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It'll Last Longer

Finishing up a sketch from last month while I get the gears starting to turn on what to work on next. I should start pulling from the suggestion thread and see if anything there catches my fancy since it's been a little while =    v =;;; Liked the idea for this being seen through the lens of a camera :3c Someone's getting a treasured memory for a while indeed :p

Struggling with the next comic page too. Need to re-evaluate what I've got so far as I feel like I'm starting to force it into being. I'll come back to that later and hopefully it comes together a lot more smoothly next attempt (_    =     v  = )_

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Ooh my, what a lovely photo! Nice use of the rule of thirds, and of course the model is a beauty <3

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I'd take a picture too, that's some mighty fine rope work. I love all of the details too! They must not take many pictures though, wasn't that bunny pic done in April?

Shio-bari's avatar

yeah. i just wanted something nice in the picture preview thingy ;p

DeeTwenty's avatar

all the details here are lovely! including a tiny little "previous pictures" picture int he top right corner! great job shiro

FascinationJorogumo's avatar

HMMMM, there must be something wrong with my camera, I never see anything like that in the viewfinder! ;)

You said full version will be released for free after a while? Sorry if I can't afford, but I really like your work!

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I try to have a new pic released each week. I will post teasers to pics I just finish and then release them publicly once the backlog before them has also been posted publicly.

SadFrogerson's avatar

That's a nice looking butt.

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