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Ratchet and Clank sketches 3

By Shira-hedgie
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Yahooooooooo, played PS4 game again today :heart: 
whatch this gameplay to see how the game looks, its amazing >…

Follow me on TWITTER, Im very active there ;) (Wink)  > <
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Artstyle is great! I very like the way, how you used good colours! I actually found a small mistake: Ratchet has green eyes tho. But it doesn't really affect this work. I think you can try more expressions, because it could be better for this work. I actually like how you made more in-game proportions, But tho, i also like how you used bright, but natural for game colours and also i like how you add some speech bubbles for them to give a perfect situation. I really hope you will have good future for you, because you deserve it.
Good job!
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If ever a Ratchet and Clank comic book where each issue was drawn by individual artists in individual styles; I'd say they should hire you as one of their artists.
Not only do you express Ratchet's wide range of emotions more so than the games do; but also you capture his appeal. Rachet may be a bad ass alien who uses bad ass weaponry. But he is also a very endearing design with adorable features to attract people to him.
The wider his eyes get, the more appealing he looks. This is particularly true when he is screaming "Watch Out!"
Expressions aside, there is also his body language. They compliment his facial expressions here quite nicely. I must say thought that the one where he is saying "Heyo!" is perhaps the weakest here. "Heyo!" is usually an expression of expressing a filthy punchline to a joke. Shoulda said "Hey!" cause it looks like he's reaching his hand out to greet someone. Also the fingers on his hand look crooked and too parted in the middle to express a greeting.
Also when he says "Ugh!" it looks like he's about to have a heart attack or he was shot! Cause other than that; the saying doesn't match the expression. He has more of a "What ME!?" look on his face as well as with his hand over his chest. Maybe he shoulda bent back more to express discomfort as he's standing up straight here.
And this expressions are indeed entertaining; but we've seen many other artists draw him in this fashion before too. Could use a wider variety of unique emotions that we wouldn't see from him and would be very surprising and more appealing.
Overall it's just an appealing look at our Lombax hero! I still enjoy it very much!
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Umm you do know that a ratchet and clank comic book exists right?
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Of course I do.
You must've misinterpreted a part.
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Dang, you are right, about the body language matching with the bubbles, I agree so much more with what you proposed.
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You're very welcome! Keep up the excellent work! :)
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Nice, don't you find Rachet, adorable?
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Rachet est plus cool ici que dans le jeu je trouve. Je préfère ton style!
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Love the sketches!
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amazing style and work :heart: 
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These action/expressions look really awesome :dance:
excellent work c:
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I love this series! such lovely work!
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This is great, gosh I love Lombaxes :D

Do you think that if I ask them nicely the government would genetically engineer me one for Christmas?........ XD
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I like Ratchet  hes pretty awesome  and clank hes cool
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this is amazing well done!
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Love your art style. Great job! Thumbs up lady 
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Oh my god.. it's been so long since I've even thought about this guy! This is so cool looking! :D

I really need to start actually playing the games.. :I
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Wooow! You really draw Ratchet so well, and so expressively! Your style of him might as well be my favorite here on dA :la:
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ratchet looks cute in your art
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i remember this game
its a game i never playd XD
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