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Large Riki plush

Plush of the character Riki from the series Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
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3264x2448px 1.66 MB
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1/30 second
Focal Length
7 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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Oh..... what a rarity!! <3 Wanna it in my shelf *___*
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
Thank you so much! Do you have a collection?
uumbrella's avatar
No problem! ^^ Yes I have, I'll put more pictures about it soon!~~
hootsoup's avatar
Was looking for 8 years for Riki too ;_; He's always too expensive 
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
Really? I could keep an eye if you'd like. I know a few others who collect ginga and they may be able to find something.
hootsoup's avatar
Thank you!! I'd probably have to do a payment plan of some sort but totally worth it 
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
oh yeah I definitely had to go with a payment plan. I ended up buying almost all of them from the same guy. He was extremely nice & patient with payments. It took me a year to pay them all off. Sad thing is I'm not even joking LOL. Some might think I'm nuts, but I don't regret it one bit.
hootsoup's avatar
I wouldn't either!! I think once I have a job, I'm going to try getting Riki. I don't think I'll ever get my hands on that other Weed plushie because it's so darn rare ;_; Riki at least pops up more often
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
There's one on I think, it's been there forever unless someone's bought it since the last time I looked. He's VERY expensive though, too much for him in my opinion. Just check yahoo japan & one should pop up sooner or later. c: I wish you much luck. I used to think I'd never own even one ginga due to their price tags.
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Deebat's avatar
WOW. I've never even seen a large Riki. Amaizing ♥
waffle-munch's avatar
OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SO FREAKING LUCKY. I myself am going for the Riki on Yahoo Japan. I hope I win him! So far he's at 35,000 yen ($375) and there's only one day left. I'm guessing you got him from the guy on Facebook?
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
Really there's one on YJ? small or big version? Yep I got all of them except for Mel, Large GB, and Ben from him. The Mel I have is the same one from his collection, but I didn't buy it off him. ^^
waffle-munch's avatar
Yeah. Small Version. I wanted to get him, but now I can't because he's already at $759, and his price is probably going to raise. I know how you got that Mel XD
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
Dang that's a lot for riki. A friend of mine is trying to win him, I hope she's able to get him
waffle-munch's avatar
I might not be able to get Kyoshiro because my mom is saying for me to wait for a more common Ginga Plush, but I don't really want Ken or Kagetora that badly :/ And the other ones usually cost over $500 :( I'm going to keep begging her for Kyoshiro XD
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
lol hopefully she'll give in XD Just be extra nice
waffle-munch's avatar
Do you know who the person is? Does she speak English? I'm not going to buy him right now, I'm going to wait until after I get my birthday money.
ShinyToyDinosaurs's avatar
I'm not sure who the seller is, I'd just try emailing them and see if they're willing to hold him for you until your birthday.
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