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First submission of the year, YEAH/ balloon 

Another bunch of action poses, as usual, I dont like to get rusty. ;)
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I love the shading
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looks awesome, dynamic! -c
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I love love this deviation of different drawings of Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge and Blaze with the different poses and expressions! :la:
I always love your art style so much! It's so unique! :wow:
Stunning work! Keep it up! :thumbsup:
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Ohhhh, everything looks so smooth an dynamic!
Chica829's avatar
Wow! This is amazing! This is the best sonic art I've yet seen! You are very talented!
punspizza's avatar
How do you people draw sonic CHARACTERS SO WELL
Sonic-and-Atlas's avatar
Loving these poses. So much raw creativity on one page.
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Really cool! Loving the dynamic poses
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Blaze, Knux, and Rouge! Haven't seen much of them in your art, I love it! Oh my gosh these doodle pages are my favorite, they inspire me so much to experiement with my own poses! 
Your poses looked REALLY fluid and smooth. Plus, Rouge be like "peek-a-boo!"
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Toujours aussi bien fait. :)
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Awwww Yeeeaahh. Love me some good action poses first thing of the year.
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I love how you did the expressions *o*
You did so natural x333 and clear *o* <3 
I admire you nvn ~ :heart: 
for-using-muro's avatar I love this. I love this even more.
I have no idea why I love expressions like this.

but they're wonderful
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You love it when Sonic is in critical position right? Got it. =)
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What a great way to start off the year with some fantastic action poses! ^^
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Really cool! Hey, happy new year! 😺
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Nice expressive sketches.
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very nice Clap Love 
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I love these pose collages. I save every single one of them for reference when drawing my comic. MOAR PLZ! :eager:
Shira-hedgie's avatar
I am really glad the more I do, the better they get. I fear a regression ;)
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Perfect. Just perfect Love 
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