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- Pixel Doll Commission CLOSED

Furaffinity || Instagram || || Twitter || VK group

Bullet; Blue PRICE:

● Static: $40;
● Animated: $50

- Wings + $5;
- Static object on background + $5;
- Complex character + $15;
- Additional character + 100% of the total price;

For animated:

- Additional moving object: effects, items, object on bg, etc. + $5 (for one)

- Via PayPal only;
- Full prepayment.


- 300x300 pixels;
- Semi-chibi style fullbody;
- 3 main moving objects (head, body, tail);
- Feral only!

Bullet; Blue  NOTE ME the form:

 Type: (Static/Animated)
 Add (Optional): (Item/Effect/etc)
● Object on bg (Optional): (Static/Animated)
 Your wishes (Optional): (Pose, expression, etc.)


- Weiss [pixel doll animation] by Shinzessu - Shiro-kun  [pixel doll animation] by Shinzessu  - Cassius [pixel doll animation] by Shinzessu - Naffiro [pixel doll animation] by Shinzessu - Xudas [pixel doll animation] by Shinzessu - Veles [pixel doll animation] by Shinzessu

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BewitchingBeauty's avatar

Please let me know when these are open again!

SweetSundae's avatar

I would love a ping when these are open again! <3

Calupes's avatar

I'm having this in my faves for so long hahaha

Are you going to open them again anytime soon? I LOVE your pixels so much and would love to purchase one at some point<33

Timelostpicklefart's avatar

Oh wow.. do you have a waitlist? I would love to be notified when these are back!

ZuchiJackal's avatar

So many ppl is just screemin to give You their money lol, anyway i can't wait to see Your any new artwork U.U

ShiiTheSeawing's avatar
Everyone waiting until these ever open back up *screaming*
Elodiedesu's avatar

would also love a ping, should you reopen xx

SogaRyuu's avatar

could i get a ping when you reopen?

nekomancyy's avatar
May I have a ping when these open again? I love your work!
Shark---Bait's avatar
I'd love to be pinged the next time these open please ^•^ 
limedevils's avatar
not sure if you do, but could i get a ping when you reopen? ;o;
Beauvoiir's avatar
I'll like to take a slow ! ♥
EDIT: nvm, so sorry just saw its closed ! QwQ ♥ 
Well next time then! ♥
FROSKII's avatar
what do you make these in 
SCHM0REZ's avatar
Any slots still availible?
Solentix's avatar
I'd like to take a slot!
Shinzessu's avatar
RikuStarz's avatar
can i claim a slot
BewitchingBeauty's avatar
FahriiCat's avatar
I'll take a spot!
Shinzessu's avatar
EmeraudeBee's avatar
Would you be able to let me know when these are open next? ;w;
Shinzessu's avatar
You can still take the slots с:
EmeraudeBee's avatar
Ah really?? Amazing! Would I be able to get this character, animated? She's an oriental feline! :3
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