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Loveless: beloved?

:iconshiraihime: motivetet me to draw Soubi x Ritsuka from Loveless. xD
We chatted in Facebook about loveless and sudendly I wandet draw them, so I draw. Thank you~ <3

by the way, Ritsuka don't look like Ritsuka and I know also, that I malke some proportion mistake, hehe...
nah~ I hope you guy like it. :3

Art (c) Me
Loveless (c) Yun Kouga
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Lol, I usually feel uncomfortable talking to people I don't know face-to-face (as in, when it's not on dA), but talking to you was uber fun! 8D

I'm still trying to figure out whether I like Soubi with glasses or not xD
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hehe... I don't mind to talking people if I don't know face to face, as long they don't harresend me xDD
It was really fun with you to chat. we should often chat, if could be. because our timetaple is about 5 hours diffrent -___-

xDD hehe... Soubi is awsome with glasses or not :3
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Lol yeah, if they harrass you it's so goddamn annoying and creepy...xD
Yeah, kind of far apart no? >w> But if ever you see me online, say hi okay? Because I don't trust the Facebook chat-thingie. When I click on it the number of people online changes, which makes me lazy to click on it >w>;;

Hm,true true~xDD

But then there's the other thing...

I want R18 SouRitsu...but I love Ritsuka's ears and tail!! QAQ *cries somewhere*
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hehe... I know the problem with the damn facebook chat. It's so unconfortuble. I like more to chat in MSN messenger xDD
that the nummber of people chages makes me somethimes crazy...

*pat on your shoulder* I think ritsu will also look cute with out ear's. but the cat's ears makes him more adobler, ne?
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Right? >A> Facebook should fix that instead of fiddling around with the goddamn design. I mean, it's nice enough already, just fix the goddamn chatbox and we'll all be happy! >w>

*cries* But that's the whole probleeeemmmm~~!!!QAQ I don't want his ears, but I want Soubi to take them away from him, yet Ritsuka's look has to have the ears, but then...*goes hysteric*
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yesu, right! Facebook should really fix the chatbox -___-'' but, I wonder how long will be, until they fix the chatbox? I think we can wait loooooooong. That's why I don't chat really much with facebook chats. nah~ I don't also really understand with this chatbox. the onliner come, then disupier and then they come back again. It's really pain, ne?

nah~ Ritsu is anyway still to young, to lose his ears. but someday, he want be also adult, ne? Or do you want, that he will be forever a kid? nice, ne?

(uhm... not really suticefit with my letter >_>;)
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Yeah, its a pain in the butt >A>

Forever be a kid...the shota-ness will be to die for!!
Maybe can ask Yun Kouga to make Soubi xxxx Ritsuka-tan and make Ritsuka-tan still have his ears. It seems impossible though haha xDDDD
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yeah, shouta would be bit difficult. but we can creat, that Ritsu somehow can't lose his ears, ne? xDD
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looks nice ^___^
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