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Babs Buster sketches

No relation.

Tiny Toons Adventures - Property of Warner Bros.
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These sketches scream Tokyo Movie Shinsha.
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These all look really great :)
Nyxxity's avatar
Ayeee this is great!
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Yay! Some Tiny Toons sketches from you! Honestly, the drawings here are so accurate to the show, they could easily be WB cels. You have a knack for matching the art style of cartoons with ease, Shira. :thumbsup:
Shira-hedgie's avatar
Thank you so much !!!!
Ethan513's avatar
It looks very nice good work!👍
Spaceduckthe64th's avatar
This is really impressive! my first reaction was ''Ooohh wauw!''
I hope this gets rebooted like Animaniacs.
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
Excellent work as always.
JDawgman1's avatar
You've done it again, Shira! I love your expressions!
Nameless-001's avatar
that is some high quality artwork right there.
robertamaya's avatar
Wow! Great artwork! I remember watching the show. :D (Big Grin) 
SandraSandra11's avatar
Aww this wakes memorys. You draw them so well ○_● if you consider the original simple design haha old is gold ♡
Anythinganamatoinz's avatar
Man i freakin love tiny toons
CaseyDecker's avatar
These drawings you've done of Babs and Buster all look very nice for sure! :D
gutgutgut's avatar
Incredible work!
batboy03's avatar
This is fantastic!
kngru's avatar
Awesome stuff. :) I would totally love to have these painted on the walls of my room.
Shira-hedgie's avatar
at this point? wow, thanks !
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