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A Ripper in Whitechapel 7 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 1 4
Mature content
A Ripper in Whitechapel 6.2 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 0 3
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A Ripper in Whitechapel 6.1 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 2 1
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A Ripper in Whitechapel 5 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 2 1
A Ripper in Whitechapel 4
     Late Saturday night, John received an urgent call from Lestrade. "I can't get to Sherlock. Either tell him I need him at once or come yourself."
     "Should I tell him why?"
     "There's been a fourth murder. This one's been done within the hour."
     "Something's wrong with this one," Lestrade informed them upon their arrival. "It's not done the same way."
     "What do you mean?" John asked. Sherlock was bent over the body sprawled on the floor, hacked open like a Christmas goose. He answered in the D.I.'s stead: "This woman was not eviscerated. Not in the usual sense, that is. See here, the killer only opened her enough to remove her heart, which seems to be the signature move in these cases."
     "Maybe it's a copycat murder," Lestrade surmised. "The papers have been on about this case for two weeks now; maybe someone wants attention."
     "Let me do my job, Inspector," Sherlock chastened. "This is the same man, using the same weapon, but this time he was rushed. He knows
:iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 4 7
Mature content
A Ripper in Whitechapel 3 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 3 11
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A Ripper in Whitechapel 2 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 3 3
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A Ripper in Whitechapel 1 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 7 9
Sherlock Sketchdump by Shirisaya Sherlock Sketchdump :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 57 9 Surprise Visitor by Shirisaya Surprise Visitor :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 35 7 Wrong Cloaking Device by Shirisaya Wrong Cloaking Device :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 5 3 Colour the Enterprise! by Shirisaya Colour the Enterprise! :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 1 0 WolfSong Map from 2007 by Shirisaya WolfSong Map from 2007 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 1 0
WolfSong 7
Healing Plants
Crossing the Finhorr Mountains took the better of two weeks. On the downhill slope into the Forest of Exile, the rocky crags became dotted with large trees and deep thickets. Spring, though still in its early stages, was arriving with the speed of a falcon. Camadria was finally shaking the last of its winter stiffness away as it came alive again. Trees, once bare, now flowered out with green buds and the smell of new baby grass filled the air. The sky was a clearer blue, reflected in Willow's eyes like clouds on a still lake. Now and again, the pack could hear ice breaking free with a roar in the mountain streams as the sun warmed the peaks.
Between the first ridges of the mountain range and the green, shadowy groves of the forest, a narrow band of foothills divides the land from the Sea of Ormorndra in the south to the Ice River in the north. Willow stood before the wall of trees, staring in awe at the red trunks that stretched almost to the sky before
:iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 1 3
WolfSong 6
Birth of a World
After a week of solid walking across terrain that grew gradually hillier the closer to the mountains it was, Willow finally stood at the foot of the Finhorr Mountain Range. The mountains seemed to go up and up forever, a sickening sense of vertigo coming over one as they looked up towards the peaks. Back in Felsung, they had looked too small and far away to be a real threat, but as Willow stood at their feet, they suddenly looked darker and more forbidding than ever imagined, their bleak, snowy, craggy faces glaring down at her from amazing heights.
"We have to cross these?" she asked, turning to face the pack standing behind her. Fenris nodded, saying "Do you think your feet can take it? You really should think about reinforcing those slippers of yours. I doubt that thin stuff will hold up to those rocks."
At the suggestion of camping for the night, Fenris had immediately went out for some time, returning just as the sun set with four fat hares. He to
:iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 1 2
Star Trek Convention Chicago 2011 by Shirisaya Star Trek Convention Chicago 2011 :iconshirisaya:Shirisaya 3 9

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Though I picked up a DA profile to display my art to a wider community, I know in my soul that I was born to write. So naturally, figuring out how to upload stories and poetry was like a revelation. I know I am much more skilled with the written word than I am with lines and colors, but that has never stopped me from trying. However, I find that I like to combine story dialogue with illustration, even if my comics never get published. I just like telling stories!

Current Residence: Indiana
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L or XL
Favourite genre of music: rock, oldies, symphonic rock, very little country, classical
Favourite style of art: anything regarding drawing people and animals
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Shell of choice: Conch, because they sound so cool when blown through.
Wallpaper of choice: colors, nature or Spock!
Favourite cartoon character: SpongeBob!
Personal Quote: If there are self-made purgatories, then we shall all have to live in them. ~Spock
Wel, um, hi there! Gosh, it's been ages, hasn't it? Jeez, I am SO sorry I haven't been on here in forever. My messages are backed up into the thousands and I haven't been active for almost a year. Well, active on DA at least. Life has a funny way of getting crazy, doesn't it? Here's a little rundown on what I've been up to:

- I've been to GenCon Indy. I do love conventions, even though I rarely have the extra cash just lying around. This time was a surprise and a lucky break.
- Damn PINTEREST! What a time-suck!
- I had Gastric Bypass surgery and lost 110 pounds - that REALLY takes a lot of guts, energy, money and time. It was the scariest thing I've ever done but I'd do it again. Ask me anything, seriously! Apart from that, it's been a wild year of huge changes - everything from my appearance to my personality has changed so unbelievably much that I just can't explain it without writing a whole damn book. I've gone from mouse to lioness in 13 months and it's more than anything I could have imagined.
- I am now the godmother of a 2-year-old girl who, aside from my sister, is my whole world. If anything ever happens to her parents I'll be devastated but my responsibility to her is paramount.
- I've been taking my education very seriously. I put myself through the necessary math courses until I finally conquered the Algebra monster. I'm almost done with my BA in English Literature even though it's taking a good long time to do it. I'm going part-time and working two jobs for the university so I can afford it.
- I HAVE BEEN WRITING. Oh my GOD have I ever been writing! I FINISHED my science-fiction novel AND I submitted the manuscript to TOR in New York in May of this year (2014) and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. The manuscript is just over 560 pages (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font) and I do think it's the best thing I have done so far. I'm currently working on another novel, this time high fantasy. I'm at just about 330 pages and it's not even close to being done. I'm also working on a survivalist trilogy that is giving me fits because I just can't find the TIME to work on it the way I want to.

I know being busy doesn't keep some people from being active on DA but for a scatterbrained, overachieving, stubborn, procrastinating, broke, and sometimes forgetful college student like me it's all part of the game. I really, really, REALLY promise I haven't abandoned DA. I've just been working on some big projects that take a lot of my attention and HOPEFULLY they'll pan out the way I dreamed. If I hear anything at all from TOR you'd better believe I won't shut up about it. Just remember that I still give a lot of credit for my progress and my ambition to you guys, people I've never even met but still tell me they love what I do and that they want MORE.

Well I hope you're ready, world, because HERE I COME.



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johnathon-matthews Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Shiri. I have a request to ask of you.....could you make another ST-BB-AVTR comic where they have like a starfleet uniform party?
The-Art-of-Ravenwolf Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Faves! Monica and I appreciate it!

- Graven Ravenwolf
TheGrantGirl Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for the Cumberbatch loooove!
Hylndlas Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
I know you have been super busy lately but us there a chance we will see an update on either of your Vulcan stories? I just live Victor and Lia and there are too few OC Vulcan stories around. :)
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