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pokemon shaming

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wait up bandwagon i'm coming..!!

pokemon shaming is funnier than it should be
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as of gen 8 this is not a problem since you change natures

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The most dehumanising thing is when you forget either the destiny knot or the everstone.

Then you cry.
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Shame on your master for caring. :3
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Don't worry shiny Noibat 

i dont mind what Nature you are
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:heart: Awww.. I love him/her just the way he/she is!!!
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Dang this is so flipping adorable. :heart:
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some people are just never happy
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yeah, people who try for IVs are overcompetetive asshats, I don't even care about nature! if I get a shiny, I'm keeping it and enjoying it
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So true. I don't think much of Abilities or Natures either. I'm a casual player.
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If I had just one of those I'd be fine at that haha xD
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don't be ashamed about that. I still think you're adorable. plus, you're a shiny.
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My shiny forstellka: I hatched w/o the right IVs :)
(it got perfect init...bvut i wanted 0)
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Lol, I'm never satisfied with just the ability or nature, I'd need a perfect or close to perfect IV As well (Or characteristic to be vague) which is why I never bothered to get a shiny for battle uses... It would drive me insane!
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I thought that you had used your telepathic ability to read your trainer's code for his debit card!
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It's take alot of time to get all the IV / EV thing and stuff xD and wasn't aware of how to do it correctly when I wanted a good Ghastly :P but then I got a shiny one.. :3 he's so cute when he's Mega Evolving :3
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Aww poor thing

Pokemon shaming is such a great thing, I am so glad it exists
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oh my gosh, yes xD
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cutie!! and what nature did you wnat? I have both a shiny noubat and noivern I may be able to trade to you. also, if u wanted a specific nature, didn;t you use the everstone trick? ^^; just askin' but...... it seems like it would be logical is all :p
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Oh no worries, this is based on something that happened months ago haha. Didn't take long to hatch a second correct shiny! And I did use the everstone trick! Which .. made me realize just now that the thing that happened before was I got the wrong ABILITY, not nature ahaha. Whoops! Nature's funnier/more pokeshame-y though so I'll leave it :'D
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AH, ok, just checking UuU Nice good job, and I agree 100%
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