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IMPORTANT!! I need everyone's help!!
I'm a semifinalist in a SFX makeup contest (price, full scholarship to study in LA in one of the best schools in the industry). In order to get to the finals, there's a facebook voting process going on. Every week they eliminate the 5 lowest voted videos, and they reset the voting. I just need votes enough to make it to the finals.

THIS IS MY DREAM!! I need your votes please! You can vote EVERY 24 HOURS! :) :)

Just click on the link below, like their page and vote for DRACULA

Anyone knows cosplayers/cosplay photographers in Berlin? I'll be there from the 9th til the 17th of September. I'm remaking my Poison cosplay from Final Fight (1) (and a bonus cosplay, Roxy! XD). I think Berlin will be PERFECT for a photoshoot (and I know people won't even notice me in the streets wearing that! XD).

Aaand, some spam of my FB costume page :P
Did I say I was about to relaunch my website?

Yes, I said that. But I'm still VERY busy with life and just a simple code programming takes away too much of my time, so this will take longer than I expected.

BUT! In the meantime, I relaunched a Facebook Page! I think it will be the perfect way to post some work in progress stuff, hehe.

So, I finally decided to make a real effort and update my website (blog, actually), at last!!
It's been so long, but I've been SO busy that I haven't had the chance to upload most pictures or new costumes and updates (not to mention that I barely had time to make any new cosplays! Although, I'm going to have a photoshoot with my newest costume soon, plus some other cosplays and projects are coming up! Stay tunned!).
Hello there!

During the following days, I'll be updating all my DA pictures with my new website's watermark. Also, you might find that some of them have a better quality and are slightly bigger (:  .

In the meantime, you can find my entry for the cosplayidol competition on the following link (I must admit that even I forgot about it! :d ):

Spinning basket ball by Shirak-cosplay…

Just click on the link and click on G+1 or "I like" on top of the picture.

Thanks a lot!!


PS: the update might take a while (a reeeeeally-long-while), because I'm going really slowly on building my new website and adding the pictures, due to work.
Spinning basket ball by Shirak-cosplay…

Ok, so I just entered this competition with my 80's Teen Wolf costume.
Vote for it if you like it! *^____^*

Just click on the link and click on G+1 or "I like" on top of the picture.

Thanks a lot!!

There you go!…
Hi people!

As you know, sometimes we have to give away some of our stuff to either make space for new things or because of money. I kind of need both right now, and I'm pretty sure that I won't wear my Edea costume in a really long time. And if I ever do it again, I would like to remake the headpiece since know I've limproved and earnt other skills and I think I can make it better.

That's why, I'm selling my Edea's handmade helmet. I first made it in 2003 and then improved the details a little bit in 2006. It is in pretty good shape (since I just wore it twice, you can imagine that's in excellent conditions!!).

This is the auction on eBay…

It is made of a felt helmet, foam, fabrics, beads and mounting board.

Initially, I'll just sell it in Spain because I store all my costumes in Spain instead of carrying them with me through England. It is not heavy at all, but is kind of big and because of the dimensions shipping to other countries could be pretty expensive. Nevertheless, if you are really interested and if you agree to pay the shipping, I'd be more than happy to sell it to you!

If you are interested just bid on the item on eBay or drop me a line on DA.



¡Muy buenas!

Bueno, como todos sabemos, llega un momento en el que uno tiene que desprenderse de cosas, ya sea para dejar paso y sitio libre a cosas nuevas, o por motivos monetarios. En mi caso, necesito los dos. Estoy segura de que pasará mucho tiempo antes de que vuelva a vestir mi cosplay de Edea y, de llegar el momento en el que quisiera volver a vestirlo, me gustaría rehacer el casco (puesto que sé que ahora podría hacerlo mucho mejor y con otras técnicas).

Es por eso que pongo a la venta mi casco de Edea hecho a mano. Primeramente lo hice en 2003, y en 2006 lo mejoré añadiendo algunos detalles y haciendo mejor otros que no estaban tan bien (y ya que sólo lo he llevado dos veces en mi vida, ¡podéis imaginar cuán bien está conservado! ^^).

Éste es el anuncio en eBay…

Está hecho con un casco de fieltro, gomaespuma, telas, cuentas y cartón pluma.

Inicialmente, lo pongo a la venta en España puesto que ahí almaceno todos mis cosplays. No pesa nada nada, pero como es muy voluminoso, los gastos de envío se disparan y cuesta bastante enviar al extranjero.
Sin embargo, si estás dispuesto a pagar los gastos de envíos oportunos, estaré más que dispuesta a vendértelo ^^.

Si estás interesado, puja en la subasta en eBay o escríbeme un mensaje en DA.

Hi there!

Just a quick update: now I do accept comissions, so feel free to send me a note about what ever you'd like to ask about!:)

Una actualización rápida: ahora acepto encargos y comisiones, sentíos libres de enviarme una nota preguntándome cualquier cosa que queráis consultar :)
Please, check my artwork, thanks!!

Artwork on DA:

My own website:
I just created this group since there's no Cyberpunk group on DA O___O.

If you like it, just join it!

Cool, so finally one of my cosplayers dreams came true!!

I dressed as Pris on her birthday!! Too geeky, but too cool to miss the opportunity. Thanks to Mark K, who made an amazing photoshoot! We spend 5 hours just taking pictures and walking around central London, finding cool places for the pictures, they look so good!!
So, it was a very complete day: Pris Birthday, Photoshoot, Chinese New Year, Carnival (in Spain!), and Cosplay Valentine Party.
Some people thought I was a look a like Lady Gaga costumer... and one guy took like 10 pictures of me and after that asked me "so, are you a woman or a man?".

Fuck yeah! I was a guy dressed up as Lady Gaga!! Hahahaha.

What can I say... 9 hours wearing my Pris costume... I was really tired when I came back home, but it definitely worth it!

Thanks to all!

Oh, yeah, by the way:

Good news!!

I'll be attending the next Cosplay Event in London, that's the Cosplay Ball - Valentines, arranged by the same people who did the past Cosplay Ball.

I'll be doing a photoshoot in Chinatown and some other cool places to celebrate Pris' birthday!!! It sounds too geeky, but I really had to do it! 14th February it's Chinese New Year, so the place will be really cool!!

Can't waiiit!


My artwork:

My costume work:
Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea. So, here you can find the first spanish cosplayer group on deviantart (at least, I think is the first one... forgive me if is not!).


My artwork:

My costume work:
Finally, after lots of suffering thanks to Dreamweaver and all the rubbish it creates into the html code, I decided to remake my website from the beginning.

New design, new section, new galleries and new pictures!

Also, I decided to add some tutorials since I've been doing some more new latex makeup and all of that.

I'll change all the galleries using a easier premade template, and I'll put some new info such a location info, etc.

The Art one will be the same, since it's easier to navigate.

My artwork:

My costume work:
I can't thank you all enough for such an amazing time in London last weekend.

I meet some spanish cosplayers there (yes, I know, shame of me, meeting spanish people for the very first time... in England...), they are AMAZING, all of them, I felt like I was with my own family!

On Saturday Lirin and me went to Chinatown to have a cool photosession with her Sanzo costume and my Pris one. After that (and after that drunk cunt who called my "sexy bitch" xDDDD - well, Pris is a pleasure nexus after all xD -), we headed to Tokyo Toys so we could meet Giorgia and Yaya Han... We took some pictures with them and I have Yaya's autograph, but I have to say that I was quite dissapointed coz I really wanted to have a chat with her, and I coudln't :(. Anyways, it was cool. Then, when we came back to the hostel Mark K. kindly took some pictures of us in Picadilly Circus, the look amazing!! (Thanks again!). We met him again at the Ball, at the photography "area" (OMG... that decoration was so crap... I don't feel any remorse after I almost broke it! haha, I'm kidding, I actually did, I didn't mean to!! :blush: :blush: :blush: ).

Anyways, after I read some reviews about last years Ball, I was expecting a doggy event, but the Ball was actually amazing! I had a great time there, dancing, joking, getting a "no" when I asked someone to dance with me at the midnight dance XD, conga!, performances, a really funny steam punk music band, striptease!! And, omg, they played Livin' on a player! xD

Ok, I'll finish in a sec. The weekend was amazing (Yaya's Carmilla costume and performance, stunning), people was the best, so thank you all for this ball, this amazing Cosplay time and those great pictures!

I'll fucking put a journal skin really soon (well, as soon as I learn how to do it).

Thanks!!!!!! I can't wait for the next event!! xxxxxx
Yay!! Tomorrow ill have a photosession in Chinatown (London) with my Pris costume (and my new Blade Runner umbrella!!), and finally I'll be wearing a Griffith ball outfit at the Grand International Cosplay Ball!!

You can see some progress at my account (… ).

Also, I'll meet some spanish cosplayers for the very first time!! How weird is that, meeting spanish people in London... anyways, I hope I can make lots of friends on Sunday.

Can't wait!!
So, meanwhile I'm trying to do too many things at the same time and figure out how the fuck can I to personalize these stupid Journals (this one and my art account one - -), I'm quite exited about new cosplay projects, and I reckon that I'm going to the Grand Cosplay Ball in London, it's 99% sure.

I'm defenitely going to be a Clapham Juction fan, it will save my life if I go to the con (I need to catch a train to come back home and work next day, and going to Manchester in the afternoon!).

So, this is going to be pretty much my new cosplay schedule:

* Halloween 2009 - Woman zombie from Resident Evil 2 (… )
* Grand Cosplay Ball 2009 - what a hard decision... Pris from Blade Runner? Harley Quinn from Batman TAS? Whitey Action from Get the Freebies? Fuck... what do you think?

Which costumes are you guys going to wear? Any Joker :P? Anyone for a Blade Runner photoshoot in Chinatown?
Some motherfucker hacked my website or something and now is fucked and I can't fixed. The fucking server staff doesn´t help me.

Just great.
Yeah, finally one of my cosplay dreams came true... or maybe not.

They put my picture there, but they put the Brazilian flag on my picture, and I'm from Spain....