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Sonamy - In your arms

I post a new drawing Sonamy; It is Sonic who saves Amy.

Sonic and Amy, SEGA
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Nice*blushes but some one hand cuffs me to the desk so I can't run away*poop
UmbeNicky's avatar
Encore une fois, c'est épiquement un moment de Sonamy teindre! ♥♡♥♡♥
aylarshimr's avatar
love sonamy for ever^-^
secretsonicfangirl's avatar
Umm,Amy looks a little pissed off.
leahthecat247's avatar
IT kind of look like she mad
GryphontheHegdehog's avatar
Really like this one! You've got alot of talent!
HescalledVava's avatar
hey, how did you put your character from Sonic Character Designer in your document page ?
Kairiibalto's avatar
i love your artwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Listening to "in your arms" while looking at this. :3
Vinnyvampire101's avatar
This is very pretty ^^
SierraZanimalini14's avatar
awe!! that's so cute. I love it when Sonic saves Amy!!!!
adeijsha1095's avatar
amy is looked at sonic like who are you and what have you done with sonic
Sonic-LazorSecHacker's avatar
request permission to add this to the Website(No worries people cant steel it and if they do and publish them i can take the image down since my Website is protected by DMCA) [link]
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kiss her kiss her kiss her
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SonamyLover2011's avatar
You can tell that Amy isn't mad at her blue hero by her blush.
Also, I'd think that she's looking deep into his eyes, not in a mad way of course.
But my opinion doesn't matter anyway but I like this picture. :3
Thumbs up! =D
awwww but why does amook pissed ??? :fear:
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