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Sorry, but these are closed for an unspecified period of time.
I don't think I'll reopen, not until next year- or never again. Also, I probably won't respond to messages.
Apologies for the inconvenience! 

6/17/18 I'm going on a trip soon so there might be a delay of a week for a response and getting the icon to you, sorry!
You are always free to ask for a WIP or see if I'm on, since I don't post a lot, but I check dA often and get notifications on my phone.
Updated 8/22/17! (formatting)

Slots open: 10/10 (but it's closed so it doesn't matter)
There is a queue available, but don't send points if you're in queue.

This journal has age-old examples alongside newer ones. So if something looks janky it's probably a bit old. 

More examples are here: :iconrosecolouredscarves: and :iconk0vakai: (K0vakai's icon stuff is outdated though)

Comment below OR note me to get one ^^

What I WILL pixel: Younger looking HUMAN or humanoid characters (all genders)
I won't pixel animals on my humanoid bases, sorry, and I won't pixel elderly characters either (because wrinkles on the bases is impossible hhhhh) I WILL pixel humanized (anthros) on humanoid bases. Extra animations other than the default blink/included head bob may cost more.

F2U Base
150 points 
Any F2U base that allows commissions to be made with it- I have a few already, you can ask to see which ones I have :D
You may link me a base, however it must be completely original- (not traced) and the rules must allow commissions. The one pictured here is by Asterlie and the sleepy base is open for commissions according to her rules. 
Sleepy Desserts by Shiolily Nana Sleepy Icon by Shiolily <- older icons, the first one is really outdated D:)

Sea Nymph Sleepy by Shiolily Cherubu-2 With Horns by Shiolily  Inkoutline by Shiolily Tinycatty by Shiolily 1 by Shiolily Xysty 2 by Shiolily Beatrice by Shiolily<- Current work (and a modified base edit:  reduce by Shiolily  Machiko Blink by Shiolily)
F2U Frisk Avatar! by ShiolilyFloaty base by Asterlie! Also my better, newer work
Or P2U Bases- 
Shioliy avvy by Shiolily Sea Nymph baby doll by Shiolily  Anastasia by Shiolily April fin by ShiolilyI have the baby doll base by Asterlie along with the tiny base Shiostinyicon by Shiolily (The base has a lighter skin tone, same as babydolls, but I can change the skin color to anything)
300 points

Over 50X50 and under 150X150

Full Pixel Complex - 700 Points
Full Pixel Simple - 400 Points

Usually for journal/page dollies and the like. Any examples here bigger than 150X150 are simply to show my capabilities.

NEWER Example
Marvelous Twins by Shiolily Astril by Shiolily Mioril by Shiolily Leyinne by Shiolily Pekolu by Shiolily Lucy - Stardusters by Shiolily

Shi by Shiolily Shooting Star- Float by Shiolily  Shooting Star by Shiolily Digital Twins 1/3 by Shiolily Beautiful Dreamer by Shiolily Brionac Of Steel Flash by Shiolily

Avatar Pixel - 200 points for all of my original styles
Here is the base I will be using. 
All bases here are open. 
Pictured: Glassy eyed, Wide head, and Huge-
Please note these examples are old. 
Glassy Eyed:(Note: all are old) Nicuu by Shiolily  Bianca by ShiolilyFor SaitoXNetto by Shiolily

Wide Head: Emi by Shiolily Lillian by Shiolily

(old) Alice in Wonderland by Shiolily New by Shiolily
 Yes by ShiolilyPractiiiiice by Shiolily

sigh base. 350 points. Night-Sigh Icon Batch 1:Gifts by Shiolily Hiikiki by Shiolily  Koki icon by Shiolily


200 points, they can be chibi (first example) or normal sized (the second) 
All will be shaded like the first one, please specify if you want a special animation! Special animations cost 25 points extra.

Yasuo emoji- Happy Late Bday! by ShiolilyCommision for o0Rena0o by Shiolily

Special Animations 

NEW: Kah-Dahl Rose Avvy Rose blink emoji Rose Bashful Emoji Rose Sad Emoji Rose Smile Emoji Rose Apathy Emoji Rose ill emoji  Rose Thorn icon :D by ShiolilyLace by Shiolily

Here's some of my older ones if you were looking for them. 
Mega Emoji- Blushing by Shiolily
Useful for RP's if you want custom emojis for your muse! :D

Headshots and special animations don't use bases, they will be unique!

Pixel group Icon: 300 points  

Selfieshot:  :iconrosecolouredscarves: 200 points 

Misc.  Price to be decided by subject matter, no lower than 200 points

Please be aware all pixels listed after headshots will be shaded like this!:  or stuff on :iconrosecolouredscarves:

I have the right to refuse pixeling something and once I start I cannot refund you. 
Please don't request obscene things, extremely violent things, r-18 things, or things against general moral order.

© 2015 - 2021 Shiolily
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Szue's avatar

hi! will you reopen the sleepy icons? ;w;

Shiolily's avatar
Hi! Sorry but probably not, and even if I do the prices are gonna change a lot.
Sonicbandicoot's avatar
Hiiii, I don't know if you're still active or accepting commissions for these icons, but my gosh I would love to commission you for one at some point! salmon heart bullet 
Shiolily's avatar
Hello! I check my notifications but don't really post here much because of school. I don't know when these may open, but I'll consider reopening them ^^
Sonicbandicoot's avatar
That's totally understandable, so it's all good! Honestly, I'm in a similar situation because of school and work, so I know what you're going through ;v; 
If you ever do, I would be so honored to commission you!!
Shiolily's avatar
Thank you so much! I do have to give a warning though, a lot of these prices are from 4+ years ago when I had no idea to price things, and the prices may change a lot (nothing crazy, just more in line with work done per hour) 
Sonicbandicoot's avatar
Which is totally fine and understandable, you put a lot of work into these, but I am willing to pay the price! <333
bakagummi's avatar
You will reopen them ? ;;
Shiolily's avatar
Sorry, I don't think so, at least for a couple months D: 
milkycult's avatar
Not sure if you’re active or not but do you know when these will open? These are just so cute and would love to commission you! ♡
Shiolily's avatar
My apologies, I became inactive for a while and I probably have to close these, sorry D:
milkycult's avatar
No worries! Completely understandable! Thank you so much! ^^
Shiolily's avatar
Sorry for late reply but np!
Sumiiya's avatar
hello! not sure if youre back but if you are i would like 2 sleepy icons please! <3
Shiolily's avatar
My apologies, I became inactive for a while and I probably have to close these, sorry D:
IQXY's avatar
How much for a sleepy icons hun?
I'd love to get some of ocs :iconyaybunnyplz:
Btw can you do males: toyhou.se/2476534.ji ?
Shiolily's avatar
Hi, sorry for late response (some of my devices needed to be replaced while I was traveling)
But all the slots are currently full, I'll let you know when they're open again if it's alright!

I do males though, like this one:  Inkoutline by Shiolily
IQXY's avatar
It's okay iwi, oh and please do let me know
Szue's avatar
could i get another 2 sleepy icons? <3
of them please!
Shiolily's avatar
Hi, sorry for late response (some of my devices needed to be replaced while I was traveling)
But all the slots are currently full, I'll let you know when they're open again if it's alright!
Szue's avatar
no problem! yes please let me know
softely's avatar
Omgosh, can I get 3 sleepy icons please? >v<

I’ll note you the details once you confirm! <3
Shiolily's avatar
I can, but I am leaving for a trip soon and it might take a bit to get my internet and everything set up (1-2 days minimum) so there might be a delay, is that okay? If you're sure, you can send the points ^^ 
Also I need to see the characters before I accept so I can make sure I can pixel them, so you can note me those before sending the points if this is ok ^^
softely's avatar
Of course! I don’t mind waiting at all~

I might order more so I’ll note you all the refs
as soon as I have access to my laptop if that’s okay? ><
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