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Checkmate - Chapter 1 - The Day of the Reckoning

When a merciless and barbaric invader attacks her kingdom, the Queen of Swarasujala has to make a tough choice. A choice which will determine her destiny, and the destiny of every citizen of her kingdom.

This is Episode 1 of a four part miniseries. A tale of great courage and greater sacrifices.
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littlegoblet's avatar
a nice start buddy.   The drawings are really nice and you did a good job at conveying emotion.  Keep up the good work.
/thank you so much for the encouraging comment :-)
littlegoblet's avatar
no problems buddy :)
LiamRSharp's avatar
Great job! And our friend, krukof2, is fantastic for advice and tutorials. :-)

You'll find it gets easier and easier to use the tool, as well as presenting tons more options than you might expect!

Looking forward to pt.2! Fav. :-)
Thanks Liam :-),  The tool is real intuitive and I learned it within a few hours. Started work on part 2 already!
LiamRSharp's avatar
Thanks Krukof2 for your comments. Can you tell me some specific areas of the motion book where you felt things were not so right, so I can go back to the sound design accordingly?

Also, re sound quality, do you have any suggestions re compression level etc which will help me improve in the future versions?

krukof2's avatar
You re very welcome  Shirish.
the sound has a problem on pages 7 / 8 / 9
maybe  the sound you use for the water is not very good and create a bad sound on the sountrack of these pages.
page 11 and 12 . it's like the sound was sampled from an old vynil disc... 

About the rythm  it sonly my feeling .
I told you that  tomorow .
krukof2's avatar
YEAH ! Cool work ! :#1:
it's very immersive. :dance:

:bulletred: For the next episode beware about the soundtrack  :  Here the quality of the  sound  is not very good .
  And, in my opinion , the rythm  of the music doesn't fit very well with the action.
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