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:bulletgreen: Comissions :bulletgreen:
I sometimes make commissioned work when I have the time. Please send me a note or an e-mail for more information.

:bulletgreen: Art Trades :bulletgreen:
It never hurts to ask but at the moment I might say no.

Polymer Clay 101

What materials do you use?
I use three brands of polymer clay: FIMO soft, Sculpey Premo, Cernit. Polymer Clay is a type of clay that you can bake in your own kitchen oven - and no, it won't contaminate the oven or food. I use acrylic paint to paint the eyes and other details of the sculptures.

Where do you get your clay & other supplies?
I get my clay & other supplies from craft stores here in Finland (as well as my supplies, though some of it I buy from Etsy).

How long does it take to make a sculpture?
That depends on how big the sculpture is and also on the amount of details. I'd say anything from 5 minutes to one hour, or more.

Where did you learn to make sculptures?
I made pottery items for 8 years at a local youth hobby center. We also made silver jewelry and other wonderful things there, I learned a lot. Working with normal clay taught me so much. After quitting the hobby (because of lack of time) I began to search for an alternative for the clay. I found polymer clay, tried it, and fell in love with it. With real clay I usually made BIG things (vases, plates...) but with polymer clay my usual sculptures are the size of a small coin.

Can you teach me?
You can find my YouTube tutorials here:…

Can you sell me this sculpture?
Many of the sculptures you see here at my dA gallery have already found new owners. I sometimes make replicas of the items you see here. You may send me a note to ask for more information.

Questions? Suggestions? Just note me.

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Some other sculptures say it will contaminate the oven if you use it for both food and polymer. What do you have to say to that? *hands you a microphone* xD