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April 15, 2011
The Ketchup Conundrum by =Shira-chan will keep you busy, amused and entertained as you read all the different outcomes.
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The Ketchup Conundrum

Warning: HUUUUGE file!

Based off a true story.

Dear lord I truly enjoy tormenting myself, don't I? This here is an experimental "comic" I made about Justin threatening to squirt me with ketchup. After that, I started thinking about what would happen if I didn't answer the way I did, and then that sort of evolved into this mess.

In case you're interested, there are 73 tiny little panels on here. As you can see, most of them are unique panels, though a few were copied and pasted.

I think my brain went a little insane working on this.

Took about three or four days of working on-and-off to finish this. :)

Edit: Wow! Okay, so! A lot of people have mentioned that this comic looks like something Scott McCloud would be all about, and I absolutely freely admit that he was a huge inspiration in creating this comic. So much so that, on a whim, I sent him an email a few days ago with a link to the picture on it. I hardly even expected him to look at it, let alone post it in his blog the very next day! And then the day after that, it gets a Daily Deviation! Wow! Just goes to show, don't be afraid to show your artwork to the one who inspired you! You never know what'll come of it!
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UnsolicitedDecadence's avatar
DarkGypsyGoddess's avatar
i love it. it challenges my ability to hold multiple threads of thought at the same time! thank you.
8Darkness-Seeker8's avatar
some of these took a dark turn...
I like you, you're nuts :D
Shira-chan's avatar
Hah, well thank you! Nuts is the best way to be! :D
Kitt22's avatar
Haha, this is amazing! You had me laughing at every turn =) I especially felt like the few copy-pasta elements were well chosen, and very deserving of a repeat. I also felt like you did a really great job of using spatial organization to tell part of the story as well; the most telling such moment is where you, and Justin, are both sheathing your swords. The side-by-side layout of those two panels was just brilliant.

I am curious though (and I feel a bit bad for my ignorance): What is the "eye, spork, cute-furry-critty" self contained double loop about?
LatinVimes's avatar
This is absolutely inspired!
madam-marla's avatar
brilliant and so entertaining :D
AnyLuck's avatar
This is absolutely, epically awesome!
Moonbei's avatar
Lol! I love ketchup, so it was very amusing to read this. XD Also, your notes about it concerning Scott McCloud and the DD gives me inspiration. Thus, I have to say thank you for making this and inspiring me to keep on drawing. :)
niaskywalk's avatar
Hourglass pupil eye, Squirrel Thing, Spork... I almost get it but I can't quite grasp it. Please explain?
SneeMonster's avatar
Ahahaha, greatttt! I love how the sword fight/suicide/zombiething can technically happen again, and again... and again... and again...
SomeCallMeWeird's avatar
But... how do the sqirrel-thing, spork, eye fit in?
vouloir's avatar
AnakMoon's avatar
You have inspired me, i want to try one of my own now!
Orangeyyy's avatar
haha i love the zombie hug one :D it made me lol
fallenangel889's avatar
That must have took alot of planning and organizing :O amazing work!
Soulflare3's avatar
That was really cool
juno42's avatar
This? Is epic.
BluDrgn426's avatar
VampirateFrogHat's avatar
HeavensChaos's avatar
:rofl: oh my god this is hilarious!
HayleyKat's avatar
I love you and your wacky-ness.
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