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Heart Pants


Did a few yoga pants Shiori during stream today and found some rather fun pants while hunting for refs :3

Still working on the big full nice yoga Shiori, but shouldn't be too much longer on that. All the heavy linework is done :3 Saturdays, I think, will be a fun doodle day. I have a schedule on my phone I feel I should make public for my day to day activity plans, but that will be another post for another time.

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It looks like a skunk's butt. :D
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Man, those yoga pants :heart: v :heart: . Great work Shio!
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Oh those are very cute :D
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HOLY CRp! LOOK AT DAT ARSE! IT SO.... so... how doe that meme go again. STILL, it's a great work!
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this is really gooood!! the angle is really well done and the chicken wing is greatt
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Those angles are my favorites. Also the heart pants are a good idea.
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