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a young beduin in sinai
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Excellent expression, i really like it.
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wow! fantastic shot! - part portrait, part reportage photography, excellent exposure, colour and tone - a really great photo on many levels, subject, execution, presentation - superb :thumbsup:
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wow this must be the best most positive comment I've ever got here. :aww: its really kind of you. thank you! :heart:
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well I found it fascinating! I spent the my early years in muslim countries (not that that actually counts for anything!) but for me this really is a top notch piece of reportage photography, with the current world climate as regards Islam and its many cultural customs, the fact that you've managed to address one of the most visual aspects of the culture in an informative and humourous (yet respectful) way is definately something to be very proud of! - That you managed it whilst also making a great exposure and 'technically' good photo makes it all the more impressive! wow! a lot of typing! think I'm going to shut up now and simple say :+fav: :)
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I am speechless! thank you so much it really means a lot to me to see I have touched you in such away. its the effect every photographer (or artist of any kind) always thrived to get. so again thank you. (guess I wasn't so speechless after all) ;)
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i like this....
i dunno if this i ment to have a political meaning..
but its kinda feels like it has a political rebbeling behind it..
if you can understand what i mean
shira-z-carmel's avatar
yeah! I think it looks rebellious anyways because of the dramatic unveiling..

thank you:)
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i love it, great shots.
there is something that bothers me about the frame though, and i cant figure out what it is. i gues the camera film thing would fit this but its been used to many times...

the first thng that poped to mi mind when i saw this was: i wish i had 50 camels.
and then i wonder why girls dont like me;).
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i love the one on the right! very funny shot, good portrait!

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wonderful series! i love the expression you captured on the second frame!
shira-z-carmel's avatar
thank you! I was also thrilled to see it when after developing!
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haha, she looks like a dwarf in the second picture!

very nice and well done :)
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