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Sun May 19, 2013, 5:07 AM

It's been some time since I last wrote a journal entry. Nope, I haven't gone anywhere. I still create polymer clay (& other) creations and also TUTORIALS on YouTube.

Gentlemanbunny on YouTube
Gentlemanbunny on Facebook

You can also follow me on instagram: theshiri

How are you doing? Something new going on?

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Tue Jul 17, 2012, 9:36 AM

Heya! Just wanted to let you know about my new website MISHIBU.COM

The site also has a CLAY & CRAFT forum / message board community for YOU to join! VISIT Ecruism

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Updated Etsy Shop

Mon Feb 21, 2011, 8:46 AM

For a long time my Etsy shop has been quite empty. Many items were sold out, many were expired and so on. Well, today I decided to add a few selected items to the shop.

My Etsy Shop
>> <<

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10 Facts TAG

Wed Dec 29, 2010, 11:54 PM

Post these rules:
-Each tagged person must post ten facts about themselves on their journal
-Choose ten friends and put their icon on the same page
-Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them

Got tagged by :iconmitsukunichan:
1. I'm totally into asian fashion & music (japan&south korea especially)
2. I'm also totally into rock music, heavy metal, guitar music, blues & oldies music
3. I always take a camera with me everywhere I go
4. I love cooking & baking (and eating...) :donut:
5. I've grown to love my weird shaped & colored eyes :omg:
6. I have a brother who is two years older than me
7. I've never had "pets" except for our family's old fishtank
8. I used to play a computer game called Petz (Catz & Dogz, yay!)
9. I try to exercise everyday. I hate running but cycling&walking&aerobics are fine :sprint:
10. Currently I am totally into the k-drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night", planning to watch all of the 16 episodes within 2 weeks before school starts again…

..and I am tagging YOU, who's reading this journal entry ;) Leave a comment below so I can find your journal and see YOUR anwsers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sun Dec 12, 2010, 11:12 AM

:bulletgreen: Comissions :bulletgreen:
I sometimes make commissioned work when I have the time. Please send me a note or an e-mail for more information.

:bulletgreen: Art Trades :bulletgreen:
It never hurts to ask but at the moment I might say no.

Polymer Clay 101

What materials do you use?
I use three brands of polymer clay: FIMO soft, Sculpey Premo, Cernit. Polymer Clay is a type of clay that you can bake in your own kitchen oven - and no, it won't contaminate the oven or food. I use acrylic paint to paint the eyes and other details of the sculptures.

Where do you get your clay & other supplies?
I get my clay & other supplies from craft stores here in Finland (as well as my supplies, though some of it I buy from Etsy).

How long does it take to make a sculpture?
That depends on how big the sculpture is and also on the amount of details. I'd say anything from 5 minutes to one hour, or more.

Where did you learn to make sculptures?
I made pottery items for 8 years at a local youth hobby center. We also made silver jewelry and other wonderful things there, I learned a lot. Working with normal clay taught me so much. After quitting the hobby (because of lack of time) I began to search for an alternative for the clay. I found polymer clay, tried it, and fell in love with it. With real clay I usually made BIG things (vases, plates...) but with polymer clay my usual sculptures are the size of a small coin.

Can you teach me?
You can find my YouTube tutorials here:…

Can you sell me this sculpture?
Many of the sculptures you see here at my dA gallery have already found new owners. I sometimes make replicas of the items you see here. You may send me a note to ask for more information.

Questions? Suggestions? Just note me.

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Fri May 21, 2010, 10:18 AM

Yes, the capital letters are needed in the title. They are mandatory. Absolutely definately!

Ever since I joined dA (5 years ago) I've thought about the Daily Deviation as one of the best things on earth. The people who get a DD are so lucky. They're so talented. They so deserve it!

...and then this day comes.

And here I am, with my tiny Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles by Shiritsu

Excuse me while I go and faint for a little bit.

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New Journal Graphics

Tue May 11, 2010, 8:26 AM

Bunnies everywhere! I think it was about time, don't you?

I'm officially on summer vacation hurrah, hurrah! It should be very warm in the following days so I'm thinking of spending them outside in the sun.

Posted a new dA ID. I never seem to be happy with them. This will do, for now ;)

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Just..a blog..

Mon Apr 12, 2010, 5:40 AM

There's a whole bunch of random thoughts ahead of you so I apologize in advance for anyone who's reading this :pc:. Also sorry for the use of emoticons. I recently re-fell-in-love with the etsy emoticons and simply just HAVE to use some, here, now. :eager:

What's up? Spring is up. Summer is right around the corner and so is summer vacation. I've been thinking about getting a new camera. Currently I use Olympus u1010 (and sometimes Canon 350D), but I am really interested in getting a Canon Powershot. With 20x zoom, macro, HD video and more. We'll see if I end up getting it. I've been working really hard so I think I deserve it :turbopoke:. And anyways, it's not about "deserving", it's my own money. I can do what I want with it :woohoo:.

In other news, anyone seen any good movies lately? There are a bunch currently at the theathers that I would love to go and see. Though there is about 3 weeks of school left which means exams and other projects that have to be done. So perhaps I should wait until school's over. :reading:

It's been almost two weeks since I got all of my 4 wisdom tooth out. :brushteeth: Nope, it wasn't awful. But the aftermath wasn't pleasant. I still have a lovely easter-green bruise on my left cheek. :shrug:

What else, what else. I've decided to put more of my effort into learning new craft techniques, trying out new clay materials and 'going back to the basics'. This means, perhaps less of the "commercial" items that seem to sell well on etsy. I might not make things for sale much longer. Not in this scale anyways. I want to dedicate my time into just "having fun" and possibly "making a few tutorials every now and then" :) After all, polymer clay crafting to me is a dear hobby, not a job or a way to gain money or fame.


Have a lovely April!

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My next deviation...

Mon Mar 15, 2010, 1:29 PM

Hi, hi!

Just a quick "hello" before I go to bed. It's 10:30pm and True Blood is on TV in a couple of minutes. Going to watch that and then going to sleep.

I took a quick snapshot of something that I just created - a deviation / better coming up in about 12hours when there's SUNSHINE & LIGHT outside so I can take a good photo.

Hmmm.. what movie could it be? :P

Nighty night!
( /)

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Have I come a long way?

Sun Feb 7, 2010, 7:41 AM

A huge and warm february hello to you all! In Finland it's pretty cold, with LOADS of snow. More snow than in..decades! What's new with me? I got a new job. As some of you know I have been working at a video store for the past 3 years while also studying computer science at Uni. Now I got a chance to work for an IT company a.k.a. actually do work that I have been studying for for all of these past 3 years. Bacherlors degree is just around the corner :)

In other news. I figured it would be interesting to compare the quality of my old sculptures & my current sculptures. In the early Autumn I had the opportunity to re-create my most viewed and favorited deviation > "Harry Potter"… . I had sold the originals in 2007, and now, a couple of years later I re-did and re-sold them again :)

Can you see a difference?

Harry Potter 2007

Harry Potter 2009

Of course it was my intention to make them look "the same", because that is what was requested :)

( /)

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Online Magazine feature

Thu Jan 14, 2010, 12:59 PM

I got featured at "Portrait Magazine", which is an online magazine for young adults. How sweet :heart:

YouTube Spotlight: Gentlemanbunny…

Back to school next week. I also have a job interview. A lot is going on :)

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Sun Jan 3, 2010, 2:29 PM

Long time no see. Or, I haven't written anything. Not that I have been oh so very active at posting new deviants, no, no. But I have tried to be active. I have posted loads of new videoTUTORIALS on how to make polymer clay miniatures on my YouTube channel.

I now, also, have a blog. It is mostly in finnish. But...yeah. It's at blogspot so feel free to follow me there / comment in english etc.


HAPPY 2010!!!

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Dark nights, long days. Only a month until my christmas vacation!

A random curiosity I wanted to share with you guys. Before Halloween I added a "Nightmare Before Christmas Pendant Tutorial" on YouTube. [see it here]

Apparently the video is most popular with:
*Female  13-17
*Male 13-17
*Male 18-24

Which I find very odd since most of my videos (if not ALL of them) are only popular with:
*Female  13-17
*Female 18-24
*Female 35-44 what is it with this ONE particular video? Guys like Nightmare Before Christmas? It's weird. Cool, but..out of the ordinary.

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Fri Oct 9, 2009, 12:43 PM

Hi, hi, hi whoever is reading this!

School started in August - well, one class. Officially school started in September and has kept me quite busy with all the coding and couting of bits and bots (little computer science humor :P). ANYWAYS, as I always say, I need my polymer clay crafts - my beloved hobby - in order to keep me sane. It get to rest my brain and just "go with the flow" when making clay items. I love it!

What have I been doing lately? Not much. Adding things to Etsy. Adding a new tutorial on YouTube. Uhm, uhm, that's about it. I have been doing a lot of custom work lately (which has been fun and challenging!).

Ok, well. I'm off. Just came to say a quick "hello!".

A photo I took during the summer ^-^

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Info about Me

Tue Aug 18, 2009, 7:59 AM

I got tagged by :iconchibi22:

Follow these directions please:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1. I or my Family has never owned a Nintendo, Wii, Playstation or anything of that kind. We are 100% PC GAMES Family ;)
2. I love Gossip Girl (TV)
3. I hate when people mix green with blue. I don't like the color combination.
4. I have (in my head) a million quotations and random facts that no one would ever want to know. It's kind of like the real life "Gilmore Girls", except no one understands my random "gilmoreisms".
5. I love finnish chocolate. It's the best!
6. I love the Autumn, the darkness, the rain & cold. It's romantic in a way.
7. I adore musicals.
8. I like Marilyn Manson ('s music)
9. I'm left handed but I (for example) use the mouse and play the bass like right-handed people would.
10. I like to talk about myself :P...I, I, I...

I TAG: YOU, who's reading this ;)!

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Summer's almost over!

Mon Jul 27, 2009, 12:29 PM

School is starting next week. Ok, I would have a whole month of vacation ahead of me but I decided to register on one summer class. I will go there three nights a week for the whole month of August.

Uni will officially continue in September. This should be the year when I get my Bachelor's Degree. But I am going to continue for Masters Degree.

During July/August I am available for comissioned work. Just take a look at my gallery and see what I have done in the past. Send me a note and we can talk about the price & things :heart:

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YouTube and Etsy

Fri Jul 3, 2009, 11:04 AM

Just a reminder that I am also active at the following sites (besides deviantArt):

Clay Tutorials at YouTube
Tutorials and a few "show-off" videos can be found at my YouTube account.

My Clay Creations For Sale
Handmade earrings, rings and pendants can be found at my Etsy shop.

Ohkay. I am now off to our summer cottage for a week. No internet there. So, I guess I'll see you later :heart: . I'll come back with loads of ideas and a pair of well rested hands ^^!

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Yay, I have finally reached 100,000 pageviews!
Woot, woot. Partay! I'm very, very happy and amazed :heart:

Anwsers to Your Questions

Hmmm a possibly good set of questions: What do you find most difficult about creating your polymer sculptures? What about easiest? Are there any tips/tricks you've discovered along the way to make the process easier?
Anwser: The most difficult thing is to come up with new and fresh ideas. And also it is the most frustrating thing ever when you have an idea and you are trying to 'make it come true' but the result looks awful. Like this one time I tried to create "Grinch", the green thing. But it ended up looking like a bush with a christmas hat and eyes. I don't know about what is the easiest part when creating sculptures.. taking photographs of them? Though that's difficult too if the lighting is bad. Tips/Tricks: If the clay is too soft put it in the fridge for a sec. If the clay is too sticky put some potato starch flour on your fingers.

I'm curious about what type of glaze you use ^ ^

Anwser: I use "Gloss Lacquer" by EberhardFaber. It's a small 10ml clear bottle. Photo:…

what would you say is the best surface to do it on? cuz sometimes when i when work on stuff it gets stuck to the surface

Anwser: Well some people use some type of plastic cover on their table but I usually just use some normal white printing paper. If and when it gets messy I can easily throw it away and take another one.

You fire your clay things, right? Lol sorry I am an idiot about pottery. But where do you fire your stuff at? You have your own special oven? Or do you just use the regular kitchen oven? :XD:

Anwser: Yeah I bake them in our regular kitchen oven. I used to make real clay stuff as a hobby but don't have time to go to the "hobby place" anymore, so I had to figure out a type of clay that doesn't need a special 100000degree oven :)

from where do you get your ideas?

Anwser: Everywhere. For the baked goods I love to browse through cook books and Flickr galleries of delicious cakes and desserts. Then for the "people" figureens I just make whatever I feel like making. For example the new Harry Potter movie is coming up soon so I'll have to see if there's an interesting character there that I'd love to sculpt. I also get lot of inspiration by watching other polymer clay artists' work.

I kinda want to know how you bake yours. Everytime I've tried, I've ALMOST (keyword "almost") burned down the house. That is no exaggeration so yeah...

Anwser: I bake the clay thingies in our regular kitchen oven. You have to check the correct temperature from the clay package. And although it (in some packages) says to bake them for 30 minutes - my creations are so tiny that they really don't ever need more than 20 minutes.

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Q and A time!

Wed Jun 24, 2009, 1:28 PM

Hello there dA'ers,

I thought it would be fun if you guys would just ask away all the questions you have in mind about polymer clay, sculptures, me and ..other things. Now, I do not promise to anwser every single question - but I'll try. Ask away!

Leave a comment, ask your question.

ps. Is it just me or has the dA artisan craft scene become much more quiet lately. The "polymer clay" (+ manga!) ship has saled and now the #1 thing is photography. That's how it seems.

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Twitter and new sculptures!

Tue Jun 9, 2009, 2:55 PM

I have just joined TWITTER so feel free to "follow me" there. I still haven't figured out 100% how it all works but I already set up a mobile-thingie so I can update stats even though I'm not on the computer. Hurrah!



ps. Worked on new stuff for 3hours today..should go to bed since it's 1am here in Finland right now. Adding photos tomorrow ;)!!!

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