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Pixie x Sprite: Like the way you are by Cupcakeblue22
NGR Shipping: Subject to Change by GallantServer
Pinkie Pie x Rainbow Dash by Cupcakeblue22
Mlp Next Gen Tree Family Of Rarity And Sweetie Bel by Cupcakeblue22
Iso Vaimo by RuusuKultaKruunu
MLP: Pistachio x Coconut Cream by MalinRaf1615
Fluttercord by RuusuKultaKruunu
The newborn prince of the night by marbowsta
Comic Hetero
Lovely Picnic by ashtoduski
Stand Up and Laugh [Feat. The Royal Aides] by Pony4Koma
Asteroid Angus x Maud Pie by ShieldWingArmorofGod
Guess Cosmos likes Cats, but not Annoying Aides by Pony4Koma
Story Hetero
A Birthday Gift: For Shield-Wing1996 by marbowsta
Beautiful couple sleeping together by ShieldWingArmorofGod
Shieldglimmer under the mistletoe by ShieldWingArmorofGod
Night Flyer (Trixie Day 2021) (Grapexie - MLP FiM) by Grapefruit-Face
Ocellus x Edd Pony by AndoAnimalia
Wishing for a New Meme by xLeadMarex
These Ducks Have Ears by Ldrmas
They're Only Human by Ldrmas
Slay Queen? 'Tis Treason! by kindheart525
Stars In Your Eyes by kindheart525
Vintage Aesthetic, Modern Values by kindheart525
Casualverse: You Can Count On Me by MusingHeights
Comic Yuri

Mature Content

The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 6 (4 of 4) by Axel-Doi
Spike, Scootaloo and the lovely Honeymoon part 2 by ShieldWingArmorofGod
The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 6 (1of 4) by Axel-Doi

Mature Content

Why Me!? - Harem Ending (PPPPP) NSFW - 19 by Gutovi
Gotcha! by BeesMeliss
Bisexual Love AndSetSparkle by AndoAnimalia
Kindverse OTPs: Part III by kindheart525
Kindverse OTPs: Part II by kindheart525
And CheBe Makes Three by kindheart525
(COM) Sheepish Adoration by FrostCorpsClub
Zephyr x Flam by ScribblyFandoms7
Trenderhoof x Flim by ScribblyFandoms7
Story Yaoi
I'll Look After You by Ldrmas
Comic Yaoi
Day LOVE by UrhangrZerg
Solo Stallion
An Uncertain Psychedelic Pegasus, Windy Dripper by Lattynskit
Solo Mare
derpy by m1kako
Ohh oh i really need you rn (CLOSED) by Panquecadoptables
Hetero 2
Both and Neither...? by kindheart525
Hetero 3
Movie Night by LunaticDawn
NSFW Hetero

Mature Content

Tite Squeeze (Grapepipixie - MLP TYT) by Grapefruit-Face

Mature Content

Drone Luna kissing session  by LilacNightmare
Random ship adoptables (closed) by X-Rosemary-Artz-X
Devious Folder
No one interested in being a co founder it seems

Its been over a month since I asked
I know the group looks dead

This group has alot of submissions coming in so I may take the voting off

the only problem with that is we could get non mlp artwork in the group
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Icon art by Christinies.

* by Kittyrocker RULES * by Kittyrocker

1. Only My Little Pony-centric stuff is allowed. You may have characters that aren't in Friendship Is Magic, but in another generation, and OCs are allowed as well. Inter-species are allowed as well. For example, Spike and Apple Bloom would count as this. Checkmark by Drawn-Mario

2. ANY sexuality is allowed. Female/Female, Female/Male, Male/Male, we don't discriminate! Checkmark by Drawn-Mario

3. If you see a pairing you don't like, just ignore it.
Don't go flaming those who do like it; that's just rude and childish. cross by Drawn-Mario

4. PLEASE submit to the right folder. If for example, you submit a drawing of Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie, then submit it to the 'Yuri' folder. If you don't know what 'Yuri' is, then keep reading after the rules. Exclamation by Drawn-Mario

5. All media types are allowed. If you are wondering if something you are submitted will be allowed, then send the group a note. Most of the time we will say yes, but if you are ever unsure, its always good to check. Checkmark by Drawn-Mario

6. Have fun! That's the main point of this group. Star Emote by Gasara

Now, since some might not know...

WHAT IS SHIPPING? Speech Heart Emoticon by Gasara

Shipping is where you pair up two characters, and make them a couple. This ship can be "canon", as in proven by the creators; "fanon", in which you pair those who you think would make a good couple; or "crack", in which you pair up characters who have rarely interacted, and usually this ends up with some hilarious results.

Yuri = Love between two females. An example in the MLP-verse would be Applejack/Rainbow Dash.
hetero flag by DiegoVainillaHet = Love between a female and male. An example in the MLP-verse would be Twilight Sparkle/Dr. Whooves.
rainbow flag by DiegoVainillaYaoi = Love between two males. An example in the MLP-verse would be Macintosh/Caramel.

NEW!!!!! SWEET-ness Icon 04 by Gasara

Crossover = Love between a MLP-verse character and a character that is not from Friendship Is Magic or any other MLP show.
Ambiguous = Love between two characters in which one or both of their gender has been left out.

Exactly what they sound like! How are they shipping? They aren't, but hey they are some AWESOME pictures/stories!




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