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had a suggestion for some progress bondage while blindfolded

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Smells like feet! Smells like feet!!

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Be careful what you wish for?

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You should make a version when shiori’s finishes wrapping her/gagging her up
hmmm Robin has a point there
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Well, speaking from experience, if you're used to tying up people it's easier than it looks, as long as you remember where you put the rope before blindfolding yourself
BondageStorm's avatar
Is she looking for more rope, or the gag?.
Phoenix295's avatar
Getting sassy, eh? Well, time to apply the gag earlier :D
Shio-bari's avatar
she'll get there eventually :3
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I have no idea why, but good lord, this setup is enjoyable. That moment when your dominant partner activates their silly mode. =v=' Precious~
Bonus challenge round! One-handed, blindfolded rope knotting, go! (That should be worth an achievement, right?)
Shio-bari's avatar
a good challenge indeed
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First.... Why?
Second.... how did they think of this?
Third.... Isn't this dangerous 'cause they can't see if someone has come in stealthily?
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guess thats a risk they willing to take Sans Shrug 
anxiety intensifies
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Aww, this is such a cute and funny idea!
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Sometimes the journey is it's own reward.
FullMetalPanicAttack's avatar
Shiori strikes me as the kind of person who’d play dark souls without armor and only leveling stamina.
Salem-the-Psychic's avatar
Hehe, trying something new :P
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I still like the picture though. :)
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I meant she's an amateur for the tying issues, not you the artist.  You're a pro! :)  
(Sorry, wanted to clarify.)  
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