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097 Selkrit (Disguised Forme)

The Brave Spirit Pokemon
Water & Dark type

Selkrit take on this guise in order to try to blend in among humans, but it often fails.  Selkrit move with unnatural agility and will rip off its own skin to throw at a foe.  Selkrit are able to command other Pokemon, but this causes temporary damage to those it takes control of.  If a Trainer comes across Selkrit in the wild, they should exercise caution as its ferocious guardian Wormoor will be lurking nearby

Although Selkrit is not currently known to evolve from or into any other Pokemon, it can change its appearance to its True Forme.

097 Selkrit (Disguised Forme) by ShinyOotachi  is a counterpart to  098 Selkart (Disguised Forme) by ShinyOotachi 
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