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For :
:iconomae-wa-neko: :iconmegumitakani13: :iconlisence: they seems so busy so they cant finish the card.

Anybody want to help to finish the last 4 card? T___T

My Site already down. If U want to get reference picture, juat tell me what card do U want, and I send the image for you ^^


Anyone else want to join?

Since some of card still not finish after 10 month from they start booking, I will give another people to choose booked card that not finish and still dont have any progress.

If you already start to make the card, pls send me NOTE or comment. I will change your card status to progress.

Pls see the Booked list To see who already start to make the card and who are not.

SEVEN card left before this tarot set finish. Thx

Hope it is ok since it seems some people who already book the card is very busy.

If you dont know what is B'T X, dont worry. For this occasion, I already re uploaded my old B'T X Fan Site at kireta.co.nr You can read all about B'T X with more than 1000 picture on it ( kireta.myokhost.com/gal.htm ) . Or if you only pick one card, you only need to see the image preference for the character there....

I already think about what character should be use for each card. But you can change it if you want to. I will not explain why I choose the character. I only explain it to people who want to draw it (for example, if you want to donated art for the fool card, so I will explain to you why I choose 'Metal face' and what it the connection between him and the card).

You can see the picture of each character (even not complete) on right link on each card. I will send you more picture if you already decide what card do you want to make. ^^


U can view all card at B'T X Tarot card Set

B'T X Tarot-HighPriestess by Luvelia B'TX tarot card the devil by sayuko B'tX Tarot - The Sun by stayka


10 – The Wheel of Fortune - Machine Empire Wheel kireta.myokhost.com/images/eps…

6 – The Lovers  - Kotaro & Lisakireta.myokhost.com/kotaro.htm & kireta.myokhost.com/aramis_lis…;

8 – The Strength - Ron kireta.myokhost.com/ron.htm&nb…;

9 – The Hermit - Meimu kireta.myokhost.com/meimu.htm


Its my obsession since 2002 (I'm various card collector). For me, Tarot is very interesting card with the unique character of each card. I was made 4 card (traditional media) and 10 rough sketch of it. But all gone when flood happen to my city. But now.. when I see tarot contest at DA, my old will come again. But I dont have time to draw them all. Maybe I can but one card need 1-2 weeks. T__T I cant do that.

I NEED HELP. I know how selfish I am. But I will very happy to get some help. I will give the border stock and also the font. So you only need to make the art (traditional or digital).

I cant give anything to reply your kindness (such as money or art request). But I can collect all card that already finish and send it to you the biggest size so you can collect or print it. Hope all donators allowed me to share their art to another donators.

There are 22 card need to be drawn. I already make 4 card.

You can download the Tarot Meaning at ( www.savefile.com/files/1588765 ) this is credited to free-tarot-reading.net



1. Choose what card do you want to draw.
1. Send me a note.
2. On the note, write what card do you want to draw and explain me anything that you think about the card. I mean, you can asking me the suggestion pose, about the character, or request more picture about the character. I will explain it as good as I can. But if you are B'T X fans and dont need more explanation, pls explain to me your card concept ^^
3. Wait confirmation from me. ^^
4. Good luck to making the art ^^ v


1. Draw at least 300DPI (Mine is 600DPI)
2. Size is 6 cm x 10 cm ^^
3. Note me for Border and the font that I use


This is the list Card that already booked by some one. I always update it every time I get new note. If 2 note arrive at same day and booked 1
same card, I will choose the fastest one. Thx

5 January 2009

1. The Magician - :iconshirei-shou: DONE
2. Temperance - :iconshirei-shou: DONE
3. The Empress - :iconshirei-shou: DONE
4. The Lovers - :iconomae-wa-neko: Canceled
5. The Fool - :iconstayka: DONE
6. The Hierophant  - :iconstayka: DONE
7. Strength - :iconmegumitakani13:  Canceled
8. High Priestess - :iconluvelia: DONE
9. Judgement - :iconluvelia: DONE
10. Justice - :iconsaint-chimaira:  DONE
11. The Hanged Man - :iconshirei-shou: DONE
12. The Chariot - :iconstormfeder: DONE
13. The Death - :iconsaint-chimaira:  DONE
14. The Moon - :icondi-gon: DONE
15. Wheel of Fortune - :iconshirei-shou: Canceled
16. The Hermit - :iconlisence: Canceled
17. The World - :iconhifarry: DONE
18. The Star - Mariza (my friends in real world)+  :iconsayuko: DONE
19. The Emperor - :iconsayuko: DONE
20. The Devil - :iconsayuko: DONE
21. The Sun - :iconstayka: DONE
22. The Tower - :iconstayka: DONE

Once again, from bottom of my heart I say Thank You Very Much.

Saturday Syndrome OPEN Commission for various Art with Cheap price from 1$-10$.

There will be 3 person who will finish the art. You can choose which style that you like best

:star::star:How to Order:star::star:

All detailed Information and ART SAMPLE you can access at Saturday Syndrome Commission Page

:star::star: TYPES of Art That We Will Take :star::star:

a. Yaoi
b. OC / FanArt
c. Gaia Avatar
d. Chibi
e. Super Deformed (SD)
f. Male/Female
g. Jousei

:tea::tea: Sort Message :tea::tea:

Why I open Commission? My parents said, if I can win 3 contest that the contestant more than 100 and able to get 5 commission order, my parents will allow me to buy tablet with my own money. Ehehehe

My friends from Saturday Syndrome want to help me. So we open this commission.

Thx a lot

:orange: :orange: :orange: B'T X Tarot Card Project :orange: :orange: :orange:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your art donation for my B't X Tarot Project

I get 21 Booking Card Donation and 13 card that already finish after 3 months.

For the other card donation you do not need to worry. My target is December I can get all card. If I can get it faster, I will be very happy. But I dont want make you in hurry so will affect the quality of your art. As long as you not forget about the card donation it will be fine. Thx once again

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