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Change of skin by shipallthecharacters Change of skin :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 4 1 You taste like Therapy by shipallthecharacters You taste like Therapy :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 3 0
Mature content
Skin deep :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 2 0
Insomniac's writing
It's almost a funny thing when the air becomes filled with such a tangible silence.
The type of silence that accompanies the holding of the breath,
or when emotions are bled out and you are left with nothing.
The silence that is felt at 3 am, when you think the monsters under the bed,
or even in the closet.
And during that silence it's almost as if those monsters are comforting you.
Somehow taking the galaxies that run rapidly through your veins and calming them,
to a slow and steady sleeplessness.
The silence that lets you express how you feel without voice or movement,
just the way your eyes dance and look into it
as if a familiar face would somehow appear in it.
This is the silence at funerals that suffocate the throat,
making any speech incomprehensible sobbing.
The silence of a child when night terrors dance through them and they cannot breathe.
But it comforts the lonely in the cold light of the morning.
Taking away all thought and stature better than any lover could do.
:iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 0 0
like you mean it
It's been awhile since you've
k i s s e d me
like you mean it....
:iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 1 2
Night musing
the only time you open up
  is when we get undressed
:iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 1 2
Elizabeth Midford by shipallthecharacters Elizabeth Midford :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 8 5 Sweater weather by shipallthecharacters Sweater weather :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 4 0 Elizabeth Midford WIP by shipallthecharacters Elizabeth Midford WIP :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 2 0 Art contest entry for Aissrikawaii by shipallthecharacters Art contest entry for Aissrikawaii :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 4 4 Deviant I.D by shipallthecharacters Deviant I.D :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 4 0
I thought my
f r e c k l e s
made me look like a

t o a d s t o o l

until you kissed all of them
and made me feel
:iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 1 2
Mature content
heartbeat :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 4 5
Texture and lighting by shipallthecharacters Texture and lighting :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 0 0 More camera practice by shipallthecharacters More camera practice :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 1 0 Camera practice by shipallthecharacters Camera practice :iconshipallthecharacters:shipallthecharacters 3 0


candy bar for dummies by RehabsVemod candy bar for dummies :iconrehabsvemod:RehabsVemod 12 12 candy bar -it's back by RehabsVemod candy bar -it's back :iconrehabsvemod:RehabsVemod 53 17 Voyage by RehabsVemod Voyage :iconrehabsvemod:RehabsVemod 74 10 Angry Alois -Candy Bar bonus- by RehabsVemod
Mature content
Angry Alois -Candy Bar bonus- :iconrehabsvemod:RehabsVemod 55 46
My Knee Hurts and I Hate David Bowie
They're at it again.
I've grabbed the broom and smacked the handle against the ceiling, but the neighbours upstairs take no notice. I think about calling the police, but I hate doing that without at least talking to them. Everybody deserves that chance, I think. Still, the prospect of standing outside their door and talking to them isn't one that sits comfortably. When I think I'm going to explode if I have to listen to another second, I give in.
I power up the stairs like nobody's business, and pound on their door. I'd knock like a normal person, but if they can't hear the broom hitting their floor, they won't hear a knock, either. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, the door opens and sound washes over me in a wave that's all but solid.
The figure in the doorway looks like a reject from an 80's concert. He's got a blinkin' mullet, and he sparkles... but he's got nothin' on the fella behind him. Bloody queer's wearing a dress, and more makeup than an entire row of beaut
:iconcamelopardalisinblue:camelopardalisinblue 9 29
Mature content
Untitled :iconminakurosaki:minakurosaki 6 2
Fresh Hell
She missed the first sign that something wasn't right, and the second flashed past so quickly she mistook it for a misunderstanding. By the third sign it was getting a little more obvious, but still not enough to spark her curiosity.
The fourth sign, the one that should really have made her realise she wasn't alone, was the lovely scent of vanilla. She'd set her air freshener in the kitchen deliberately - it was one of those "spray when someone enters the room" types, and she'd left it focused on the door. She, meanwhile, was in the bedroom when the scent wafted around her. She put it down to lingering scent from an earlier spray.
The fifth sign occured late at night. She slept through it.
And so it continued, sign after sign of another presence in her house being ignored, misconstrued or simply unnoticed. She remained blissfully unaware and he, for his part, made good use of her ignorance. He had come from rags to riches, Hell to Heaven, and he was determined to make the most of it.
:iconcamelopardalisinblue:camelopardalisinblue 17 20
The butterfly project by qwibes The butterfly project :iconqwibes:qwibes 27 101
size zerozero
wearing all the cool clothes
boys looking at her like she's a treat
give the dogs some bones?
the scale went down since yesterday
maybe if she hits the double-digits?
pretty yellow skin, dry like a desert
distinct ribs caging a fragile heart
wrists like pages from pop-out books
just another mile... another mile... one more
she's so cold, turn up the heater... higher
and it's not even winter
another mirror check, keeps it in her pocket
sharing all her secrets with a porcelain toilet bowl
riding in a beautiful ambulance on prom night
wrap your hand around her thigh
your fingertips touch your palm
skin stretching over a skeleton
she's so cold, just so cold
lying in a pretty coffin
:iconairehkah:airehkah 149 56
Skinny. by Rebechan Skinny. :iconrebechan:Rebechan 327 132 Red Heels Fishnets 1 by exoticart69 Red Heels Fishnets 1 :iconexoticart69:exoticart69 212 31
The end
''Till death do us part''
is it really so ?
the first time my father saw me he loved me, spoiled me rotten
20 years later he says goodbye
''her name is Kim and I love her ,I am moving to America''
he says
what happened between then and now
''the day you step onto that plane ,you better not come back .don't come looking for me ,I'll be gone''
I am your daughter
now after 20 years you throw me away (us) away
Goodbye Dad
:iconstichesbodybagttags:stichesBodyBagTtags 2 36
Harley Quinn designs by rachelkpoulain Harley Quinn designs :iconrachelkpoulain:rachelkpoulain 5,926 662 Harley reading Harley by Stephvanrijn Harley reading Harley :iconstephvanrijn:Stephvanrijn 697 172 Harley Quinn new 52 by Elias-Chatzoudis Harley Quinn new 52 :iconelias-chatzoudis:Elias-Chatzoudis 1,899 54
Little lies.
'Are you gonna sleep soon?'
'Yes mom, I'm going to bed now!'

Carefully structuring
'Why are you downstairs?!'
'I woke up because I had to use the bathroom.'

The perfect illusion
'How did you sleep?'
'I slept well.'

Of sleep.
'You do look a bit pale though.'
'I'm just still waking up.'

                                   While in fact,
                                                                     I haven't slept at all.
:iconqwibes:qwibes 11 14




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Asexual Goddess of Lesbionics
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Just a high school student, finding the way of life through art and awkwardness, and living off Nutella and books.
I suffer from depression and some of my work might be blunt with subjects that often go with depression, so please tread carefully. I also am a Insomniac and tend to write at 3AM. I don't know lots of things but I'm hoping to learn about life and write all I can c: My best friend on here is AlexxTheRipper so go check out his stuff ^.^
I speak semi-fluent Spanish, some German and some Latin.
Current cosplays I'm working on:
Harley Quinn- Arkham Knight
Roughnut- How to Train your Dragon
The Joker-DC New 52
"The first 10 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 
If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone
Only 10 "
(Eek sorry, Love I'm new here so I don't know how to be all fancy and such XD)
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  • Reading: Science
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