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:icondivider0::bulletblack:At the first - Here the rules for the club.:bulletblack::icondivider2:

:bulletorange: If you like Shirai Kuroko, please feel free to join this group, you just have to click on the "Join our Group" botton.

:bulletorange: This is a club dedicated to Shirai Kuroko, other characters are allowed, but be sure that Shirai Kuroko is on the picture.

:bulletorange: Just submit your own artwork! Don't steal pictures from other sites or peoples! Vectors, Screenshots and Collabs are allowed now.

:bulletorange: If you want to submit your artwork, just click on the "Submit Art" button. We don't have a limit, you can submit 3, 5, 10 ... pictures every week!

:bulletorange: You can submit Yuri artwork, but be careful with the Hentai and nudity artwork, younger peoples can be here too, so be sure that this artwort is available for adult peoples only.

:bulletorange: Be friendly to the other members / admins.

:bulletorange: If you want to affiliate with us, feel free to send us an invite, we accept all groups except Hater-Groups.

:icondivider0::bulletblack: General informations - Shirai Kuroko :bulletblack::icondivider2:

白井 黒子 Shirai Kuroko
Voiced by: Satomi Arai

Mikoto's kōhai in Tokiwadai Middle School; a protagonist in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun and main character in the eighth volume of the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels. A Level 4 "Teleport" (空間移動 Kūkan Idō?, Spatial Movement), she is a member of Judgment, a special public committee group whose duty is to maintain peace and order in Academy City. She has an obsessive, perverted crush on Mikoto, who she calls "Onee-sama" (big sister) and is on the constant lookout for a chance to get physically intimate with her (which is rarely appreciated). She tends to get jealous towards other people who get Mikoto's attention; which usually ends up being Tōma.

Her powers are instant teleportation, which allows her to teleport herself and/or anything she touches under a total weight of around 130-137 kilograms to anywhere within a radius of around 81-85 meters. She generally carries a strap of nails around her leg that she can teleport to pin down enemies. Teleporting objects into other objects displaces them, allowing her to cut through hard objects like giant concrete pillars with just a sheet of glass. One disadvantage of her power is the concentration required to perform, for any disturbance in her concentration will make her powers useless.
(Source: Wikipedia)

:icondivider0::bulletblack:Kuroko MAD Videos from YouTube.:bulletblack::icondivider2:

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