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Photoshoot Stage - MMD Download

you can edit, redistribute edited, alter textures, etc.
Pls don't use commercially however.

I did not make this, I only converted it to mmd format.
Items for download that I make typically have a note mentioning that I made it in blender.
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Thank you very much.

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this download link does not work

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Yes it does, click the arrow button to download. If it doesn't let you click it scroll down a little bit as the "download" text bubble is displaying overtop of the button therefore you can't click it. I just downloaded it, yes it works.

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thank for your replie

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Thank you , you converted amazing stage !!!

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Download button not working

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I have one question.

Btw thank you for the dl link! is there other way I can open it in MMD because, it's a rar file and I can't use it. If I extract it then it is a pmx file, but I still can't open it because it is not a "x" file ;-;

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Load the PMX stage under model manipulation. PMX format is the best format for stages as you can edit them a lot in MMD, not .x files. .x files are considered accessories, and need to be loaded under accessories. PMX files are considered models and need to be loaded under model manipulation. To extract .rar files please download 7ZIP, your life will be so much easier.

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