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OC wolf form request -line art

Wolf form of an OC of a friend of mine on, her username is Yachiru Delacroix :)
This is her DA acc >> :iconredflamesexproperty: :)

This character is named Bella ^^

Art of her human form and her character profile can be found here >> [link] <<

----EDIT: I made the file transparant now =)

-New fantasy wolf (request) lineart!
Usable if permission is given:

For the wolf's rain fans: Kiba lineart now available =D >>[link]<<
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Could I maybe use this?

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Hi! I love this line and I used it. I added your name to the picture and description ^^ Here's link to my result:…
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Ohhh I see! She looks interesting :'D
I wonder what kind of personality she has~

Thank you for crediting me ^^
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She's very kind and loving person ^^ But she has trusting issues and fear of commitment :c
Shiro-Marusu's avatar it the kind who would take a while to trust others, but once she does she loves them unconditionally? (even though she might be scared to show this love)
I wonder how she will overcome her troubles and grow through it :)
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Yeah, especially males're difficult to her :c But when she trusts, she trusts them with her life ^^
Yeah, I'm curious too what'll happen to her :))
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Shiro-Marusu's avatar
Ooh I see~ 
The fur pattern and colour kind of make me think of Ginga Densetsu Weed :3

Nice work~!
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Thank you very much!
It was a very nice lineart to colour in!
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May I use this?^^
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Sure, but don't forget to credit ^^
Thank you for asking~ c:
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Heyo, I coloured your line art.
I credited you and here's the link ->…
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oh~ This one looks pretty good ^^
At first I thought it was meant for an oc, but then I read it's a practise :3
practising is always good ^^ kudos
And thank you for crediting me c:
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thank you and its a pleasure :)
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Used. Hope that's okay. I put your credits on the image and in the description.
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Ah, I see ^^
I appreciate the fact that you also took the effort to put my name in the image :')
Looks interesting, btw~
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May I use this for an adoptable?
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I wouldn't mind as long as you'll give me credit for the lineart (:
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Awww look at dem fancy wolves <3
Thank you for crediting me :heart:
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IcePhoenix202's avatar
Yay ^^ I put the credit next to your lines. 

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