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F2U - Free Wolf Line

Any my work may NOT be copied, edited, traced, published, reproduced, or re-uploaded in any way without my written permission;
None of my artwork may be used for RPG/blogs/websites/forums;
Thank you so much!

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Detailed wolf line, gift for you black heart bullet 


- .psd, .png

Bullet; Red 
- Credit me 
- Don't trace
- Don't sell
- Don't claim you made it 
- Don't remove my signature
Bullet; Green 
- Feel free to edit the lines
- Feel free to make ref and adopts

Art © Shinzessu
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© 2018 - 2021 Shinzessu
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ScarlettTheSandWing's avatar

The links aren’t working :(

Gingasorrow's avatar

I made a dragon pupper :D

Boozerr's avatar

Hello, may I use as a pose on chats ? All credit will be given to you!

Snowdoggy By Shinzessu Ddsr9gh
erlentritt's avatar

Wonderful! Thank you for this great lineart.

Madaquarius's avatar

Using 👍🏽Thank you 🙏 have a good day!!

AcePoisi's avatar

Do you have both bases in a transparent background? There currently isn’t a way to get rid of the white background in procreate, thanks if you do!

ShibaInugami's avatar

still using this amazing base! love it a lot and it turned out awesome! thank you so much again for the base!

Astrany's avatar

This base is incredibly amazing!

Used it for an oc=


I also gave credit in the description but also of course kept the signature.

Stormiefluff's avatar

Can I use this for personal art, not removing your signature of course?

skypowers's avatar

May I please use this on Chatlands? Just making sure because I want to understand.

WhiteWoof98's avatar

Thank you so much for letting use the line and credited you as well!

I love it very much. :3

Running Through the Night (Base by Shinzessu)
ShibaInugami's avatar

hello! i want to ask if it's okay to make a custom and ych commission using this base?

i made a custom ref sheet using this base after someone adopted one of my adoptable

meepthefurry's avatar

i want to use this is there any way u can get rid of the present ribbon or bow that is on it off if i want to use it for an adopt

Noctobo's avatar

They give the link here

The one with a bow is just for preview.

I can't use the base, the part that I suposted to paint is white and I can't remove it without letting the line weird, can you give a link for the base whit no white?

jamezcore's avatar

Download the psd version in their stash, its the one with no preview

I'm looking for a png version, but I will try that

adopt--land's avatar

You can use PhotoPea to open the .psd and hide all layers except the lineart, then download it as a .png

lucindaravenswood8's avatar
Used to redesign a sona! Thank you for making some a amazing F2U base! Credited you as well ^^
Soundless-Adoptables's avatar

Wondering if I could use this base to sell adopts/ych on a pet site? I just wanna make sure selling is ok!

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