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The Crescendolls

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Published: March 13, 2009
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Drew this for my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world, ~TamsTheGenkiQueen! We both just recently watched Interstella 5555 and loved it to pieces, so the other day after watching it again, I HAD to draw a picture, cause it's all so pretty and sad and stuff.

I tried a couple new tricks, make more than a couple mistakes that turned into awesome things, and overall I think I made myself one pretty piece of picture.

You can see a couple in-progress shots right here:

Original rough sketch.

Digital inks.

The whole picture was done straight in Photoshop CS2, and took about 16 hours spread across two days.

P.S.... The chick's hair drove me CRAZY.
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can I please pin this to my Pinterest board…
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aidanrinkuHobbyist General Artist
Awesome job!
And how is "Crescendolls" pronounced. In the song, I hear them saying "Hey, everybody y'all" not "Wee, Crescendolls." :/
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Shira-chanProfessional Digital Artist
It's a play on words. If you're familiar with the musical term "crescendo," which means to increase in volume, the pronunciation starts based on that word, which is kre-SHEN-do. So, the Crescendolls is pronounced kre-SHEN-dolls.
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aidanrinkuHobbyist General Artist
That's what I thought. I still can not hear them saying that in the song. :P
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SpottedLeaf454Student Artist
Wicked Awesome!!!! But i think you must up just a little bit on stella's face. I just think its a little too Fat and pudgy
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The1stMoyatiaHobbyist General Artist
I've been looking for some Interstella fanart on this site and this is the best one I've seen so far
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E1L0n3wyHobbyist Traditional Artist
:icongrin--plz: I loved Interstella 5555 :heart::love:

This is an Awesome fan art of it =D :clap:

Wow Stella's hair is GORGEOUS!!
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SteffiQueenOfTheNerdStudent Digital Artist
I love your impression of Shep!
His face is so hot! <3
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KacielProfessional Digital Artist
This is absolutely gorgeous. You can really see the effort that was put into this. Good job.
That-Daft-Punk's avatar
I love the style twist you put on all of the characters! Very, very nice.
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jakfaceProfessional Digital Artist
Everything about this is amazing.
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mwallace23Student Digital Artist
This is AWESOME!
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Nu-clearWinterHobbyist Traditional Artist
wonderful work~
I adore sheps expression, his glare <3
so emotional~
pure love
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I could imagine Stella's hair would drive you crazy, it's really detailed and funky looking! I love it!

Great fanart for a great movie. Wonderful composition, too.
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wouw oO
shep is the greatest |D
very cool work~
mintochuu's avatar
Interesting take! I like the composition and flow!
(is an Instellar 5555 fan too!)
One more time! XD
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Amazing Interstella 5555 artwork.The expressions on all the characters are perfectly dead on(like the faces& poses they make in the movie~hope u know what I mean).You have wonderful style and it's so nicely colored.I love it!:heart::+fav:great job:D
peachyanime's avatar
I love everything about this <3
I love how you used that gold paint-ish splatter on the bottom it makes me think of Sheps blood
Cyanrave's avatar
Awesome, you did a stunning job putting your own twist on the characters.
Cara-Doughnut-Lady's avatar
Cara-Doughnut-LadyHobbyist General Artist
I love what I've seen of that I wish i could find a DVD of it somewhere.
Shira-chan's avatar
Shira-chanProfessional Digital Artist
You can see it all on Youtube if you're interested. Just search for "Interstella 5555" and one of the first two videos to pop up should be the entire movie. :)
Cara-Doughnut-Lady's avatar
Cara-Doughnut-LadyHobbyist General Artist
Cool thank you. :hug:
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