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Heya! Just wanted to let you know about my new website MISHIBU.COM

The site also has a CLAY & CRAFT forum / message board community for YOU to join! VISIT Ecruism

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woo a full fledged webby of your own!
nice very nice...
dont forget me when you become a millionaire...
nvm... just dont forget me hahah.
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How do you know I'm not already a millionaire? :D
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coz u have not flown here to meet me yet. :D

hahah sry I have been pretty busy with my own work, families work,
external research and self upgrading. But not so busy to not follow you
on Youtube, where you are doing pretty well and am proud to say that I knew you and supported you (and will continue to do so) before U became this popular and will become even more popular and better at your craft!

wishing you all the best in the new year and the future to come.
Just keep smiling... and remember even if u dont see me in the light i am there in the shadows supporting you. hahah

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very much welcomed!
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