Jun 25, 2013, 7:18 AM

Will be replying slow/late for the meantime, due to day job and recent health not being very good (on and off falling sick).

After finishing uploading the Atelier Meruru and Leathers shoots, I will be follow up with a few stuffs;

1) Portrait shoot with Kiara
2) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
3) An interview article
4) 2 more shoots scheduled for this coming weekend

Please folllow me at the following site for more quick updates:

Tokyo Otaku Mode

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Wed Jun 5, 2013, 10:34 AM

Sometimes I feel I am trying my best, but my best is not good enough.
Don't really feel my photography is improving much, other than the EVA 3.0 photoshoot last year, which I personally like it a lot, and one I can say I'm proud of.

This couple of years, I feel my photography works has slowed down significantly due to mainly work and health issues.
I would really wish to be able to shoot and improve more from now onwards, and current day job seems to be more stable already (but will still be activated on last minute if there are urgent site works).

Next, I also want to spend more time with friends and people I going to work/worked with, more discussions, inputs, ideas, or just plain chat, and I do want to go to the next level (for photography) too!

Anyways, I have already uploaded a few photos each from 2 out of 3 sets I did in Sydney 2 weeks ago.

1st set:: Atelier Meruru (Cosplay) with Kiara
Atelier Meruru - 01 by shiroang

2nd set:: Leathers (Fashion) with Vera-Chimera
Leathers - 01 by shiroang

The 3rd set will be a portrait one shot with Kiara.

So do stay tune till then!

Please folllow me at the following site for more quick updates:

Tokyo Otaku Mode

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Introducing you COPY

Fri May 31, 2013, 12:57 AM

Introducing you COPY, Dropbox's direct competitor.

It's technically the same as Dropbox, but offers much more space at an initial 15gb of cloud space FREE.

So click this and it'll take you through my referral to the page.

Why through my referral?
Because when you sign up you get 15GB cloud space free.
But through a referrer's link, once you verify your email and then download & install either the Copy app or program, like dropbox, we both get additional 5GB on top of that.
Now, that's fun and most important more space for free! :)

Then after that you can introduce it to all your friends for similar results and you can rack up tons of 5GB per referral.

In case you missed the link, click this


Just to push up and let more people know about this! :D

By the way, I have quite a number of users who registered BUT have not install the app/program on their phone or computer, that means it's not a full process, and you won't get the extra 5gb of space free.
Do remember to do it soon! :D

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Major update 20-05-2013

Mon May 20, 2013, 9:13 AM

Major update and probably wall of text, but with links to full cosplay photosets in high quality, life, worklife, and stuffs.
Do read on if you are still interested! :D


I will be going for a short trip to Sydney on 24-28 May, to visit my partner and see Vivid Sydney again!
Last year Vivid's caught my attention (other than the crappy projection on Opera House), and this year seems to be on an even bigger scale!

Will be working with the following 2 awesome models/cosplayers during my short trip there too! (If only there is more time for more shoots!)

1) Vera-Chimera
Borderlands by Vera-Chimera - ARIES - by Vera-Chimera
Always wanted to work with her since couple of years ago, love her cosplay of action/game characters, but didn't really had the chance/timing until this time round and some intro by beethy (thanks dude!).
Will be having a portrait session with her, as her costume (LOL - Katarina) is not going to be ready during my time in Sydney.
A slight regret though, but hopefully the future trip will have a chance to shoot her cosplays!
But still can't wait to shoot her! :D

2) Kiara
First get to know of her cosplay through shuichimeryl's shot of her Trinity Blood costume from last year Main Animania, and I saw some fashion shots of her on FB,
So I decided to have a chance to work with her, after knowing her through discussion, she is one real fun and one who really open to experiments (which photographer doesn't like a model who is open to experiment and fun at the same time?!).
Will be doing 2 shoots with her;
1) Meruru from Atelier Meruru
2) A wild or sexy alternative/artistic shoot, stlll pending our last discussions to finalize our ideas. But from our past discussions it's going to be real fun, crazy, and wild.
A shoot I have never done before, due to no caucasian model friends I know locally, able to go all out.
Even though we say we will just do our best and have fun, I do get nervous and afraid I can't get the results.
But on the overall, this will be a breakthrough shoot for me in regards of portrait genre.

The trip will be a very packed schedule, and I technically only have about 5d3n, as I arrive in Sydney in the afternoon, and going back to Singapore in the morning.
Much to my regret, don't think I will have time to catch up with old friends much for this trip...:(
Maybe I will do more trips to Sydney, as there is a budget airline "Scoot" which has really low fares for Sydney. (Range of $390-550SGD return fates, depends on dates)


Photography Equipment

Bought a few photography equipment in this few months:

1) Nikon AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

One of the best AF ultra wide angle, can be use for almost anything IMO. Be it landscape, portrait, and concerts!
But probably have to use it with care when comes to portraits.

2) Voigtländer Color-Skopar 20mm f/3.5 SL II Aspherical

This is pancake manual focus lens, which I bought it mainly for the size and weight (206g), but the image quality and colors it produces as I have said at it's size and weight (and price) is really damn great!
A great lens to use for casual travel/street shots, when I don't feel like bringing the big lens out!

3) Gitzo GT2531

One of my dream tripod to own, and I finally got it! (More justifiable as of recent couple of years I started to do more landscape/cityscape)!
Though I need 2 more accessories for it to be the dream tripod setup. which are;
- Markins TH-200 baseplate (more stable and less vibration than default Gitzo ground set baseplate setup)
- Arca Swiss Z1 ballhead (one of the best, if not, the best ballhead)

4) Think Tank Streetwalker HardDrive

Always wanted to replace my full load travel camera bag, which is a Think Tank Airport Antidote v.2.
It fulfils most of my requirements, except for comfort. And with age number going up, and personal fitness going down, comfort is a huge factor I would like to have it,
Used my partner's Think Tank Streetwalker Pro, and I found it's comfort is really top notch, so after consideration I got the bigger brother with laptop compartment!

5) LEE Filters Neutral Density Graduated Filters 0.9 (3 stops) Soft

Bought this compliment my current 2 stops ND Grad, and Big Stopper, for better control for shooting landscape/cityscape.


Work Life

Last year and the early start of this year was one crappy part of my life.
I will say mainly due to my previous job, I was very stressed out due to direct supervisor who doesn't have the leadership and being a very difficult person.
In short, I was stressed out almost daily, probably my actions also affected my friends, no motivation or energy to plan or do photoshoots. Morale and happiness was at an all time low.
My salary was far away from proportionate for what I'm doing for that position (much more tasks and responsibilities compared to initial scope discussed).
Not that I don't welcome more responsibilities or tasks, but I believe in getting paid appropriately, and being treated as a proper human being, I will very much willing to do so.
So, I jumped ship when I have the chance this year.

Fast forward to current job, even though it's not exactly the field I would really want to do, but on the overall it's still counted under as project management.
Which in the long term, something I want to do as a career path.

Pros of current job: Good pay, being treated fairly, and at times can have a flexible timing.
Cons of current job: Might need to work on weekends/everyday if project schedule requires, be exposed to construction site environment (to a certain extent some health issues).

On the overall, I am feeling much better now, happiness and morale wise, hope I can learn more and gain more experience on the job!


Full Photosets in HQ
Please click the link for the full photoset over at my blog!

Evangelion: 3.0 - 11 by shiroang
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo 【27P】…

DRRR - 09 by shiroang
Durarara!! 【21P】…

Code Geass - 01 by shiroang
Code Geass 【22P】…

Uta no Prince-sama - 01 by shiroang
Uta no Prince-sama 【15P】…

FLASH/MOB - 01 by shiroang

Luna Sea - The End of the Dream - 01 by shiroang
LUNA SEA - The End of the Dream 【22P】…

SCANDAL - 01 by shiroang
SCANDAL Asia Tour 2013 【19P】…

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Quick summary

Sun Apr 7, 2013, 7:56 PM

Sorry for the lack of updates on what's going on for months.

Other than been too tied up with previous work (which I have resigned end of March), will be starting at a new workplace soon.

1) Shot SCANDAL concert in Singapore for both days.
2) Went to Sydney during 21 March to 7 April.
3) Did 1 cosplay shoot over there with GundamFamiglia, and joined an awesome and interesting event called FLASH/MOB by Jesse Willesee.
4) Will be posting up more photos from shoots and some decent (I hope) travel photos.

Shoots due for posting

EVA 3.0
Code Geass
Madoka Magica

...and many ALPACA photos which I have took during my trip to Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Please folllow me at the following site for more quick updates:

Best Of AFA Cosplay Photo Contest!

Sun Jan 27, 2013, 9:57 AM

Was informed that I have won the inaugral Best of AFA Cosplay Photo Contest yesterday on Facebook!

It's a great honor to win this, and coming from ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA which is one of the biggest convention in Asia that brings in Japanese anime, music, and culture.
Thanks! :D

The winning shot is Cvy's cosplay of Tina Bradford from Final Fantasy VI (sakizo's version).
AFA 2012 - Final Fantasy VI - 02 by shiroang

Please click the banner below to view the official annoucement of the results from ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA!…

Please folllow me at the following site for more quick updates:

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Sat Jan 19, 2013, 10:02 AM

Will be very busy for the next couple of weeks due to my day job, so I might not update or reply.
But will still try my best to update a photo daily, and also to post-process my other 2 photoshoots done in Hong Kong.

1) EVA 3.0
2) Fate/Zero

Please folllow me at the following site for more quick updates:

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Uta no Prince-sama

Wed Jan 16, 2013, 5:43 AM

Full photoset [15 photos] of Uta no Prince-sama 【うたの☆プリンスさまっ】 in high resolution is uploaded at my blog!
As usual, please visit/bookmark/RSS my blog for full photosets in high resolution of shoots!

Uta no Prince-sama - 01 by shiroang Uta no Prince-sama - 02 by shiroang Uta no Prince-sama - 05 by shiroang

Link to my photoblog:

Folllow me at:

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Comic Fiesta 2012 (Full photoset)!

Tue Jan 15, 2013, 6:48 AM

For those who are interested, please do view the full photoset coverage (54 photos) of Comic Fiesta 2012 at my photoblog!
My photoblog will be the ONLY site that I will post full photoset in high res photos! (So you guys know what to do! :D)

Comic Fiesta 2012 - One Piece - 01 by shiroang Comic Fiesta 2012 - Zone 00 by shiroang Comic Fiesta 2012 - DOLLS - 01 by shiroang

Link to my photoblog:

Folllow me at:

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KL Comic Fiesta + Hong Kong Trip!

Wed Dec 19, 2012, 9:45 AM

Been very busy of late, so just to cut long story short.

KL, Malaysia Trip

1) Will be going to KL, Malaysia on 20-24th December.
2) Attending one of my first few friends I knew in Malaysia wedding, the wonderful Ayase & Adrian on 20th!
3) Attending Comic Fiesta on 22-23rd, expecting a great event this year!
4) "CHAM C" photobook will also be released at Comic Fiesta, showcasing many of the awesome Malaysia cosplay photographers, and a couple of Singapore ones.
Do support and buy If you like it, it will be selling at Comic Fiesta itself!
Do check it out at Comic Fiesta official Facebook!
*Shameless plug here, cause I'm one of the featured photographer in the book! :D

5) Flying back to Singapore during 24th night.

Hong Kong Trip

1) Will be flying off again in less than 12 hours, taking a 7am flight on 25th.
2) Was actually thinking to do a travel : shoots ratio at 60:40, ended up with 40:60.
3) Very forturnate to have a very supportive gf who doesn't mind it, and encourage me to do shoots. On the overall,
4) But will be shooting with 3 of my favorite cosplayers (and their partners) in Hong Kong!
:icondees2013: DEES
:iconyui930: YUI
:iconhydeaoi: Hydeaoi
5) Hopefully to have a fruitful good shopping and good eating!
6) Looking to find good photography spots, but due to a very tight schedule, most likely it will be the mainstream ones.
7) There's more to say, but need to really go sleep now, as I'm just a few hours away from my flight.

ps: Complete photoset of the recent Project Diva F - World's End Dancehall photoshoot over at my blog! *Please click the banner!*

World End Dancehall - 01 by shiroang World End Dancehall - 02 by shiroang World End Dancehall - 03 by shiroang World End Dancehall - 04 by shiroang World End Dancehall - 05 by shiroang

Shiro Ang

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