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Buuf Deuce KDE 1.0



The Buuf Deuce icon theme for KDE 4!

All artistic credit goes to Paul Davey, aka mattahan ([link]). I messed around a bit to create some custom icons, but he is responsible for essentially everything. His work is absolutely amazing, click on that link!

This suite is meant for KDE. While it's tango standards-compliant, many gnome/gtk apps are missing icons. I'm also taking any and all specific requests for more icons.

To install, just download the zip file, unzip it, and install the tar file in the 'install theme' dialog in system settings > appearance > icons. You'll need the 'unzip' or 'zip' app!

I'd just make it a .tar.bz2 but deviantart won't allow that filetype and kde-look wouldn't take such a large file.

License: Mattahan has released his icons under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, a creative commons license. I am doing the same with my derivative works (of course). This means you can redistribute any ofthese icons for NONCOMMERCIAL purposes if you give credit to the artist and agree to share your own derivative works. More info is in the main dir of the decompressed tarball.
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Could you make icons for C , C++ , Java , asm files and include it in this set please.At least C , C++ :)