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Tall Waterfall


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Tall Waterfall


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Tall Waterfall

Photography - Nature

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Tower and Fountain

Photography - Architecture

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Fruity Drink

Photography - Food

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Dia de los Muertos

Photography - Cosplays, Concerts, People

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Flower Stream

Photography - Toys, Statues, Props, Crafts, Misc.

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Photography - Transportation

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The X Files Revival Advanced Screening

The X-Files

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DeviantArt 17th Birthday Doodles


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THG: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games

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The Host - Wanderer

The Host

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Disclaimer: I do not own "Full Metal Alchemist" and am not making any money by writing this. This story is referencing Chapter 62, page 41 in the manga. "Naruto" fanfic readers, I haven't abandoned my favorite ship. I just found another ship to obsess over and write about is all. I will finish "New Year," even if takes me into the next New Year! Entwined The first thing that tipped me off was their scent: Forever together, forever entwined. Wherever he went, she went. Wherever she went, he went. And even when they weren't together, she still carried his scent and he carried hers because, as I said, they're forever together, forever entwin

Full Metal Alchemist

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Twilight Family


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The Best Laid Plans

Disclaimer: I do not own "The City of Ember" series or the book "The Diamond of Darkhold" from which an excerpt of the story (in Italics) was borrowed. I am not making any money by writing this, nor do I ever intend to. This was written out of sheer frustration from unresolved sexual tension in the book. This is my alternate ending of it finally being resolved. The Best Laid Plans ...She stopped at the library to explain this to Edward. He wasn't there, but Doon was, bent over some thick volume with damp, warped pages. A thought struck Lina. She smiled to herself. "Doon, look..." she said. She sat down beside him and spread out the bits

City of Ember

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Marie Lu


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Deviant Art 18th Birthday

Misc. Digital Art

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Sticker + Real Llama


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