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Tight Enough?

I feel like its been a while since I've draw Robyn in her natural state. Too often I've been drawing her in a domme position when she leans more sub. Time to fix that.

Also tried something a little different from what I'm used to as far as shading. I've gotten really inspired lately by :iconchromebinder:'s shading that I wanted to take a stab at figuring out how they do it. Definitely need more practice as soft shading but I feel like it was a good, first attempt.

Photo reference used of Captured Chrissy, but description fails and breaks if I try to link it here >:T

For Early Access, Hi-Res and other Fun things, come check out my Patreon!

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I adore this little Elf girl with her Pixie ears...

What's her name ?

Wicked-Detective88's avatar
Oh my, what a cutie! And I don't think she is going anywhere for quite a while.
MandrakeMoorglade's avatar
pantyhose feet look great!
darkstalker1's avatar
Very nice piece of work
LustDiDHarem's avatar
I can't really describe what I like the most about this pic: the pose, the shades, the textures... it looks AMAZING. I might use ut as a reference for my future shade color pics!
Impressive art! :D
Shio-bari's avatar
thanks. feel free if you'd like. shades in this aren't perfect but if they help in any way go for it :3
I'm really liking this one! Lick 
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ooo, I really love that texture for the carpet! <3
Shio-bari's avatar
thanks. made a slight adjustment to a brush and it just sort of worked first try! ^v^
great work as always Shio
GloomFlowerArt's avatar
As long as the glue on the tape isn't kicking up any unforeseen allergic reactions, and she won't end up with really itchy, bleedy tiger stripes up and down along her body.
I hate it when that happens.
Shio-bari's avatar
not to worry, Robyn isn't allergic to tapes :3
Piroro's avatar
Perfect pose and expression. Lucky elf :p
Shio-bari's avatar
indeed. she needs to catch up on experiences compared to your fun times having elf(s)! >:3c
Piroro's avatar
They could gain experience together :p
It's need more ropes :D (Big Grin) 
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Very nicely done! The attention to detail is incredible, from the creases in the tape to the drape of the ends of the rope to the flush in her cheeks. Thanks for sharing with us!
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Poor cute and sexy girl :(
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