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New fan game fire starters



Im working in the art of a new fan game that im gonna do with a friends, here are the fire starters of the new region.... no name yet, but the game will be named pokemon Corrundum =3

Hope you like it =3


Estoy trabajando en el arte de un nuevo fan game que voy a hacer con unos amigos, estos son los starters de fuego de la nueva region..... sin nombre aun, pero el juego se va a llamar pokemon Corrundum =3

espero les guste =3
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Good thinking. It seems for Fire Starters they use Pokémon based off Chinese Calendar, up until after 12 Gens that would be. I wonder what got them into that. So Gen VIII’s Fire Starter would be based off either an Ox, a Rabbit, a Snake, a Horse, or a Sheep/Goat.